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Monday, 6 March 2017

To my Unborn Child

TO MY UNBORN CHILD and your siblings that didn't get past the stage of pleasure and sweat,
I am sorry I haven't found mummy yet!

Many had cum and a few didn't even sleep, but your memory I had forgone after those who did took that sip..

Funny as it may seem, I miss u, not just u, the list is very long and names too many..
But am Nigerian and we miss a lot of things.. Oh! You dunno Aiyegbeni..

Blame a whole lot on me.. But blame the rest on those that rode on me, and underneath, and side ways, those dat stood, even those dat refused to be pulled...
We are all in this together!!.

At one point you took my breath away and I took yours back, literally "took yours"..
Forgive me.. You was a call that wasnt too sure, also I was in a bad network zone, so I missed it!!.

An idea of this, you definitely have not, but you are the reason am out here, cos I owe you that much, your mum too..
Guess she's out there also seeking results!!..

A great part of you met your death in my hands and thighs!!. And my under shorts..
A few on the bed sheet, and on her lips and cleavs.. Her inside heat, toilet seats, and plastic rings engaged to my dick!!..

Forgive me once again!!... All this happened cos I hadn't made a home for you yet.. where you'd sit and learn to speak!!.

Sometimes you werent sick, but I bought you pills and mummy took it..
Guess she wasn't sure if she was ready for you.. Or certain about me!!..

Bitterly I weep each time I think... I miss u more now than ever..
Consider me if my excuse doesnt sink, just blame it on the company that produces Vaseline and Eva..

Cos those days mummy posted me like letter, Port-Harcourt to Lagos...
Or stood me up for hours, and I gave up..

I just consoled me... Loved myself for minutes, and gave her just chaos!!..

The thought of u only came after few seconds...

I am writing to you, cos I know you are still down theere... Just your waist to your legs..
I haven't found my better half, and your other half too, She has refused to gimme her waist and Head, Actually... Urs too!!.

I pray I find her soon.. And some fame and success too.. So I won't just have her, and you and then nothing to do!!....


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