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Thursday, 16 March 2017

The dirtiest revenge 3

Part 3

My heart puttered hard in my chest. I drove down the streets and looked at the card in my hand. Then I spotted the house. Wow. Beautiful. I felt envy and jealousy run down my spine.

I regretted ever dumping tade. This could have been my life and he could have been the one by my side right now. He's hot and sexy self. He makes me feel disgusted at wale touching me. Last night, I slept in the guest room and had mad dreams of tade. I couldn't even fathom wale touching me. The thought makes me wanna retch.

I parked in front of the house and quickly check my mirror; my make up is perfect and I look beautiful. I felt a wave of anger fill me at the thought of tade fucking lolade. I'm so jealous of her slim curviness. Anyway, I've ensured i look my best.

I stepped out of the car and rang the bell at the gate. It opened and I stepped in. I couldn't see the house. It was then I realized that he lives in an estate. I went back to my car and drove in..

I drove down the unending driveway flanked by beautiful flowers. The garden's are magnificent. The house came into view at long last and my breath caught in my throat.
The house rose magestic and beautiful into my view; marbled with Yellow stones and inlaid with black trimmings and roof. I felt another wave of jealousy fill me; although wale is by no means poor, he's not in the same league with tade.

I parked by the side and stepped out. I perused myself again.. I hope there's no wrinkles marring my gown. I was satisfied and grabbed my clutch from the car.
My heels clicked on the floor and I knocked on the door- with an inlaid knocker. My heart almost had a seizure with excitement. The door opened and there he was, standing in a semi nude glory. His chest was totally bare and wet; he definitely just came out from the shower. His body is lean and tight; I wanted to bite his impressive abs.

A towel was wrapped around his slim and fit waist and he smiled at me with a cocked eyebrow. A water droplet caught my gaze an it rolled down from his neck, passed over his nipples, then traversed the expanse of his stomach.. Before getting swallowed up at his waist by the towel. I almost bent my head to lick that drop of water; only caught myself in time. I saw his dick stir under the towel and I licked my lips unconsciously.

I panted like a bitch in heat and he gently pulled my arms and we entered the house. The air was charged with an insane sexual tension. I didn't even see the interior; although my mind registered it's more beautiful than the exterior.

He slammed me against the wall and ate up my lips.


Fuck. I've been waiting for this moment. This woman came to be fucked. Her dress molded perfectly to her frame and she looks so beautiful. She wiped everything from my mind and I couldn't even think straight.

I devoured her lips and she tasted utterly delicious.. I pulled off her gown and left her red heels on. Fuck, all the blood rushed to my groin and my sight went hazy with animalistic lust.

Her breasts are perky, although with a bit of sag due to age. I cupped them both in my hands and squeezed. She moaned loudly and thrashed wildly. I bent my head and kissed the aureoles.. Before nipping and laving the nipples with my tongue.

She wailed loudly and the sound made me harden the more. She's a bloody screamer.. "scream for me baby, lemme hear that sexy voice.." She moaned louder and I plunged 4 fingers into her. I don't care if it hurts her; but from the sound she made, she's enjoying this immensely. Her inner walls tightened and spasmed along my fingers. Fuck. I couldn't bear it anymore.

I pulled out my dick and used the hand from her pussy to make it wet. I squeezed my dick hard and groaned. This is the moment I've been anticipating for years. "You fucking slut. I'm going to plug your hole with my dick right now.." I rubbed her clit in harsh circles while jacking myself off.."but before I do, beg me for it." She looked at me in shock and gasped.."No.. What do you mean?!"

I flicked her clit harder and pushed her to the point of orgasm. At the very last moment, I reduced my tempo and her climax faded away.."nooo..please.." She gasped. I smiled maniacally and said.."please what?" I increased my tempo again.."Beg for this cock. Beg for the cock that just fucked your daughters cunt this morning".. She looked at me helplessly.
She's going mad with desire.

I pushed her to the point of orgasm again and then gentled my touch.. She flailed helplessly and her control broke..."please fuck me! Fuck me with your cock.. I want it deep inside me.. Please.." she whispered loudly.."No, that won't do. Beg for it like the slut you are. Beg loudly for this dick." I suddenly forced her to her knees and slapped my cock on her cheek repeatedly.

"Beg for it you bitch. Beg for my big dick up in your cunt.." She began to cry in shame and unfulfilled desire.."please, fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my ass. Use me however you will. I want your cock. I want this cock that fucks my daughter. I'm a horny mother..please help me!!!" she screamed in frustration and tears.

I pulled her up and slammed her against the back of the sofa. Her breasts were mashed on the sofa and her legs were splayed wide open.."You don't deserve to be fucked on my bed. Your daughter deserves that bed more.." I thrust deep into her and groaned. She screamed. My cock fucked her hard and deep.

Fuck.. Her pussy. Indescribable. She wrapped around my cock all wet and warm. Fuck. She came all my cock and her pussy spasmed hard.
I shouted and came. It was like she squeezed my soul out of my cock. I came with my whole existence.. My brains boomeranged. We collapsed on the floor in a tangle of limbs.

I gazed at her and felt the familiar combination of love and hatred fill me.."You can leave now.." I said. I wiped off any semblance of familiarity. "Get up and get out." She looked up at me in shock. The haze of lust cleared from my gaze, and she looked so damn pathetic.."what do you mean?"she said. "Do i need to spell it out? You got the fuck you came for, now dress up and get the fuck.." I grinned wickedly and looked at the huge clock.."Before lolade comes here to meet you." That spurred her.

She dressed up fast and looked at me with tears in her eyes. She tried hard to blink them away, but a few dropped. Luckily for her, I'm indifferent to female tears.
"Get the fuck out.."As she rushed towards the exit.. I said.."Wait." She looked back at me with so much hope and I felt a wave of disgust fill me.."Pick up your clutch, you forgot it...and yes, kindly sign this papers."

I'd contacted my lawyer and I've gotten the divorce papers ready for her. I presented them to her with an exaggerated flourish and she signed with her hands shaking badly.
I felt relief fill me.

"Now that you've gotten the fucking of your dreams, get the fuck out."... She rushed out in full blown tears. I felt satisfaction fill me. On to the next one.

I finally fell at peace. Now I can start my life..Time to claim my wife.


I met Toke at lagos; and the first time I saw her, I knew she was the one. She's a Medical student at my hospital in Lagos and a very intelligent girl. We gradually became close and as time passed by, we started falling for each other.

She didn't mind our age difference; she loves older men. I took her under my wing personally and tutored her in all things she needed. She told me about her home and family; bitter mother, bitchy sister, cheating father. Although rich, she came from a very unhappy home.

We talk a lot and I also told her about my life and why I'm not married yet. She gave me all the time and attention in the world and I felt immensely blessed.
I proposed to her and she said yes, but we had a glitch. I was still married to her mother; although we didn't know that then. She was the one who came up with the elaborate revenge plan on how to divorce "the bitch from my past".

We planned and had fun doing it; not knowing it was her family. She was the one who advised me to present the divorce papers to tutu immediately after fucking her- she won't have any objections or qualms; she'd be caught off guard.

We travelled down to Ibadan together, although she went to stay with her family. The plan was: carry out the revenge and then introduce myself to her family.

She masked her shock well at their house and called me later to demand explanations. Although surprised, she played her part well as the "sister-in-law". Tutu and Lolade had always been serious bitches to her because of her looks and intelligence and she doesn't even feel among whenever she's at home.

She didn't have any qualms about me using and dumping them.. "They deserved it" she said with a maniacal grin matching mine. She gets to have my cock exclusively for the rest of her life anyway.

Immediately I got the papers signed by tutu, I called Toke and we travelled back to Lagos together.
As it turned out, We'd sorted out the glitch and got married; a huge Society wedding this time.. They had no choice but to attend and pretend to be happy; we have their dirty secret. Although jealous and bitter, they had nothing to say.

I fell in love and married a girl that could have been my daughter in another life; the daughter of my estranged wife.

I retired at 40 and we relocated to the Netherlands.

I finally found immense peace and happiness is her arms. I love her to bits.

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