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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The bastard 1


I grabbed the breasts and squeezed. Damn!! This girl is smoking hot. She barely made a sound and I confirmed my earlier theory. The boobs are fake. I felt anger fill me and I squeezed harder; the silicone should just burst out. That'd be epic, I swear.
She gave off a low and obviously fake moan. Alright. I grinned in my mind. Let the moan become real. It's obvious the breast can't do nothing to her. I pulled her suddenly and her face slammed to my chest. She groaned a "hmmmph" and I grinned. Serves her fake boob right.

I gently flicked her chin up and bent my head, then captured her lips and gave her the most satisfying and panty scorching kiss of her life. Fuck. Her lips are soft and oh so chewable. I nipped them and gently released her. The moan that escaped this time was real.

I suddenly jerked her over to her back and she looked back at me in shock. I grinned., does she expect a tender approach? I went to my knees and began kissing her ass. Smack dab.
I squeezed the delectable globes and spanked it lightly. She moaned hard; at least the ass is real. And what an ass. Big and bountiful; I'd love to bury myself forever in.

I continued squeezing them while interspersing it with light spanks; I loved the way they jiggled. She began angling her ass in such a way that my fingers will touch her pussy.."You want it up your cunt yeah?" I asked her so crudely. She moaned in delight as I slowly ran my fingers around her lower lips.

I teased and teased and it's like the waterworks. She began crying for some dick. Fuck. I don't think she's wet enough because her pussy feels so tight around my fingers.. and my dick is huge.

I bent my head and graciously started eating her up. This is gonna be a fucking tight fit. I can't wait. I picked her sweet ass up and gently fitted my cock up her rim. The fit was tight. I gently pushed and the head sweetly popped in.
She screamed in agony. I bent over and licked and nipped her back. She screamed louder!


I tossed and turned on my bed. I had an extremely stressful day at work with my harassing boss and I'd been anticipating the rest. But my rest has been destroyed.
I don't know what I did for that bitchy woman. I just got transferred and she's really giving me a tough time. Like seriously.

I felt an ache rip through my skull at that same banging sound. Jeez. That's why I don't ever want to come home too. I don't know if my neighbour is male or female; or even married, but, ever since the person packed in, the blessed silence that permeated this floor disappeared.

Our apartments are adjoined in such a way that I hear whoever it is fuck. So annoying. I tossed on the bed again and the stupid banging sound followed by the moaning of a woman went straight into my head.
I wished that apartment stayed empty forever. But then, the landlord sublet the place some 3 weeks ago. I've not met whoever packed in; mostly due to then my very busy schedule. I angrily stood up and briefly considered going to bang on their apartment door. But then I changed my mind.

I picked up a pillow and my blanket and padded into the living room. I curled on the couch, but I couldn't sleep anymore. My mind began to wander. How come people have sex every night? How come it's usually so loud and annoying? What has this world become? How come sex sounds so epic?

I sat up and went to the fridge to drink water. Faint sounds filtered from the kitchen window and I shook my head in anger. What sort of woman screams so loudly? I began to feel curiosity fill me. Who are this people who fuck every day?

Tomorrow is Saturday and I'm going no where. I have to meet this people. I padded to the living room and picked up my pillow. I heard a final groan; manly this time, and I went back to the room. Finally, maybe I can catch some sleep.

 I picked up my phone and checked bbm; there's this new guy I just met online and he's really witty; also keeping me excited.
I got a message from him and my heart thumped in my chest with excitement.."good night baby, I wish I could give you some kisses.." I smiled, while a pang of loneliness filled my heart. He sent the message by 11:45pm. I replied with a "๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜" and tried to get some sleep.

My mind was in a fix. The only love I'm getting is online; while next door, a woman is busy screaming in effusive joy. Jealousy filled me and deep down, i wish I got a guy dicking me down just like that.
I finally drifted off.


I woke up feeling suffocated.. Who the fuck is making that racket. Shit. I opened my eyes and sat up; this bitch be snoring like a trailer! I looked down and saw the crusty cum sticking whitish all over my crotch, ewww.

I went to the shower and took a very hot and long one. Refreshment filled me and I entered my room. I saw the girl still sleeping. I looked at the time; 9am. This girl be breaking my no1 cardinal rule., me waking up and meeting her. I slapped her butt and it jiggled. She groaned and I slapped it again.."Tola.., tomi, or Tolu?! Or whatever the fuck your name is.. Get up.." She opened her eyes, yawned and smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes mentally. I'm definitely not wifing you. Just haul ass. She yawned again and stretched languidly. Then her eyes widened when she got a glimpse of my cock dangling between my legs; I stood in front of her, shamelessly naked. Oh Fuck. Let this one start leaving now! I thought.

I've got work to do. "It's late dear, take a shower and go home; I'm going to be busy with house work." She gave me a pretty smile and stood up.. Then she swung those hips towards me and strutted up to me.

Although I was momentarily distracted, I didn't fall for her ploy "Baby..." She murmured.."You need to leave now dear" In fact, no shower. She suddenly dropped to her knees, took hold of me and started licking me up. Damn.

I half heartedly pulled her off, but she was adamant.. Who am I to reject a morning blowjob? I sank my hands into her hair and pulled her closer..."Swallow me..".
We ended up fucking twice before she left. I saw her off and then we bumped into a woman in the hallway. I was shocked to see someone coming out of that apartment, I thought it was empty. She looked at us curiously but in a bitchy manner and I gave a wink.

She looked at me haughtily and entered her apartment; banging the door hard. I felt bewildered; wow, what a snide bitch. I wondered why I deserved such a look from her nerdy looking self. I immediately coined a name for her.."Her Royal Bitchiness"(HRB).

I waited until the cab drove off Tola; she told me her name again and I entered the building. When I got to the floor, I met her again in the hallway.."hello, I'm Lanre" I said with a charming smile. She just sniffed and went in. I was surprised but I just entered my own place. HRB is very mad.

2 weeks later

I'm tired! I'm tired of all this! I can't bear this anymore! Every night is a different parade of women! Different sounds and groans and moans! This man is literally driving me crazy! I closed my laptop and stormed to his door.

I gave the door a kick.. And another.. "Who's there?!" The voice sounded angry. Then the door opened. I stared into the almost pretty face of my neighbour. I remembered the kick to the guy I felt; the firt time I saw him. Incredibly handsome face. I covered my attraction with a bitchy attitude then.

Right now,, he's sweating, while holding a low slung track pants tight. I looked down and saw the insane length of an erection. I gulped hard and mustered all my anger back.."Your noise is killing! Kindly dial down the sound of your activities! I can hardly concentrate!".. He grinned.."Wow. So you can ever come to my door.. If it isn't HRB.." I wondered what he meant by that.

"Kindly haul your ass back to your place, except you wish to join us.."  he said with a grin, and slammed the door. I felt shock rip through me. What an insane bastard! I huffed back to my place.

After completing back breaking work on my laptop, I stretched for a break and sipped on a cold cup of tea. My tummy growled in hunger and as I stood up to go grab a bite; I saw my laptop go blank and a message came in. I paused in shock.
It was like a chatroom opened and I saw a message come on it. Like exactly in the movies.

_Hello, how are you_

I sat back down and with a shaking hand, I replied

_Who is this? Who are you? How did you do this?_

_Forget about that, I'm pretty harmless, I just want to be your friend_

I looked on in amazement. _What is this?_

A smiley came up _❤ I just want to be your friend, I'm a very lonely guy, You can call me X_

_kindly take off whatever witchery you've done to my laptop and leave!_

_ I just want to have a friend. I'm just as lonely as you are_

_Who are you to assume that!_

_I'm X_.

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