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Saturday, 20 May 2017


She says she got a baby, and coz of that he ain't treat her like a lady.
He says i ain't attracted no more, She failed to drop the baby weight like a bad habit.

And as a human "body no be firewood", i found someone to light me a fire... spinning waists like rolling tires.

She's fed up, consoled by the incense and bottles.
Her life was a speeding Ferrari, both feet on the throttle.

Till it came to a halt.
The baby came with joy, now it feels like hurt.

He was in the 7th heaven and he took her to his momma's.
Now it's with that nail that he hammers.

He wasn't ready for this life, and neither was she.
Both were led to the slaughter, humble and meek sheep.

The forbidden fruit that was tasted... juicy and fruity has gone sour.
Sweet smelling fragrance has turned to an odour.
He screams, she cries and he slams the door.

He breaks down and sheds a few... afterall a man shouldn't be found in tears.
She feels the pain in her own way... he does in his own way too.
They're caught up in this wave... woven in this web, but heck that's life.

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