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Monday, 1 May 2017

The Sugar daddy 3

He lost control and pressed against my  mound and I reached down and got it right between my legs. It felt so good rubbing against her clit. I could feel him leaning back so that he was sitting back on his backside, and then I felt him lifting me up slightly in the air.    

I wrapped my legs around him as I felt him lowering me right over his cock. I could feel the hard shaft easing right into me an inch at a time. I trembled each time i felt more of his cock go in. This is the first man, The first real man. His cock was in me all the way. I tightened my legs around him and I began to hump up and down on his cock.

I felt it hit the back of my pussy and i moaned in delight.. My fingers still rimmed his asshole and I felt him convulse while thrusting into me...then i would lower myself so that he would go back into me and we made all this smucking squelching sounds of sex..

all the way to the hilt...He just filled me up so completely and that drove me wild inside. This was the only man who would ever be able to satisfy me! I just knew that. There could be no other man in my life. Nobody else... I could feel it going all through me. It filled up my whole body and not just my cunt. He was really making me quiver inside and I could already feel my cunt juices frothing and pouring out.. It bathed him completely..

They dripped down his cock to his balls.. I was sure that he could feel my burning pussy. I was kissing his neck and then I was biting right into his shoulder. I could feel him kissing my neck and shoulders, and then he was sucking on my breasts again. That really made me wetter inside. He made both my nipples hard, and he kept them rigid..

He suddenly flipped me over to my side.. And re thrust! The fit was tight and his front pressed into my back.. He kissed all over my neck, biting, nipping, squeezing my breasts and at that moment, I was convinced he loved me.. The roughness mixed with tenderness was just too lovely not to touch my heart strings..

He exploded in me and we groaned in unison..

That night, we slept, cuddled in others arms.. For the first time, I spent the night,


I woke up with my hands gripping soft soft flesh.. This has never happened before and I opened my eyes.. And looked straight into a pussy.. It was then I realized that my cock was buried deep in a warm throat.. She was sucking me.. While her pussy spread out in front of me like a gourmet meal.. Trust me, I feasted. It was the best morning ever..

I took a shower and found her on the bed, looking so beautiful and perfect. My heart clenched. Wait. Clench. I took a backtrack. Pause. What is she doing here!! I began to panic. Why the fuck is my heart clenching?!

"Ada.. Get up and leave! Now!".. I said in my coldest voice. She looked up at me in shock.. "But.." "But what?! You broke my rule! You spent the night!" She looked confused.. But you didn't complain..." " Now I'm complaining! Get the fuck out! And never come back. Bitch" i yelled.

Fuck I should not have said that. I saw all the color drain from her face.. She looked sick.. She quietly dressed up quick and left. I wanted to stop her from going, but I couldn't.. I felt my supposedly stone cold heart shatter into pieces.. But deep down, although it'd take sometime.. I know what to do.

I felt utterly defeated.. Was the money worth my self respect? My pride? I kept on expecting him to call me, but he never did..

Some few weeks later, I began to vomit and fall sick.. I went to the hospital he took me to and met with the doctor.. He confirmed I was pregnant.. It was like a shock to my system.. Pregnancy? I was confused and didn't know what to do...

The end.


  1. how can you end a story like this....that's not how a story is suppose to end...Nice story from the beginning but ended badly.

    1. Well, it all depends from your point of view. Not all stories have a good ending hmm? And not all stories end well. Reality doesn't always end up rosily. Thanks for reading