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Monday, 6 March 2017

Steps to have the perfect One night Stand

10. Prep for success; Imagine you got the woman already!
-Tidy up your place, clean up and sort your shit!
- Fuel the fire of your "stand".. Get the Music, Lube, Condom and all ready!

9. Foreplay first; Foreplay is very important to get you both in the mood!
-Start making out early; as soon as you can (Afterall, its a banging thing)
- kiss her passionately
-Complement her; Make her fall in the Zone😂
- Caress and Undress baba; don't rush- You got all Night.

8. Be OpenMinded; Find out what turns her on, Share yours
- You don't really know each other; so you need to share.. For crying out loud, Its a 1 night thing.
- She can't read your Mind; give her a list of stuffs to choose from like kissing, dirty talking, erotic massage, sex toys.. And the likes.

7. Be a Gentle Man; Take responsibility for your pleasure
-If you dinnuh Cum, please don't Vex😂😂😂 Take it like a Man
-Don't brag about other conquests.. It's immature.
- Don't fuck up; She might secretly be interviewing you to be her next REGULAR fuck boy

6. Ask before Doing; Be uninhibited, but within limits
- It's an opportunity to do some of your fantasies..
- discuss rules and shii before you go hardcore eg. Safewords and the likes.. Remember you don't really know her? Before aunty starts screaming Rape.

5. Get Out of character; Do things you normally won't do
-Explore and don't be shy
-Opportunity to do and Go
-Push your boundaries and see what you capable of as a Man!

4. Know she controls the shot; No judgement or rejection if she changes her mind
-Listen and act concerned😂
-She may want to leave and may even stop halfway.. No vex Sir.

3. Be Aware; don't get too addicted to 1 night stands
-It might be a good way to blow off stress
-Sounds like the perfect no strings attached shii
-Don't let it stop you from building healthy and lenghty relationships with other people.

2. Pack it up; Don't forget your things o!
-And if she's leaving, kindly help her find everything. anything.
-Saves you both the embarrassment and awkward re-meetings😂

1. Shake it off!; Not all stands go the way you plan..
Just move with flow.

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