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Thursday, 11 May 2017

More (Erotic stories) part 1

My wife is everything a man wants. She is the definition of perfection, everything there is that her affiliations i.e religion, family, occupation, society, culture etc have defined that she should be is what she is.

She epitomize virtue and in her there are treasures which is evident to everyone that knows her. She understands what responsibility is, and never fails to deliver in her duties as everything that she represents.

She's a medical doctor, a sound one at that. You can call her the beautiful nerdy one, as she's popping melanin in complexion and is usually in her cute customized glasses.
Another thing you will also see with my wife is at least two books. She is a voracious reader, 5''2 in height and weighs 80 pounds, my wife is a health conscious person, she pays close attention to any and every health related matters within the family.

She is a strong pillar in the house and I do not want to picture what life will be without her. She has the answers to every of our questions and the solution to every of our problems, and she was always there despite the demanding nature of her job.

 She is that thread they say helm the cloth together, and she even forgets to take care of herself sometimes because she is engulfed with making sure we are fine, and she hardly ever falls sick.

We have two children and she's happily willing to go off a cliff for them. She told me when we met ten years ago that she will be the best thing to ever happen to me- if I can just wait for her to be a medical doctor.

I always thank God for the patience he gave me because indeed; my wife is the best thing to have ever happened to me.
It is April 1 today, the family is around to celebrate my lovely wife as it's her birthday. As I stared at her, I can see the woman she has grown into and also I see clearly what people are celebrating.

She was smiling wildly and it is palpable to see that she is overwhelmed with joy. Camera clicking, music playing, children running, elders praying, smiles everywhere, tears of joy in between; it is overwhelming and I am glad I facilitated this, it was my way of telling my wife thank you for all she has done for me and everyone around.

Some of her patients were around and the party got bigger than my preparation, my wife is forty now and still as gracious as she was at twenty, she brings that young self in her constantly, as she's always smiling.

She came to me, in the garden where I was lounging,  and without words or frills, she kissed me very passionately. The message was clear in that kiss and I needed not to ask what it was for, it has performed to heights its function.

The kiss made me drop the small bottle of beer I had in my hands and grabbed her ass, she chuckled and said "this will continue when the guest are gone." - My dick was hard but it lost its senses when she made that statement.

I watched her take her leave as she swung her booty side to side in her green flare skirt; "Stop staring at my at my ass!" she said. I grinned and fell all over in love with her again.
After the guests were gone and the party was over, my mind was stuck with that sentence of appointment my wife made in the garden. I did the cleaning very fast, sent the kids to bed and made sure all was in place.

I went straight to the bedroom with pure enthusiasm, only to find my beloved wife sleeping, I thought of waking her, especially when I saw part of her ass globe looking like a fresh luminous moon peeping from underneath her pajamas -which is a soft and cotton transparent gown but she looked to peaceful in the sleep.

I can tell that she is tired and it will be pure wickedness to wake her, she would have obliged if I try, my wife is that loyal! I sat on the small couch in the bedroom as I scrolled through my phone looking at the pictures from the birthday celebration, my wife was all smiles as usual.

I saw a renewed and more defined view her beauty and I cannot but thank God a woman of this caliber is my wife. I fell on asleep on the couch after long hours of flirting with my phone.

A kiss on my cheek woke me to come to bed, and I lay next to my beautiful wife and we cuddled for long minutes. she then rose afterward and went under the duvet in which we were covered with- my naughty dick was already at alert for whatever it is that is coming its way..

Her soft lips kissed my dick cap and it sent shiver down  my spine! My wife is a dope head giver, maybe her long study of a male's anatomy has given her an insight about how to give maximum satisfaction using the mouth.

I cannot tell but all I know is she is good at it right from time. With a lot saliva, hand rhythm and professional tongue work, my wife gave me the maximum utility from fellatio that night.

I was moaning very softly, it was like the sound of milk deprived puppy. She choked on my relatively long dick at interval, and words cannot explain how it felt!

She tapped my hands off each time I try to touch her head which is customary of her, and she sucked my balls too and this time I could not hold back, I began to call her name..."shola" I said in the most careful way there is; as i was steadily losing control.

She did a tongue roll on my dick and I held the pillow like it owed me some money. I could feel the frantic race of the cum from my balls and my palpitation increased.
She went fast on me and in an instant, I shot every spurt of cum in her mouth, while shouting like a bull. She stood to spit out the millions of semen in her mouth. After rigorous teeth brushing, she came back to bed and rested my chest. "thank you for the party yesterday," I replied with a snore, and promptly blacked out.

I woke from a fantasia sleep in the morning, my whole family as usual is set to go to where they belong to for the day. My kids were in their uniforms and my wife was smartly dressed in her corporate wear- a brown skirt, white shirt, and her hair packed to the back with a black stiletto to match.

She as always; keep everything under control. I saw her in the light of the midnight activity and all I can think of is having her give me head again in those fuck me heels. I had to discuss with my dick to be of good behavior in the presence of the kids.

I take my kids to school everyday because my work doesnt entail leaving home every morning- my job has no time line.

Media platforms say im the king of Nightlife in Abuja; because I own two powerful and standard nightclub, and in this business, I am a force to reckon with as they say.

I have been into club biz for about a decade and I know my way around almost everything in it; a magazine described me as one of the few who took the game to another level.

There is a lot of embellishment in the news as regards my nightlife business which is what publicity is all about, but personally; I do not see nightlife business as my source of livelihood, it is just the facade I built to cover the main business.

I mean the gig that got me to the top, I am an incandescent board certified gambler, the kind of background I am from have taught me to want more from life.
 I am not the type to settle for whatever comes, I am always charged somewhat with desperation which propels every of my decision and action towards success.

I come from a typical Igbo background, the famous Ekwueme family, so you do not think my earlier description of my background as description meant poor, my family as far as seven generations ago is said to be rich!

We are in the Igbo clan one of the biggest families, and I was born with diamond spoon in my mouth, I went to the best schools, I was in the University of Aberdeen in the United kingdom studying accounting before I fell in love with gambling- my first shot at gambling was in my sophomore year when I accidentally walked into the room and was mistaken for a visiting gambler.

Seated were white men with very unpredictable looks, I tried to find my way out but I was welcomed to the bandwagon when one asked me if I will like to make more money.
It was poker and all I did was just to stake and watch my partner, I started with five hundred pounds and we came out victorious- I made tons of the money I started with which was fifty percent of the money we made as partners.

I was bewildered by this experience and ever since, I got fanatically obsessed with the fast money..I grew in everything especially my ego, and in just a year, I was already one of the top big diaspora boys in the school.

I practically live in the limelight. School suffered in the long run as I dropped out to make the best out of gambling. I had my good and bad days but they all added feathers to my already big bird.

I am without a degree but I own/control what degree holders are still thriving for, I am not proud about it but I am not regretting- life is good and I love what I have done.
I owe most gratitude to gambling, it has given me the life I pictured growing up, wealth and independence!

I am an Igbo man and in time past; it has been rubbed on my face by friends and foes from my clan that I am missing out on the juice Igbo ladies offer to them- I devised a way of not letting it get to me by fucking my wife hard any day I get to hear those statements from people.

It worked potently early in the past but lately, it seemed to have lost its mojo, my folks does the talking with so much embellishment that it has aroused my sexual curiosity to know what exactly is going on.

What the big deal in fucking Igbo Cunts? I wondered. The whet for Igbo ladies has reached its apogee and it is getting out of hand!

My wife is beautiful, adventurous in bed and very enjoyable, she actually satisfies me to the core, but then, this curiosity is like a coiled beast, ready to strike.

It hurts me that I still see the need to get down with a girl from my tribe! "Is this even normal!?" I ask myself.

A trip worsened it all.

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