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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Action in the BUS


I climbed aboard the bus, a fervent prayer on my lips. I don't want to seat beside a boring person! Or an old woman.. Or somebody smelly! Oh my God. I sat down and faced the windows.. I don't want to see the person coming next to me.. For crying out loud, I've been seating beside strangers who I don't want to all my lives..

I'm among the unlucky people on earth that don't ever get interesting seat partners. I fumed and lamented in my mind.. This is a very long journey.. I'm doomed if I seat beside someone i don't like..

It's so bad that even when I board a plane back to school, for just that short trip; a snoring old man, or a stinky person will seat next to me. Where are the sexy men?! The hot ones?! Does meeting hot strangers only happen in fiction? I wanted to meet  man that would make my hear race!

I felt the presence of someone climbing next to me and I felt despondent.. An unwanted stranger, I'm sure. I turned away from the windows and got the shock of my life.. I fell into brown, brown eyes..of one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen in my life.

I felt jealousy coil low in my gut. How can someone be so beautiful? I saw only a hint of make up on her face; infact she looked almost make up free with a rosy face and an healthy sheen to her golden skin. Her hair was wrapped in a bun and she had very prominent cheekbones. She looks like a fucking goddess.

She smiled at me with an hint of wickedness and I felt a subservient feeling wash through me. I couldn't break away from her gaze.. Her face was perfection. She scooted closer to me and stretched her hands.. "I'm bisola, what's yours?"

"Shukrah", I replied timidly.. She gushed excitedly.. "Wow.. A muslim.. Your hair is so pretty".. She ran her fingers through my hair and I felt something crawl up my spine. Make no mistake, I'm not a lesbian, but I've explored a little in my life.. I've squeezed, and even sucked by besties boobs.. But this feeling, I can't explain.

"You're so pretty! I've never seen such stunning black eyes and cherry red lips.. I'm so jealous!" She bemoaned. I fumed. Is this one alright? How can she be jealous of plain old me?

She rubbed my skin.."OMG, what cream do you use?" She seemed like a bimbo, but I could see the glint of intelligence she tried to hide beneath her exuberant attitude.
"You're so forward," I chastised her gently.. She laughed and said.." I'm sorry, I'm just so excited to seat beside someone i can relate well to..I've been praying not to get an ugly stranger.." She trailed off..

I smiled Sweetly at her and we began conversing.. I realized she's also going to the NYSC camp at Imo state.. The bus began the journey and I said a quick prayer.. Soon enough, our topic veered into boys.

Then I didn't know when I dozed off.. It was a 3 seater bus by row and I sat near the windows while bisola sat in the middle of I and a man who started sleeping even before the journey began. Our seat was a the back of the bus- the last.

Hands wandered my breasts sensually.. They weighed each breasts carefully, then proceeded to squeeze them gently.. My nipples hardened into stones and the hands flicked them.. I moaned low and I felt a hand press my lips closed and whispered in my ear.."we're in public.." I wondered dazedly when I started having public sex..

The hands wandered my body and flitted softly all over. I tried to wake up, but I was pulled backward by the insane pull of sleep.. "Wake up!" I tried to tell myself, but I couldn't.. As I almost jerked in panic, the voice whispered.. "You're safe baby.. Just follow my lead.." I felt myself drifting off again.. But 100% aware.

What's happening to me? The hands began squeezing my breasts harder and I felt myself melt.. Warmth surrounded me.. I faded in and out.. Then I realized that the hands felt much much closer.

The person has pulled aside my shirt and the hands touched my breasts.. i felt warm lips wrap around my nipples.. Then suddenly, my panties were pushed aside and something slipped between my thighs..

The fingers gently rubbed my vulva and I began to get wet.. It rubbed and rubbed until I began to hyperventilate from lust.. Why can't I stop this?! Is this a dream?! Why can't I stop it..?

With all my might, I opened my eyes and saw bisola.. She looked so hazy, her beautiful eyes sparkling with intent while she bit her lips hard in concentration.. Finger fucking the hell out of my cunt.

I wanted to ask her to stop, but I couldn't form the words.. I wandered dazedly.. I could feel and experience all she's doing, yet I'm not awake fully.. And I couldn't stop her..

My orgasm took me by surprise.. As a girl, I guess she knew all the correct buttons to press.. The bus slowed down, then stopped.. The driver announced that we had engine problems and all the passengers should alight. Bisola removed her fingers from my sopping wet fingers and licked it up. Then she carried her handbag and gently held my hands, leading me from the bus.

Our eyes connected and I looked at her pleadingly, but she just smiled. It was as if my legs were not of their own control. I followed her. We got down from the bus and she gently leaned my head against her shoulders..

I could not resist..

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