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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The supermodel 3


I realised that his voice was just awful on phone. In reality, he's a lit package. I fell hard, almost immediately. We talked the talk and I wanted us to go and fuck the fuck. He was as charming as ever and the conversation was not dull at all. He kept on starting vibrant topics that made us stay at the restaurant well into the night-until they are ready to close.

It was the most beautiful night of my life. The sex was amazing and I developed an instant bond with him. He made love to me. Gentle Caress's, kisses in forbidden place and implicit sex-sorry, I can't Even describe it.. Just know that it's otherworldly.

But the Fuck?! The one after the slow one?! It was Mad. He pounded my pussy like a man possessed and I fucked the life out of him. We fucked like the whole world was ours. His dick was as heavy as it looked and trust me- I felt choked.

The dick pulled out and rammed into me again.. I screamed out hoarsely.. Fuck it.. This dick is good. He pulled out and shoved his fingers into my twat and brought it to my nose.."Smell your pussy baby.." I groaned.. And licked the fingers up.

He spurted jizz into my cunt and I moaned in anger.."I've not orgasmed yet!" He smiled and pulled his cock out with a pop. Then he bent me over and me up, come and all. Suffice to say, for the first time in my life, I fell in love. And I fell for Femi hard.

He became my knight and we had a lot of fun together.. He introduced me to a coffee shop near his house where they serve the most Delicious coffees and pastries on earth. Every morning-after spending the night making wild love and I sleep over at his place.

We go over there to wake up our brains- it's practically next door to his luxury penthouse. The coffee shop served over 50 flavours of coffee, and the ambiance is very perfect. Looking at your lover's eyes with coffee and cakes sitting between you, low lighting shining on you- you'd learn to fall in love over again.

We spent a lot of our mornings there, perusing the morning news and catching up with gossip. We had a corner booth nobody ever used. It was on a random morning on 15th October 2016 that Femi proposed to me.

We were drinking coffee as usual, bantering over the person clearing up his dishes; when I took a bite of my chocolate au pain and bit down hard on something. I gasped and spat out all I chewed.. Very embarrassing.

Femi stood up to pat my back and on the napkin, I saw a huge rock. I was thoroughly blindsided. What? I looked up at him in serious shock.."Yes Angela, I want us to make this official. I want you to be my wife".

My heart thudded to a stop for a few tinny moments, then began galloping fast.."Yes! Yes! "I screamed and he wrapped me up in a huge bear hug. I was extremely happy and it was like my dream come true.

He went home with me that day, and my dad grilled his life- they are a bit familiar since he visits me frequently. Femi is a renowned Lawyer and he's at the top of the law food chain. He's from a very rich and powerful line of lawyers and my dad was definitely interested.

It turned out that his father is an old friend of my father- that sped things up quickly! We were barely engaged for a year- in which he showered me with all the love and affection I could ever wish for.

I thank God for him everyday and I counted myself lucky for snagging the man of my dreams. My wedding day drew near and all the preparations were being made. My mom and family members all came back and our silent huge house became bubbly again.

It was a very happy moment in my life and I couldn't wait to begin the journey into marital life. My wedding day is here!

I flicked my eyes open.. and laughed at the memories that assailed me. Since I basically had no female friends,- they all snub me at work and I didn't care because I had femi and never bothered to make friends; femi took me out on my bachelorrette night.

We visited all the strip clubs on the Island and we got a lap dance- I a male, He a female.. It was a madt night. We drank, smoked, went high and did a lot of ridiculous things. It was fun! He later dropped me home and went out for his around 3am.

My mom came into my room and prayed for me. She blessed me and I felt immensely happy on my wedding day.. Then she handed me over to the event planners. My gown is a silk white mess of beautiful cloth.. I can't even describe it. It's magnificent and made me look like a queen.

Soon, we were at the church and the vows were made. I didn't ever doubt my decision when I said "I do" and he kissed me. Everyone cheered and we all moved to the hotel for the reception party.

I giggling with joy, about to throw my bouquet; when I saw Him. Him. It wasn't hard to spot him. I'd never ever seen anything like him before.. A crazy combination of shaggy black hair, cognac coloured eyes, silver studded earring and a fucked up musculature. His body is not just sexy, but panty-wetting.. His eyes drilled deep into mine.

The screams asking me to throw the bouquet snagged my attention and I had to back the guests. I threw it fast and turned back, but he was nowhere to be found. Femi tapped my hands and kissed me again.

It was then I remembered that I'm newly wedded- just a teeny bit less than 10minutes ago.

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