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Friday, 26 May 2017

My good friend 3

In the absence of knowing what to do, I broke the silence by telling her it was my first time and I was not sure what I was doing.

She softened immediately and stared at me with a relatively pitiable face, she felt so much pity for me that I thought I had an accident, my confession seem to heal her anger and she came close to me from behind.

I felt her warm  body laid on my back, her breasts hit my neck and her hand wrapped around my neck, "we will have to try again because I am very horny", she said very softly in my ears.

The power was restored and I construed it to be a sign for the second round, the fan did a perfect job as it softly sent soothing breeze to us, she was unclad and my dick on the other hand was in the astral world.

I pinned her to the huge center pillow and did a supposed wonderful mouth job on her, she hit me with orgasm about two times, and she described how she wanted it to be done.
I took charge amidst her ecstatic realm, she swam in pleasure and she asked for my dick like the sex before but I delayed it, sunk my lips into hers.

The responsiveness was lit, I kneaded her nipple, her moan went harder at each  height of pleasure attained, she was too joyful to kiss me properly when I began to finger her.
Thanks to my medical anatomy knowledge, her nipple were at its hardest when I sucked on them, it was full and totally ready for whatever comes it way..

I saw with the help of the light how some faded vein lines was littered on the breast, she asked for my dick again with a voice almost in tears, "let me make this impression the best" I said softly in her ears.

I was not dwelling in my media orientation on sex anymore, I could not fathom where all the nerves was coming from, I asked her for a blow-job which she submissively obliged to, I relished in the trips of the very spitty fellatio and wished the whole school could just watch the event live!

After about ten minutes of the act, I bent her over, and   without elaboration, searched for the hole.

I thrust my dick into her, and she missed about seven heartbeats as she choked, I rode on her like a camel, slowly but very aptly, she moaned as though she was asking for help.

I buried all of my dick into her and she spoke in her language which I got to know the meaning later to be "bastard" - I drilled and broadened her hole using the doggy style for over ten minutes, she never at any point dried up, her juice kept coming as a motivation for my dick!

I laid her on her back and raised her legs, placed them on my shoulders to insert my penis.
She stared at the point of action and controlled it using her hands as a massage tool on her clitoris and making sure I get it in cautiously.

She moaned as I thrust all the way in, I kissed whenever her moan hits too high pitch, "cum for me" she said and I was not willing to just yet!

I drilled more like I was in search of something, she was moaning fast and her thighs were vibrating, my pace increased immensely.

I was totally on the fast lane, our pelvic area hit each other hard and made a loud clap noise, her bulbs were flapping and she was speaking were some lingual I do not understand.
She held her head and closed her eyes in appreciation of the sweet painful pleasure she was getting, and I was going for it like a determined predator, making sure the full length of my penis was without remainder in her. I drilled her cunt and crammed her full.

"wow!" she said and inquired saying "Are you not cumming yet?" - "hell no bitch" I replied but in my mind, I felt sweat dripping from all parts of me including my beards, she was sweating as well, she held her boobs to reguate the outrageous flaps and the sight of that somehow made me want to come.

It was like I saw the finishing line of a race, I went fast and very untidy, beat her hands off her boobs as I held them, I felt the flood loading to gush, I gave it two more deft strokes and voila!! I shot the cum all over her pelvic area, I was close convulsion with her eyes tightly closed, "oh my god!" she said.

I managed to stand after catching my breathe to have my bath, we ate the remainder of the meal we had the night before and just slept carelessly.

The second round of the sex that day is what I like to remember as my first sex, it was what I describe to my friends when they ask, I and Mariam intimated more, it was almost like I was the only one fucking her.

We did all we saw, heard and imagined that is sexually pleasurable for about two years till our eggs hit the rock; Mariam got pregnant and we got to know the week after she was betrothed to her long time suitor, a rich and future guaranteeing political juggernaut.

Her, (Mariam) modeling career skyrocketed on the shoulders of her suitor, since we did not clearly defined what we had for each other, she found it very easy to say she was done fucking me, it was a dilemma that messed me terribly, she felt it is just normal to marry her suitor since it will get eyes to her modeling career!

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