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Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Hottest thief 2


I saw the smile on her face and I felt regret fill me. Poor poor innocent girl! I love her; but just like a little sister. It doesn't make much difference to me anyway, I'd definitely marry her. She's so innocent and clueless. Well, she's young.. At 22 years, she still See's the good in everyone.

I'd told my mom I'm bringing her home. Afterall, that what she wants. African mothers. She's extremely scared of me getting married to a white girl and eloping or staying permanently at London.

I laughed. I could see fear written all over her face.. I assured her my mom would love her, as far as she's a Nigerian bride. I felt bad deceiving her, but I needed to! I'm not getting any younger, and I need scrutiny away from me.

Marriage is not for me, but since I have no choice; I'm sure I and her would come to a perfect understanding soon.

I'd make sure to spoil her with money and everything she can ever need.
 But my love? Never.


I finally got to meet his mom and she's very courteous and nice; although with that dash of cold- pride this extremely rich people carry. She grilled me endlessly about my background. Seemingly satisfied, she declared me perfect and welcomed me into the family.

In a whirlwind of events, the introduction day was set up and it was a very very lavish affair. I myself thought it was my wedding. I saw the tally of the total money spent and my mouth rounded in a big O. Just how rich are this people?

Foreign currencies was spent at what was supposed to be an introduction. My father didn't support my wedding to Lekan, but he couldn't give me a reason for it, so i didn't entertain the thought. Throughout the introduction, his face was a mask of indifference- which he wore when ever he's hurt.

I deliberately blinded myself to it and enjoyed the party. My head was filled with thoughts of marriage to someone very rich, and although I didn't love him because of the money; the money was definitely an added advantage.

Soon after, the wedding date was set. It was a flurry of event's and my mind still can't catch up with the marriage. I mean, it was the most expensive and beautiful wedding i ever attended. Dignitaries from all over the world stormed lagos and came to watch us tie the knot. My wedding party went on for a week!

I can't begin to explain how it all happened. My mother- in- law took care of all the details and I wasn't allowed to do anything but look pretty. It was an intense experience and I was truly awed.

Well, the most important part of all this is the Sex! I mean, although I insisted on no sex and he obliged, I'd always wished he pushed for more. I mean, I missed out on all the dirty talks, sextings and nasty nudes dating couples swap. Ours was a perfect courtship set from the 80's.

I'm a highly sexual person, although im sure lekan thinks I'm the perfect virgin. Sure, I'm a virgin, but I masturbate. Like a lot. I can't go to sleep without ribbing a cum out. I'm this mass of sex induced virgin who can't wait to be fucked to oblivion by her husband!

Except I'm menstruating, I sport constant wetness. Like I'm wet almost 80% of the time. I wondered how i managed not to fuck. If I'm reading and alone, I can just slip a finger down to my pussy and swipe through it; give my clit a few pinches and pour out juice..

I'm so so expectant! I've been waiting for this day in a long long time.. We touched down at the airport and I couldn't even take in any scenery. This is our honeymoon! I just want to have a nasty hard fucking, then we can explore the place. But fucks first.

We entered the limo and it zoomed off to our destination. A huge mansion. One of the many properties of the Salvador family that's oversea. The housekeeper has come earlier to clean up.. And the butler welcomed us in spanish. "SeƱora" he addressed me and I didn't understand the rest of his epistle.

Lekan replied him in crisp Spanish and I rolled my eyes. He smiled at my attitude and translated that the man was welcoming me. I muttered a thanks and we entered. I didn't see the grandiose of the house. Lust has blinded me totally.

While in the Limo, I'd cuddled against lekan and he seemed eager, but he seems to withdraw a bit when I suggested that we should go to our bedroom and rest. He encouraged me to go up and I was puzzled.

After like 5 years, he came into the room and I was already simmering with tension. I'd bathed and I'm dressed in the most sexiest and expensive lingerie I've ever seen in my life. They plumped my breasts to delicious looking globes and since I got a tiny waist nd flared hips, the rest wasn't hard.

I expected him to pounce on me and devour me, infact, I'd perfected my current pose in the mirror for hours, but he just glanced at me- with a hint of banked lust and entered the shower. He came out, towelled up and crashed on the bed. I poked him and wrapped myself around him; but he just said.."I'm tired baby, can we fuck later?"

I opened my mouth in shock! "You haven't even touched me yet!" I shouted in frustration. My pussy was insanely wet at being near the object of my fantasies; but he just yawned. I bristled at his attitude. "Touch me please?" I moaned.

Surprisingly, he squeezed my breasts through the bustier and I almost screamed in pleasure. He flicked my nipples till they were hard as a dick and I panted in lust, my eyes closed. He placed his head on my thigh and nuzzled at my tummy.. My lust overcame me.

His touches slowed and I opened my eyes. I was shocked to the marrow. He's fallen asleep! Is my thigh a pillow?! On our wedding night! After making me all wet and horny!

I think I have to rape him!

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