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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Heart V

Sometimes love is pain.
Sometimes love degenerates into hate swiftly like a speeding train.

Sometimes love is selfish.
Sometimes love takes all, cuffs it and puts it on a leash.

Sometimes those together are not in love.
Sometimes it's those deeply embedded in each other's friend zone that wallow in the waters of love.

Sometimes love demands us to let go.
Sometimes it allows us grasp and draw close.

Sometimes love dictates that we give in.
Love could even entail that we commit the gravest sin.

Sometimes love aches the heart.
Other times love tears it apart.

Into two, one for me and one for you.
Or Into pieces... None for me and none for you.

Sometimes love is pure and true.
Sometimes it's tainted and stained.

Sometimes it causes one to be pained.
Love simple yet complex.
Love gets my soul vexed.

Sometimes I wonder if cupid has got his aim skewed.
But then for love people feud.
But for love how many would lay down their life like romeo... Just a few.

Sometimes i feel love is a curse.
Or maybe it's a call to sacrifice... or it's just to veer us off course.

We know life's effect and cause... or is it vice versa?
Sometimes love does both... effecting and causing.

Love rocks the boat... Love also keeps afloat.
Sometimes love is quiet and beneath the glaring eyes of PDAs and showoffs.

Love is a solemn promise, from one heart to another.
From one lips to another.
But then another could put asunder.

Sometimes love could be lost through a
mistake or blunder.
With love sparks fly... 4th of July.

With love there are no wins... only a tie.
Sometimes like red bull love gives you wings to fly.

Sometimes it thrusts you to the earth... but like a cat, love gives 9 lives to bounce back.
Love is a race ran on a different track.

Love is hell for some... but in truth love is heavenly, with angels of all sizes and form.
Love is heart...
Love is the beat of the heart...

Love is the rhythm that this beat follows...
Love is beyond tears and sorrows...

Love is heart.

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