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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Things to know before you Ride a BIG D

This is funny yeah? But a lot of women tend to freak out at the thought of a huge πŸ†. Well never fear; You shall handle it!

1. Don't worry; It will fit. Shebi you can push a baby out? A big πŸ† is definitely no problem. Just take it slowly.. It will enter. Just make sure you're well wet.

2. Get very aroused.. Foreplay is very important!! It gets you ready for the big action! Make sure to give the πŸ† some attention fess. Get comfortable with it. It wee not kee youπŸ˜‚

3. If it refuses to enter still; lube it up!

4. Now, ease it in. Don't ram it in. Take deep breaths and relax; then gently recieve. While he's entering, distract yourself by kissing him or flicking your clit.

5. Choose your position right; don't go on top o!; At least not for the first few times.. Missionary never fails.. You can spice it up by laying on your side while he spoons you from behind.

6. Be patient and take it easy.. Don't worry, soon you'd be able to ride as hard as you wish. But to avoid tears and hurt, acclimate fess.

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