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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The rendezvous 1

The Unplanned Rendezvous.

I wandered the tarmac, suffering a heat stroke. I slowly located and moved toward the luggage point. I looked around and fanned myself with the magazine I'd been reading in the plane. The heat slammed into me and I could feel sweat drip between my legs. The garter I wore stuck to my thighs uncomfortably and I wished I could pull it off. The heat from this tropical Island is insane.

I dragged my luggage slowly outside and hailed a taxicab. I got in and gave him the address. I admired the high rise buildings and skyline view all framing a far off beach. I could see exotic yachts speeding in the distance; I can't wait to explore. He drove a short distance and then I began to see sands and palm trees. Although the AC was blasting, I lowered the windows and the fresh breeze did a good job of cooling me the fuck down.

I'd told Bisola not to worry about picking me up. It's her wedding week and it's definitely going to be hot and busy. I miss her terribly. We've been friends since childhood but got separated when I travelled abroad to study.

We kept up contact sporadically, and I got a message from her last month; she asked me to be her bridesmaid. I felt incredibly honoured and happy but I thought of declining. A bridesmaid again? When will I become a bride? I'm always getting disappointed by the Men I fall for. Always. I just wish the perfect man for me will hoist me up one day and jet me off to marry.

The taxi drove into a cocooned part of the Island and I marvelled in awe. This place is superb. I can see the sparkling shores and I felt an intense thrill zip through me. Her groom to be must be seriously loaded, to make such an expensive place their wedding location.

I leaned back against the seat and felt an intense calm fill me. The taxi suddenly stopped and I think I dozed off for a moment. I woke up with a start and realized that we've arrived at the wedding villa. Wow.

I got down from the taxi and paid his fares. He zoomed off and I stood in front of the building; my mouth agape. It looked like a palace. A muurfucking palace! Dangling lanterns gave off a soft glow in the late afternoon light and the waves from the beach crashed loudly in the background; a perfect symphony.

I felt the sting of loneliness bite me; deep down into my aching soul. This is the perfect chill out spot. I imagined myself here with my beau; a beau I'm yet to have. Always the bridesmaid, never a bride is just the terminology to describe me.  I could see couples, family members and even children milling around. I felt a sense of calm wash through me; I must snag a husband at this wedding. No matter what. I hadn't completed the thought when a very handsome man broke away from the group and walked up to me; I grew shy instantly, I know I must have looked like a fool just standing there with bags surrounding her.

"Hello ma'am, I'm Joshua.. you must be the beautiful laura I've heard so much about..Wow, it's true. You and bisola actually look alike.. How are you?" he said with a heart melting smile. "I'm laura, thank you.." Most people used to take us for twins back when we were kids, but now, it's just the hair and stature that's alike.

I smiled back questioningly. He gave me a dashing smirk and picked up my bags.
His arms bulged sexily and I ran my eyes all over his form. Fuck it. He's hot. "Let me carry this to your room.. Was your flight delayed? I'm Bisolas' very close friend and we've been expecting you.." he said.. I mumbled something incoherent in return while my eyes stayed glued to his tight ass walking in front of me. This man is candy and I want to bite into him.

He led me to the entrance and we entered. Wooooow. I lost my breath. The interior is magnificent. From star lights to understated artwork, interior finishing from Red to deep green; carpet in soft shades of every hue, glittering chandeliers with intricate teardrop shapes, delicate wainscoting in darker hues, detailed designs of angels on the ceiling.. I lost count.
I'd never seen so much beauty in one place. My head was spinning.

I looked up and saw joshua already at the top of the wide and winding grand staircase. He looked at me patiently and smiled. I'm very sure he understood my awe. I realised the entrance was actually the lobby. It has like 10 sofa and coffee table set scattered in the huge room and the elevators on one side, while the grand, wide and curving staircase flanked the other side.

I hastened up to meet Joshua and we stepped on the landing. It was like stepping on another planet.literally. The walls depicted beautiful and surreal scenes from outer space. I smiled in delight and followed josh. He stopped in front of a room and opened the doors; then we entered.

Beautiful. He deposited my bags on the floor and said.."Kindly take a bit of rest. Although lunch has been served, a dish would be brought up for you.."he said nicely..I smiled and asked.."What about bisola? When am I going to see her?"
"Very soon. Her room is not far from here actually, It's just 3 doors down. She and the groom rushed out with the wedding planner to pick up flowers of her own choice. The ones delivered were not to her taste.." he grinned fondly to himself and I thought I detected something in his eyes.. But then it was gone.

"Well, I guess I have to wait then.. but, I'm not feeling too tired.." A yawn caught me unaware and made me an instant liar.. He smiled beatifically and said.."Just take a shower and rest hmmm? By the time you wake, I'm sure she'd be back".. I couldn't argue anymore.. I'm sure he's right.

I didn't even bother to take a shower.. I just took off my clothes and hit the bed. I had dreams of me being a bride. I slowly woke up and ran my hands through my locks. Fuck it. I looked at the time and realized that I slept for 3 hour's straight. It's early evening already. I got down from the bed and padded to the bathroom. I wondered if bisola is back yet. I know virtually nobody here except her and now, Josh. I'm not in a hurry to leave my room yet.

Maybe to explore later; but a shower is needed immediately.
I took the most satisfying shower ever and I saw that from the bathroom, I could see the hot tub/pool behind the villa. Then something or someone caught my attention. 3 men lounged beside the pool and chatted. They are spectacular. I felt excitement fill me. This must be the groomsmen! I didn't even know which to choose from; they all looked like models from GQ magazine.

Then a man stepped out from behind the balconies and sat with them. Wow. It's this one I want! They laughed and I felt desire build in me. He stood up and dived into the pool with a splash.
My eyes were glued to him. I stepped out from the shower naked with water dripping everywhere; but I couldn't care less. I grabbed a robe to wear then I went to my balcony to get a better view; although I hid behind the glass doors; I don't want to be caught.

He was wearing the littlest Speedo's on earth. He swam like a man maid. His back muscles flexed and curled in the most captivating way ever. His powerfully built arms swished through the water rhythmically and I felt arousal build in me; even without seeing his face.
I'm sure he must be among the best men available here. I could feel anticipation trill through me. This is insane. He swam back and forth like he needed to expend energy and I wished he was fucking me instead; he's just wasting it all.

The water from the shower dried up on me and I began to grow wet with desire. He swam the final lap and stepped out of the pool, looking like a mini god. The setting sun hit him perfectly and his silhouette was beautiful. He hair is buzzed very short by the sides, while the top is full. The water made his hair curly at the nape and so black. The rest of the men stood up and left.. Except him.

Water dripped from his body and I wanted to lick it up. Although im not photographer, my hands itched to capture the moment. I couldn't see his face clearly from the distance, but he looked so gorgeous and built like a shit brick house. He's sex on a stick.
My nipples bud in an instant erection and I squeezed my thighs. Scenarios began running in my head. I want him.

He's damn too handsome, but what if he's not interested in me? What if I'm not his type? While outside, I saw the parade of beautiful women around. I need to do something monumental now to catch his attention. I can't wait till the wedding in 2 days time. I have too many competition.

Should I go to down to the pool in a bikini and strike up a convo? I thought. What is that crazy thing I can do to get his attention and keep it? An idea suddenly sparked in my brain. A dirty dirty idea.

I looked again at the pool and saw him relaxing on a lounge; still not totally rested. His muscles were bunched and it seemed like he's agitated over something.
I bent through the balcony and saw the doors of the balcony were he came out from, five doors from mine; though lower, in the basement section.

It was beginning to get dark and I forgot about bisola and the groom and the wedding, which is why I was here; while a quick plan set in my devious brain. I quickly pulled open my box and wore a coat; nothing under. I don't want any hesitation on his part. I'm going to get fucked tonight.

I saw him stand up and pick up his towel to dry himself. He must be getting ready to go back inside. I ran out of my room and sprinted down to the elevator; while praying it's empty and he's room door is open; If not, no show. This is an insane risk. What if he beats me up? Thinking I'm an intruder? But still, I didn't go back.

I got in and pressed the button for the basement. It was a very short journey. It wasn't that hard to find his room at all. I took a minute to catch  y breath and then I tried the door and behold; It opened with a click.

I stepped inside and put off the light, it had gone completely dark outside; except from the halogen light that sent faint brightness into the room. I could see him look sharply from the door of the balcony to the room. He hastily climbed down the stairs and entered the room.
"Who's there?" he said. Fuck. His voice is deep and sent vibrations down my spine. I need to act fast before he puts on another light! "Your sexiest dream come alive..ready to service you.."I rasped in the lowest yet sexiest voice I could muster.

I sexily trotted towards him. He squinted at me in shock and tried to on a switch.
"Is that you lil?".."hmmm, hmmm," I whispered in affirmation. I don't know who lil is, but whoever you are I thank the Gods for you. I got to him and hastily placed my hands on his hand that almost put on the switch. I felt something nagging behind the haze of lust, but I flushed it away from my mind.

Thank God I walked fast. I removed his hands from the switch and gently directed it to my lips. I licked each finger in turn and he started saying.."but you said we shouldn't do..." "Shhhhh..." I placed my pinky on his lips to shut him up.
I pulled his head to my lips and kissed him- ravenously. I didn't give a fuck. He suddenly turned the tables on me and took total control.

I moaned like a bitch in heat and his hands roved my body. He pulled off the coat and when he realised I wore nothing beneath, he went crazy. He didn't bother on niceties. He carried me and gently placed me on the bed. We panted hard and fumbled in the dark.
His hand gently but surely rubbed my vulva. I'd gone wet even before I saw his face. I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him deeper.
I twisted a bit and grabbed his dick.. And slowly started feeding my cunt. We both groaned in delight. Shit.


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