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Monday, 1 May 2017

The Sugar Daddy 1


I tossed and turned on my bed. I couldn't sleep.. The noise of my room mates buzzed my nerves and I find myself getting irritated. I almost screamed out in anger for them to shut the fuck up! But then, deep down.. I know it's transfer of aggression.

I've not had a decent meal in days and although a loner, I'd even segregated myself more from others.. To be honest; these girls have tried a lot to make me feel better and pull me out of my funk, but I resisted them and pushed them away. I'd considered even selling my android phone, but the price I'm getting for it is ridiculously low. The screen is broken and the body is very smudged and ugly. I'd won the phone in a competition since i was in 100l.

This is the 7th week! I've not been able to pay my school fees, and as such, I've not signed my course form and nothing. The little cash I had was used to pay my hostel fees and I wondered at what to do. I reside in the Queen Idia Hall of the University of Ibadan and I'm a a 300level Geology student.

I lamented inwardly on the fees for the field trip to warri I've not paid yet. I'd saved, scrimped and scraped every penny i could but still it was not enough to do anything. I marvelled at how worse my situation is. Yes, I marvelled!

I got down from my bed and opened my wardrobe.. Should I go and withdraw my last #500 naira? I've been tempted to withdraw it for the past few days, but I persevered. Now, the hunger that's dealing with me is no joke. I stared despondently at my empty wardrobe.. Nothing. Except my near ragged clothes.

I prayed fervently to God. I've suffered so much to get a degree.. I hope to get a good job as soon as I completed this program! This is just too much. Thoughts of the field trip floated in my head. Due to hunger and borderline malnutrition; my stellar CGPA has fallen.. If I miss this trip which by the way is the requirement for a course, I'd drop from first class.

I shivered in apprehension. What to do? The last time i went home, I was he one who gave my mom the little money I saved up! There's no hope anywhere! I hastily rushed out of the room and although my friends called me back, I didn't answer them. Logically, I knew i was spiralling deep into the abyss of depression, but there's nothing I could do to help it.

I made sure to take my ID card along; to avoid any unwanted hassles with the porters/gatewomen. I quickly stepped out of the huge gates, while the cold tendrils of wind nipped me through my clothes.. I began my querulous journey. My mind drifted.. What can I do to solve my problem?

I didn't have a dime for the cab fare.. So I'd zeroed my mind already.. Soon enough, I passed the jaja avenue, walked further and got to the gate.. I didn't even bother going anywhere.. It's general knowledge that the ATM machine by the left side inside the FCMB building dispenses #500..

I crossed the road and made my way into the bank.. Luckily for me, the machine dispensed the crisp note and you'd think I won a lottery.. My mind danced with the knowledge of food. I need food.. Into my purse the money went and I clutched purse like a lifeline and for a moment i was distracted by my ringing phone.

I glanced at the screen and suddenly, everything happened like a flash.. I was hit from behind and as I swerved to know what happened, my purse was grabbed away! I screamed like a mad woman and infact, some guys tried to chase down the miscreants; but they were not caught! Oh my God.. My #500, my ID card and my ATM! I felt bitter tears seep from my eyes..

Why me?! They must have seen me coming from the bank and assumed I went in to withdraw a large sum of money.. I raged in anger! I looked at the caller and it was the service provider! I felt anger and pain fill me! I was distracted because they called?! What do i need their adverts for!

I entered the school compound dejectedly and defeated. What to do now?! I wandered aimlessly and found myself at the Nutrition Department.. They're WLAN connect is one of the best in the school.. Since there's no food.. I guess I'd settle for free browsing.. At least, to distract me from my hunger pangs.

I was on a site when a pop up came on.. A pop up for a site needing Sugar girls for sugar daddies.. I felt torn. Should i click? Curiosity overwhelmed me and I clicked on the site I was shocked at the amount of men ready to pay to spend time with a younger woman. Although the site claimed just "friends" I'm not in anyway naive.. I decided to register.. Just to see what will happen.

With a beating heart, I filled in my details and uploaded a photo.. After saving, I began berating myself. There's a good number of men after me in school, but because I don't want to risk pregnancy, I stayed away from them. What am I doing?!


I pulled off the condom, tied it up and flung it in the general direction of the trash. I didn't bother to look back, I know it will enter. I padded into the bathroom and showered. I was very relaxed, I didn't expect to see her again, we've settled each other.

I dressed up and made a cup of coffee for myself. Food and sex has been taken care of.. Now work. But try as much as I may, I couldn't concentrate. How long will I have to pay whores for sex just because I'm commitment phobic? How long?! My best friend left me in the lurch when he got married, and now, he's making me think soft thoughts!

My mind wandered again.. What to do? I don't need a wife.. But I'm in a dilemma. I need a regular pussy that won't bug on my nerves and complain. I'm tired of fucking hoes day in; day out. I don't need a woman that'd fall for me.. I just need one that I'd call for sex, and pay her when I'm done.

But this is Ibadan, not lagos. I've just been transferred here.. Where would I get such a woman? It didn't take me long to find all the joints with the best hoes, but I'm not comfortable with that anymore.. Different women, all up in my personal space.. I feel cloistered!

I went online and specifically searched for what I needed.. I was shocked at the amount of results I got.. Wow.. Anticipation built in my veins.. I registered with 2 sites for starters and I began perusing the girls.. One by one, I dismissed.. Until I came to her. Ada. Beautiful, Wide and innocent looking eyes. My lips curled in distaste.. I'm not falling for her aura of innocence.. If not, what's she doing here? Although i can't deny I'm drawn..

She didn't have the confidence and sophistication that radiated from the other women's profile i visited. She looked.. Plain.. Her face was all trusting.. And i imagined spurting cum and that face. I grinned. She wouldn't be so innocent then..

I clicked on the link up button and the IM page popped up.. I chatted her up instantly..
Me: Hello, how're you?
She: I'm fine, good evening sir.
I laughed.. Sir?!
Me: I'd love us to meet. I'm Jim and I reside at Ibadan. I can see you do too?
She: Yes sir.
Me: So, can we set up a time and date?
She: No problem.. Can you come to UI?
Me: Not an Issue. Send me your phone number.
She sent her number and we made plans to meet that weekend. Her voice sounded so breathless and still, so innocent..

Hmm, I can't wait to meet her.

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