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Wednesday, 15 March 2017


I see the beauty of the world, and it's highlighted by the shape of you.
Supermodels ain't got nothing on you. 

Your kinda curves who's got it?,
I could fit them all in one hand while i try to name a few.

Fine as wine and stronger than a beers' brew.
I'd still see its perfection, even after i've climbed stairs on some grey goose.

So at the club when i see your silhouette twist and whine... i get knocked off my high.
The half ellipses of your thighs, and the oval of your bum.
Could make lips freeze and tongues go dumb.

So allow me mumble a bunch of words, as i try to get a grip.
Am more than falling for you, am on a journey for it's accurate if they say you gimme the trips.

You send the chills down my spine.
And i must confess that all i think 'bout is putting my squares in your circles.

Me, you and the Hennessey that's a perfect triangle.
It's a synergy so strong, caused by a symmetry so pure.
There's so much behind those spherical eyes.. the allure.

The stories they tell and the signals they give.
Green, yellow and red... like a kid painting in circles.
And oh! ... blimey! do i love your heart shaped shades.

Or the cat-eyed esque issh ... Givin' me that halle berry vibe.
I watch me drool in my pool of saliva.
I snag a laugh,
"Damn boy! " you in so deep.

Trust me i've spent my every second studying you... i'm wierd right?
Even I give myself the creeps.
But anything for that figure 8 is worth it.
Might take time, but at the end it's all gonn' be worth the wait.

Lets switch back to that coca-cola figure of yours.
I'm talking 'bout the bottle and not the can, but you already know this of course.
A shape that could veer a man off course.

Have him boxed in a cuboid.
And all he thinks 'bout is you, either that... or anything else is null and void.

Dome shaped breasts, not the cone ones.
Just a suckle, and a niccur gonn' cum once.

Cum to his senses and wanna make you
have his nestlings.

'Coz you as beautiful as an eagle in flight.
Hundreds of metres above the ground, you're several levels above your peer.
I'm lost in a realm with visions of shapes.

Visions of beautiful succulent grapes.
So i'd never leave this reality... I've got myself bound by several adhesive tapes.
It's all for the shapes.

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