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Thursday, 11 May 2017

More 2

Part 2
My visit to the village during Christmas further added to my dilemma, maybe because I went solo, and I saw the beauty my friends have been trying to relay to me!
My eyes did so much job that it almost went comatose, the igbo ladies especially appeared very beautiful and had my penis act in a funny way.

All them thick juicy curviness and succulent breasts.. Straining from their wrappers. I was surrounded by pussies I just want to plunge into.

I was trying to be a Fidel to my wife, but it seems impossible, I forgot totally how I managed to avoid these temptations in the past.

I am one of the very few men who can at any level say they that they are sincere and sexually loyal to their wife, in fact I was a virgin when I married my wife, strange but true!

I struggled really hard to even concentrate on the festivity going on around me, my fantasy was very wild. I couldn't get sleep that night not until I did a hand job on myself, for the first time, thanks to pornography.

I exchanged numbers with one of the girls I saw, she was so fair in complexion that one will from afar think she is Caucasian.
This I did secretly because she was the sister of my friend Louis, the one that advises/ frustrates me the most about cheating; he wants me to get a taste of the Igbo girls but definitely not his sister.

Ironically, his sister is who I really will love to fuck. Somto is her name.. she is fleshy, with a sharp and well defined body structure, she spoke both Igbo and English fluently, her skin was very soft-the hug we had made me know that.

She has an ass slightly bigger than that of  my ass. We talked at length and her replies sounded like she was sure I was not married.

I was not willing to communicate that with her anyway, so I played along. I kept it civil because I did not want to ignite any uproar and I was not sure yet if I really want to fuck her, truthfully; the flashes of my wife kept coming to me and my conscience was got to work.

She made me promise to call her which I did but over five months now, I still haven't called- although I go on her social media platforms and she being a strong social media person; I have been to update myself.

At least she is not married yet or has anyone. It was as though I see her everyday just as I see my wife, this have caused haggle between my lust and my conscience.

My intense social media stalking on somto compelled me to message her, she didn't reply probably thinking it was one of those numerous noise makers as she calls them, I then decided to call her. We spoke at length, mostly in our language and it was fun, I cannot even deny that.

She expressed her disappointment of breaking my promise, I apologized, and we moved on to other talks and communicated properly.
The thirty minutes conversation got to a labyrinth when she asked when I will like to see her so we can spend time together, I was silent for an annoying period and she asked again- "I will let you know," I said in Igbo language.

She chuckled and declared she is looking forward to us seeing, and my dick leaped a little, she bid goodbye afterward.

I had sex with my wife at dusk and it felt so wrong as I had in my fantasy; the picture of Somto and in my thoughts; it was still her!

I felt guilty as I thrust deep into my wife, from the first to the last stroke, it was all wrong! I wished to be balls deep inside somto. I wished it was her wet heat surrounding me.
My wife was in too much ecstasy to even notice, I could hear her fading moans amid my very notorious mind trouble..

The more I was in touch with Somto, the more pointless lovemaking to my wife became, it began to look like a job! I do not even look forward to it, she does not deserve this but I cannot help myself.

The only time I want to fuck my wife is when I am horny on the thoughts of Somto, I intensify sex with her in measure of the lust I am having for Somto, my wife at this junction is basically an object, I fuck her with the thoughts of another woman in my head.

She is sensing it bit by bit as I kiss less and I'm reluctant to foreplay, I just go straight to the point which was unusual! I was already distant mentally. I just needed her cunt to satisfy myself.

My wife is not the confrontational type and I have not since the inception of our marriage given her the cause to question or doubt my loyalty; I guess I am a benefactor of my past goodwill.

I still agree though that I have issues; Somto on the other hand is not helping matters, her pictures she privately send to me are sultry and it depicts nothing but sweat butt naked sex!
She talks extremely sexual with me- dirty nasty sexually charged words which gives me instant boners.

She is the contact I chat with the most lately, and I barely even call my wife- only to grunt some orders into the phone. I practically live in the sultry limelight provided by Somto.
She wakes me up with the most controversial pictures there is, religiously; I will wake every morning to view the pictures right beside my wife!

Somto is killing me and I do not blame her, she thinks as I posed that she is talking to a single guy, and the attention she gets from me will further justify her belief.
I am in a mess, the type that I do not want to get out from, the mess which i loved and wish to sink further into!.

Event fell in my favor when my wife travelled to South Africa for a medical related convention, she is away for two weeks and the only delay is the monthly cycle Somto is having.

I cannot wait to get right between the legs of Somto, I do not know what to expect, whether or not it will be better than that of my wife's but my optimism is lofty, we fixed a date- the day before valentine.

I am in a real battle with my conscience not to read meaning to that, I simply want to regard it as coincidence!

Somto is on a daily basis keeping my appetite whet, the torrents of pictures I get daily is damping my archive and not even the eyes of my shadow must see them.
I am done for and I know, I have about three hundred pictures of Somto on my phone which is the reason for the new password development.

My wife observed it but simply overlooked. It is safe for all of us that no one see those picture I figured; it is damn too implicating.

The d-day finally came, I shaved up every odd hair growing parts, I stayed off sugar to give the best first and probably last impression, we decided to meet in a very private guesthouse in Kaduna as my elite life threatens our activity.

The guesthouse does not even have its name anywhere on  the Internet or any signpost, it was totally discreet. I was given a contact by one of my gambling colleague, and I booked an executive room with the best package.

It cost me about 200k almost twice the treat my wife will allow me give her- bad indulgence they say is expensive.

I was thinking, breathing, reveling in the thoughts of somto, my dick buried in her is all I am thinking of! It is crazy; I know but cannot stop it.

I got to the guesthouse three hours earlier than Somto, I planned it that way to reduce the chances of getting caught.

I organized a cab for her and arranged the logistics that will guarantee her comfort, I do not want her tired on arrival because I cannot tell for sure how soon I will pounce on her.
She got to me at about 7pm in the night, on seeing her; my wife's call on skype came in on my phone, I ignored and immediately switched my fuvking phone off! What the bloody fuck is she calling me for?! Tonight is for somto alone!

I do not want any advocacy from my conscience at all! I heard the car honk; on getting to the balcony, I saw Somto come down from it in a short lace flare gown.
I stared hard from the house's balcony where I was, all I see is the sultry in those pictures, with my eyes; I have stripped her off all she is wearing.

I know how exactly she looks butt ass naked. I've got her curves memorised in my memories like a loop playing on replay.

The position I was in gave me a birds-eye view of her breast. I could see deep into her cleavage, her breasts hung ripe and overfull; ready to be plucked like a fruit.

My penis was all smiling in my drawers, and I stroked it twice to get it in order; "Somtochukwu" I called in a very arousing way; she looked up and smiled warmly.

With a perfect gait, she made her way into the building, I waited at the elevator doors to receive her. On opening, I got a bit shy, expecting that she will be, but she beat my imagination as she ran into my arms and gave me the kiss of my life!

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