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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Rendezvous 2

Part 2


I felt my dick getting swallowed up by the wettest cunt I've ever fucked. Jeez. Is this why she didn't allow me fuck her before? Fuuuuuck.. I've been having reservations about this marriage before; but fuck I have no issue anymore! We can fucking get married!
I began to get worried that 2 days to my wedding I can't find the attraction anymore between I and my wife to-be. It's just fizzled out, dead. We hardly even fuck anymore; but then, I got this huge surprise from her.

She has never done anything this exciting to me before. She's usually so calm and gentle, seeing and feeling this side of her made me go mad with relief. I'd been thinking of..
The head of my cock popped into her tight warmth and she bit my neck. Then she licked the bite. I felt like an aphrodisiac has been pumped into my blood. I fed my last inch into her succulent warmth and bottomed out against her womb. We said.."fuck!"in unison.. And laughed.

I wandered faintly while her laughter sounded so different. Maybe cause we fucking for the first time in a long time. Her cunt is simply amazing. I thrust deep into her and kissed her deeper.

She searched for my lips and we kissed deeply and oh so lovingly. She began to move her hips in patiently, making our thrusts go out of sync.
"Deeper, harder and faster yeah?"..I groaned.. She nodded harshly and I went to work. Giving her the fucking she asked for.

I can't believe sex between us would ever be this insane. This out of the charts. The attraction between us was tepid at best. I wondered what made her seduce me in such a hot way tonight, maybe the thought of marrying made her this way. She's beautiful and all, but we just never clicked.

We heaved in exhaustion and she rolled off me; I'm sure she loved that ride of her life. She hit the bed and I pulled her closer to me while I buried my head in the crook of her neck. She smelled clean and soothing; no trace of her usual perfume. I tiredly wondered why..
I tried to muster up the strength to take a shower, but I was just too tired.. This woman rode me to death.."your mom mustn't know we did this, you know.." I trailed off.
"Hmmmm.."she moaned and I slept off into blessed oblivion.


I waited till his breath evened out and he slept off. Shit. I heard something alarming about a mother. What's happening? What about bisola?. Oh my God bisola! I felt adrenaline fill me. What a friend I am. I'm sure she must be searching for me while I got the hottest fuck of my life.

I gently extricated myself from his hold and leaped off the bed. Then I picked up my coat and wore it. I flew out of his room like a bullet. I didn't even bother to wait for the elevators; I ran up the stairs; which I know would be empty.
I got to the corridor of my floor and saw bisola pacing worriedly..."Laura!!!!" she screamed. We ran towards each other and hugged deeply. She sniffed at me again and looked at me strangely. "I just got back some few minutes ago..and checked your room..where have you been?"

Oh my God, does she suspect me? "I just took a stroll round the villa, i was bored you know.." "Yes dear, I'm so sorry. Did you meet joshua? Did he treat you well?" I smiled at her in relief. Of course she can't suspect.

"Yes, he's been a perfect host".. She pulled me into her room and started chattering about a million things. I nodded and answered absent minded. My mind was buried at the thought of the sweet stranger in the basement.

The one who made me come apart so sweetly in his arms. The one who gave me the craziest orgasms of my life. She didn't notice my distraction and she updated me about the planning, catering and whatnots.

She also handed over my gown to me. It was beautiful. I'd sent down my measurements earlier and I wore it to check the fitting. It was perfect and needed no amendment.
We chatted about everything we missed and we talked alot till midnight. I asked about the groom and she told me that he wasn't able to go out with her earlier; so she doesn't know where he might be.

I felt her answer was too offhand; but I said nothing. My mind kept on circling around the man in whose arms I want to be forever. I can't Wait to see him tomorrow.
I woke up feeling well rested and refreshed although with a faint ache in my pussy. I had crazy dreams of him and I wished to God that we spent the night together. Tomorrow is the wedding and I felt excitement fill me at being a bridesmaid.

I took my bathe and went down to the dining. I glanced around but didn't see the sexy stranger. Bisola saw me and called me over to one of the Sofa sets.. I saw a dish of food already served with orange juice. My stomach growled in protest; I'd not eaten since yesterday noon.

I sat down with bisola and the wedding planner and they started regaling me with tales that made me laugh loudly.


I woke up confused. Was last night a dream? The most sensuous and a hot night of my life. Did it really happen with lil? I yawned and looked at the clock. Fuck. I need to hasten up to breakfast.

I took a shower and dressed up then I went up to the living room. I spied bisola sitting with the wedding planner and another woman. I think this is laura; her best friend from new york. And yeah, they actually have a slight resemblance like lil always brag. Although I'd not seen her face yet.

I crossed the room and can't wait to meet up with lil. I can't believe we created a night so perfect. Several people stopped me regarding the arrangements, but I waved them off; I need to touch lil and remind us that last night happened.

Then the laughter sounded. This time its Loud, boisterous and oh so feminine. The laughter from my night was muffled and lower; but there's no mistake- It's from the same source.
I felt my dick start to harden unconsciously while my brain battled with reality. The laughter came from the stranger, not lil. The impact of piece of knowledge hit me like a ton of bricks and I abruptly stopped. What in the name of fuck?! As I grappled with myself, lil looked up and smiled, "Come dare, let me introduce you to laura".

I hesitantly got to their table.. And faced my dreamy nightmare..."Meet Dare, my groom...dare, this is laura, My faraway bestie that you've heard so much about.."
I looked into her beautiful almond shaped eyes. She started coughing, while looking at me with the most suprised expression ever. If this wasn't a serious matter; I'd have laughed.

What?! I fucked the groom?! He's even more stunning in daylight. I stretched my hands to him and he shook them. I felt electricity arch up my arm and I hastily dropped his hand. Bisola looked at me strangely.

"Lilian, I won't be able to sit now, I've got some stuff at the beach side to take care of.." Another bolt. Fuck. Lilian is bisolas first name; although i never used it. Shit. He hastened off and I wondered at what to do.
I could feel my pussy lips begin to dew open at his sizzling touch. I can't believe this. I need to find him again.

"I think I have a headache.. I'd just take a stroll to clear my head.." I mumbled to bisola.. She fawned over me in concern but I waved her off. I need to find her groom.
I stood up and came out of the villa. I asked for the path to the beach and I strolled through the path. As I walked, I was suddenly grabbed by someone. As I wanted to scream, I looked up and realised it was Dare.

He dragged me to an alcove and said.."fuck, I can't resist you. Are you wet for me?" I looked at him in shock. He didn't even wait for an answer before pulling up my skirt and tearing my panties off. No foreplay, nothing.

He hoisted me up and crammed me full of dick in one move. I screamed but he muffled it with a kiss. He bounced me hard on him and I felt my insides tighten with lust. And love.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deep.. He thrust into me madtly..."Fuck, you're so beautiful. I want you to be my forever..."

I moaned in the negative but he began to slow his thrusts while squeezing my breasts and laving my nipples with his tongue and teeth.
I moaned yes and he gave me exactly what I wanted.


I could feel her pussy gripping me tight. And I felt love blossom deep in my heart. I don't give a fuck. I'm having her. Even lilian knows how much we got no sparks in our relationship.

Asking her to marry me was the wrongest move I ever made. I thrust deep into laura and came. She followed suit and I could fill my cum splashing deep.
I pulled out and picked up her torn panties, balled it up and then i gently pushed it inside her contracting cunt; to stem the flow of leaking cum.

She looked at me questioningly.."We are getting married now." As she moved to protest, I placed my fingers on her lips. "Lilian and I can never work out. I'm sure she's realized that. Forget about all the money spent; theres more where that came from."
"No, she's my bestfriend, I can't do that too her." She said fiercely. "You'd be doing us both a favor. This is the only way I and lilian will not live an empty life with each other. But I'm not going to force you."

I stood back and let her think. She looks so ethereal and beautiful. Just the woman for me; for life. She bit her lip, looking so uncertain.

I reached out my hand to her, and she tentatively grabbed it."Best choice love." I gently kissed her forehead. I led her from the alcove and I led her to my limo.
We entered, and the rest as they say, is history.

We got married the next day.


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