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Monday, 15 May 2017

The Supermodel (Sex)


Unlike the way we models are usually perceived by others; as slim, bubble headed bimbo's, I'm not cut that way. I studied Medicine at the Glasgow University, United Kingdom.. And aced it, so I'm a medical Doctor.

In as much as I love Medicine and I'm a damn good doctor- trust me, I found my true calling in modelling. It was very hard balancing shoots with my education, but it was well worth it. I built my résumé and modelled for the top companies in UK until I came back to Nigeria.

In my final year at medical college, I had a shoot that would make or break my modelling career. A guy I'd been dating then- Alonso (a Hispanic model) introduced me to a top Man in the business and I was given an exclusive slot.

That year was stressful for me.. I had to study for my finals and get ready for a shoot taking place at Germany. It was awful but I managed to pull through- luckily for me, the exams were not very close to the shoot.

I travelled to Germany and I modelled for an erotic type Magazine. That was it! I got my big break at the age of 20.. My face was plastered on a very popular in-vogue magazine. I've got a svelte curvy body and My deep brown flawless skin called to every male eyes to the magazine.

I posed in several semi-erotic poses set in different parts of a house. It was glorious! My niche was carved and the calls began rushing in immediately. I had to employ a top-notch manager because I couldn't keep up with it all. After I got medically licensed, I went fully into modelling.

From lingerie, to luxury resorts.. I modelled every one, enjoyed doing my passion and got paid a seven figure salary. That was when my problems began. I tried my best to keep away from the wrong crowd but I couldn't help it. The lure was too much.

Before I hit it big, whenever I heard a news about any celebrity crashing, I usually scoffed. I always belittled them and I believed their glory got into their heads. I never understood the pressure they undergo as human beings..

From endless parties to drugs to alcohol, I did it all.. It was high and I felt on top of the world. I relocated my family to the UK, although my dad stayed behind in Nigeria. He's an Oil expatriate and he refused to leave his work.. And I quote him.."Ella may be richer than Croesus, but I was rich before her. This money helped raised her.." My mom and I rolled our eyes.

I began to fade away slowly. My mom noticed the endless parade of white guys, girls and parties that surrounded me. She was my salvation who pulled me out of the awful web I'd tangled around myself.

It got so bad that I became and alcoholic and almost had liver cirrhosis.. My mom rehabilitated me and she became my rock. The career life of a supermodel end's early.. At 25, the calls started reducing and I knew the end of my career was coming.

My mom rounded up my finances and I was shocked at the amount of money I still had, even with the expensive and flashy life I led.. The sex, the booze, the drugs, luxury apartments and the general life.

I thought hard about my life and decided to grow up.. I was very grateful to my mom from pulling me out of the funk that too much money at a very young age causes. I got my affairs in order and I decided to change locations.. Nigeria is just the best place for me..

My father sounded extremely smug when I called to inform him about my decision. He blasted my mom and I on loudspeaker.. Screaming about how we were feeling better than him and on top of the world.. "You're finally coming back to your humble roots!" He screamed..

My mom and I were just laughing.. He cut the call and then called back to inform me that, i should not dream of living on my own. As an unmarried woman, I'm going to stay with him.."forget about the nonsense freedom you got in the UK, here we go with the customs and norms.. Even with your money, you're staying with me, U hear?!" I replied a yes and he cut he call.

If I thought my life was a drama in the UK. It's nothing compared to when I touched down at Nigeria..

Then I met Olufemi Babalola..

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