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Monday, 6 March 2017


It's ur lips i'll forever crave.
And your medusa gaze would not only turn me into stone, it will also turn me to your slave.
I always was shy to say hi, i'd admit i was never that brave.
But all my life i've been fantasizing bout you and how we were gonna swim against the tides...riding that wave.
Your voice is in my head and it's too loud.

With you i'd never figure out where my head went, it's probably up there in the cloud.
I know it's all eyes on you, but sometimes i wish it's 4 my eyes only.
Realistically speaking everyone bags a luggage, so i wouldn't really care if you're too packed.
It's a cold world, i feel shivers in my spine as i scribble in my notepad.
So note that i would never play you, unless i'm nibbling on your nipples like they were PS4 pads.

Infact i ain't never really been so twisted.
My thoughts revolve around you.
You light me up when i feel so blue.
So real, yet you exist only as machinations of my subconscious.
I throw caution in the wind when they try to label my actions as cautious.
My princess diana and my bad girl riri.

Like seriously, i can't keep count of how many times we rode the magic carpet.
I'm Aladdin and this is Disney.
Singing "a whole new world" in the opera, this could also be Sydney.
You've always been my one weakness.
My cardiac arrest... and the stone in my kidney.

The one lady that made me realize that real eyes recognizes where the real lies.
That true emotions extend beyond sending love struck emojis or emoticons.
That a man could go on several dates with a lady in his head before he ever even walks up to her.

Afterall it's all part of plotting from afar.
Not that i enjoy this display of cowardice.
But sometimes being the groupie to a rockstar is just enough... and here's a lady who not only rocks stars but also solar systems too.
Maybe if i'm a starboy like wizkid or the weeknd i could get close or within touching distance.

I'm just satisfied with being your personal stan, I really enjoy the way you put me inna trance.
So much joy in being trapped in my own mind, and like Iyaz thoughts of you continue to be a melody on a loop or replay.
What other facts can i lay or say.

You pepper them as always... damn you
With these few words of mine, i hope that i may...
Have given lucid points for hiding behind the shadows.
With the hope that if i ever step out from the dark... you wouldn't brush me to one side like your beautiful eyebrows.

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