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Friday, 10 March 2017

What happened?

I rushed into the 3rd aisle to find the books i need for my thesis. I need this text book! I tried downloading it online; but I was asked to pay for it. With money I don't even have. I'm trying my best to manage the salary I just received from my job. After paying my rent and buying books, i barely have anything left. I'm looking for a night job to supplement my income. This shit is not cutting it at all.

The dust in this section is tickling my nostrils and I'm trying to suppress a sneeze.. The books here are so old and dusty. I cursed the professor in my mind. I don't have the time for inclination to do all this! But I'd love to maintain my GPA and that fueled my desire to find the book. I wandered among the shelves and got swallowed up by books.

I get distracted easily and I fell into the clutches of another book. I got carried away and flipped through the book.. I was engrossed in it and when I heard the sound, i didn't register it. It sounded again and it was  like someone in distress. I dropped the book gently and straightened.

Adrenaline rushed through me and I wondered at what's going on in such a deserted part of the library. I tiptoed in the general direction of the sound when I heard a louder moan this time. I began to rush doown faster.. Then I froze at what I stumbled upon.

A tall man. He looked so suave and handsome. His profile is so captivating. The shadows favored him intensely. He smiled malevolently and sent a chill of fear down my spine. A woman is tied at his feet in a grotesque manner. A red blindfold circled her eyes and there's a ball gag in her mouth. She moaned again faintly. I could see the stark fear in her eyes.

I saw the glint of a knife and fear for her rushed through me. I clapped my hands over my mouth so as not to expose myself. I stood behind some shelves and could see them clearly. The woman was placed on a table by the man and the position made her pussy gape wide directly at me. The table seemed like a gynaecology table. I wondered how that existed here.
He hung her legs on the stirrups attached to the table and her legs spread even wider. I could see every detail of her cunt. The man took the knife and ran it down her body.. She looked like she's almost going to be butchered.

The gently pressed the knife on her breasts and a trail of blood beaded. Then he licked it up. "Delicious".. He said in a gravelly voice. The woman cried harder and the fear filled her eyes. I knew i should leave and call for help, but it was like I'm in a trance. I was rooted to the spot.

The knelt down and his face was level with her privates.. He sniffed and breathed in deep.. Then he gently licked her up. Her sounds changed from fear to pleasure.
The juice began to flow and i saw wetness pool and hit the table. Wow. In the split of a second, she changed from fear to pleasure. I felt a perverseness fill me. I want him to fuck her!

He suddenly removed his head and shoved the hilt of the knife into her. It was thick.. About 3inches around and 7 inches in lenght. He began to fuck her slowly with it. A thrill ran through me and I squeezed my thighs together, it was then i saw the blade properly. It's not a knife, but a dagger. No wonder it has such an impressive hilt.

He gently fucked it in and out of her like a makeshift dildo and the woman screamed all around the gag. I could feel her enjoyment. It was palpable. Her pussy clutched hard at the dagger like it won't ever let go.
I squeezed my thighs hard and wished i was in her shoes.. Oh my goodness. Her pussy creamed all around it and he began to thrust it into her harder.
The hilt is so pliant and it parted her hole like a knife through hot butter. She began to thrust back at the dildo and even though her movements was limited, she tried very hard to swing back at it. He grinned maniacally and he removed it with a wet pop.

He then bent his head and lapped her up again.. She vibrated on the table and groaned harder.. He then inserted three fingers in her and rotated it in her. He continually hit a spot and she screamed.
I felt the moment she came; I was feeling it with her.. She came apart and he stood up. Then he sank the dagger into her throat. She and I were in the throes of her orgasm and we didn't expect it.

I almost screamed and clapped my mouth shut! I heaved in fear. He repeatedly stabbed her with the dagger and her blood fizzled out like water! I saw her eyes go round in shock. I thought i was dreaming.. Until he bent his head and licked a long swipe of blood.
He raised his head and smacked his lips together..."sweet.." He moaned. He turned and looked straight at me. I froze. He didn't look surprised, he just grinned.

Hands touching me.
Caressing me. Mouth everywhere..

A finger entering me.. Hands grabbing my breasts hard. I moaned hard. I tried opening my eyes, but i couldn't.. I laid calmly and accepted every sensation running through me.
Felt a stinging bite on my nipples and a tongue flick my ears.. My earlobes were bitten.. And i felt a crazy rush fill me. Suddenly, i felt intense pressure pressing at me. My wetness made it enter. It felt so divine and it thrust into me like no other. Filled to the brim. I came in cascading waves.

I woke up in my bed and the memories rushed through me. Was it a dream? Yes, it must be.. What a realistic dream i thought.. Then i felt a stinging pain in my sides.. I looked up and saw the MAN. Maniacal grin. I froze in fear.. The blood beaded on my breasts and rolled down.

Oh my goodness.

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