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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Lucifer's lust (Sex Stories)

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Lucifer!" I heard my name being yelled from the deep deep recess of my fight induced mind.."Lucifer, my baby, come back to me.." I heard her scream in her sweet sweet voice. Thats the only voice I recognize, my anchor in a sea of dark world and turbulence..

Her screams pierced my ears above all others and I suddenly came to. I resisted the seductive urge to sink back to the dark. My eyes opened and I realized what happened. I'm a fucking beast. I'd pummelled my opponent to pulp and those who tried to pull me off him were blue black too.

I felt the tang of blood in my mouth and I swallowed it down. My haze cleared and I realized what happened. I won the match! All around me, people cheered and some other booed, but I can't be concerned.

Truth is, I'm indifferent to everything and everyone around me. My eyes searched frantically for my anchor. My life. My being. I began to panic when I didn't see her and the bloody haze almost swallowed me up but she gave a shrill whistle and I turned my head.

She was waiting excitedly at the front row; very close to the ring. She's a vision of loveliness with dark straight hair, sun-kissed clear brown skin, and eyes the color of coffee. She mouthed.."I love you baby" and I felt calm suffuse my being.

I looked down at the carcass of men at my feet. They all looked to be breathing. I shook my head wearily, I'd have killed them all if my wife didn't intervene. She's the only one who can bring me back from the edge of the underworld. She's my handler. My life. Nothing can get past her.

I wished to leave; but I had no choice but to wait for the usual parade, party and bullshit that happens after winning. I got my belt and stalked towards her. Her tiny frame was shivering. My focus lasered on her alone. I knew what her vibrations are all about. 

To an outsider, it seemed like fear, but only I knew how much she's vibrating with lust. She has a 5'4 petite frame with big bouncy breasts I love to shove my cock between and fuck. She's a sexy sexy woman and I swept her off her feet; literally. She moaned and wrapped her hands around my neck.

I'm 6'6, 150kg of pure hulking muscle. It felt like I carried nothing. I was stinking of sweat and blood but she didn't complain. She melted into me and gave me the wettest and dirtiest kiss of my life. The kiss painted a nasty image in my head. She sipped at my dark, stoked my lust and I began dropping her, trying to get my shorts undone. I need to fuck her now. "Get a room!" Some people yelled and I gently placed her back on the ground. I'd totally forgotten we're in public.

She dragged me to the betting tables and a huge wad of cash was given to her.."For the first time, I wagered on you.." her lashes flicked down shyly and I rubbed her head messily while laughing.."No problem, baby".. She slapped my hands in mortification and rushed off. 

I boomed with laughter and a lot of people looked at me strangely.. Well, I'm less concerned. I joined her in the car and we zoomed off. She chattered about everything and anything and I was perfectly content to listen to her talk. I'm an extreme Introvert and I only know how to Fight and Fuck. 

We got to our seaside mansion and she skipped into the house. Oh well, I'm also adept at tracking. I gave her some minutes headstart..then I took off..She didn't even get to the front door before I caught her. She screamed in shock. "You cheated!".. I smiled and slammed her body against mine.. She let out an oomph of shock.

"I'm going to fuck your cunt hard." She gave a mock wiggle and tried to slip out of my hold.. I slapped her ass and It bounced. "Stop,.." she moaned. What a little slut. I pushed my hands up her mini skirt and found no thongs. Fuck. I slipped a finger into her and she was wet and hot.

I withdrew my hand suddenly and spanked her cunt hard.. She yelled.. I didn't give a fuck. I continued slapping it and she got wetter.. She kept on begging to top, but I didnt answer her. Until she came. She screamed and thrashed and came all over my hands. The darkness overtook me.

This time, It's the dark of lust. I didn't want any other thing but to fuck her cunt raw. Destroy it. She deserves all she gets. I lost control. The haze overtook me and I lost track. I shoved four fingers deep. She screamed in agony, but I didn't register. I need to fuck her. I pulled my cock out and slammed it into a hole.

I bent her over the railings in front of the door and shoved my fingers into her mouth. I took her hard the first few times. Brutally., my desire for her not allowing for any of the tenderness expected. She was totally pinned. She screamed hoarsely around my fingers and bit down hard. 

I slapped her pussy, where we were joined. She convulsed and screamed. Her lush curves received every fucking thrust. Our bodies slicked together with sweat and blood. I pulled off her top and filled my hands with breasts.

I spilled deep into her, but it wasn't enough. Never enough. I kept pulling out, only to immediately rise again. Wanting her. Needing her back beneath me. After fucking her raw thrice outside, I carried her limp body into the house and we fucked nearly the entire night.

I was unable to stop rising for her. She came and came and came. At some point, her twat was so wet with my come, I didn't feel it again. It was just the insane swishing of sex fluids and insane wetness that surrounded my cock.

We slept like the dead.

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