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Monday, 13 March 2017


I'd sing to the birds, till butterflies in your tummy chorus my song.
For you i'd wrestle, even if am not a man so strong.
You never do no wrong...but in order not to place you on a pedestal of perfection, maybe you do on occasion.

But it doesn't taint or disvalue you.
For you are not weighed down by
indiscretions, and neither would i weigh you by them.
You and I are like love in the movies.

We need no lights or cameras, 'coz you bring the flash while i gat the action.
I know sometimes my actions maybe rash, forgive me baby... please don't toss me in the trash.
I know right now i probably can't take care of you 'coz i ain't got the cash.
But i know for sure, it's you i wanna be with till the day i turn to ash.
I know sometimes i could seem like a weed to you, sprouting in your well cultured nursery.
I beg of you, don't light me up and dump me in the ash tray.
You're my dawn, chasing away my darkness with your light ray.

What more then can i say?
I remember when i urged you not to get close, for fear of you getting burnt.
Some refer to me as a hazard, yet they know not that you're my control measure.
Me and you has never been about mere pleasure.
I know sometimes we let them get to us, yes i'm talking about the peer pressure.
Bless the lord that we are no ordinary pair.

We fight, you scream, i yell... sometimes we act like we don't even care.
But our strength lies in always being a shoulder to lean on.
You see through me, you know when my smile is a frown.
You know when my laughter is just a veil to obscure my pool of tears.
I know the kind of songs you sing when you're downcasted.

I can percieve the anguish in your beautiful voice when it becomes modulated.
These are what make "us" a "we", i'd give half my kidney to get cardiac arrested by you a million times.
You're the song my lips chorus, you're the melody my heart sways to.
For you i become easy to read... so porous...
But I wouldn't have it any other way.

So baby captivate me with your words and slay me with your touch.
Till death with forever in happiness.

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