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Friday, 12 May 2017

The hottest thief 3


I went to sleep frustrated. His body was so heavy, I couldn't even move it. Then I felt a hand rove my body, and I felt happiness fill me. His hands held my face as he began to kiss me, first just a few brushes of lips, with the flavor of Mint masking his own taste.

Then he deepened the kiss and groaned, and I felt my nipples harden to the point of painfulness, and my lower body thrum with need.  In just a few moments, his hands slid down to my hips and then gently slipped up to cup my breasts. His fingers gently pulled off my nightie.

He bent his head and gently captured my nipples..He sighed. “So beautiful. So perfect.” He leaned down and tasted one nipple, and I felt it as my clit swelled. With the tip of his tongue, he teased and savored me and I clutched his head hard like a fucking lifeline.. Oh my, this is exactly what I've been expecting..

With his other hand, he skimmed my thighs softly and cupped my ass, pulling me closer.  I groaned in distress; I need him to make it hard.. Why his he taking so much time. I leaned my head back giving him more access to my breasts and he nuzzled between them.

His hard penis ground against me and slipped between my ass cheeks.. I flicked my hands down and grabbed it. He groaned and I rubbed the tip till a bead of precum wet my fingers..

Wetness flooded my thighs, and he sighed as he reached down and cupped my mound. I am so wet. He pulled a couple of pillows over and turned my face down, my hips high over the pillows. He rose up on his knees and pulled me back, and with his large fingers, he thrust into my vagina and fingered me hard.

I thrashed like a fish caught on a hook and he slipped his dick into me. Wait, it felt so thin and inconsequential. I groaned in frustration! Why?! My eyes suddenly opened and I realised I was dreaming.. 2 fingers were buried in my pussy! 2 thin fingers!

I hissed in anger and pushed the duvet off me. What a dream! That was supposed to be my wedding fuck! I looked at his side of his bed and it was empty.. Then the aroma of freshly ground coffee hit me and my mouth watered. He entered the room with a tray balanced on his hands and he gently placed it on the bedside table.

"Baby, breakfast in bed!" he said excitedly.. I looked at him. Is this one mad? Why is he acting like we fucked? And he wasn't helping matters at all. He wore a low slung pyjamas that showed off his hot body. What a waste! I thought.

I'm too proud to say anything. I wondered what kind of man doesn't pounce on his newly wedded wife. I shook my head in disdain while trying to eat up. At least, he's romantic. If he doesn't say anything about it, I'm not saying anything either. I won't die, at least I've lived without cock all my life. I want to see where this nonsense will end.


I gave her all the attention in the world and we went on a shopping spree. I bought her diamonds, jewelries and dresses befitting her status but she jut glanced at everything indifferently. I knew at some point, I have to fuck her; but I'm not relishing the Idea.

How long till she snaps? She's not saying anything and infact makes no moves to touch me, but I see how agitated she is. My mind raced a million mile per minute, I need to gather my fledgling courage and sleep with her.

I can't hide behind the veil of "engagement" anymore.. She's my wife now, and I have to do something about it. Our honeymoon is coming to an end already. Everyone back in Nigeria would have expected me to pump her womb full of Cum and infact, she should have conceived by now!

I worried hard. What if we get back and she begins to tell people that I didn't touch her? Then the whole marriage fiasco was a waste! Lekan, do something!


Aside the No-Sex; which is extremely frustrating.. He's the perfect husband.. He's romantic and showers me with all the attention in the world. He showers me with the most expensive things of everything! It was then I understood that money is not happiness.

Infact, I'd entertained the thought of sneaking out and getting a guy to fuck me, but I then, we're always together. We explored the whole of spain together.. From the ruins to waterfalls to museums to huge and tears inducing cathedrals.. It was simply amazing.

And the men? I couldn't help but notice them.. They're extremely tanned with rakish smiles. I see the glances I get, but Lekan is always with me, so they keep off. I'm sooo angry! I wondered if he's impotent? But still I didn't find it in me to confront him.

We gisted, and did everything like nothing was missing. Then, when I thought nothing else could hurt me more than my husband not fucking me, I find out he's been cheating on me. The day before we travel back to Nigeria, his phone pinged that morning and I glanced at it out of curiosity.

He left it on the centre table while cooking lunch; I swear, if he could fuck me half as much as he could cook, I'd be the happiest woman on earth. I tried the password with my name and it unlocked. I felt joy fill me at that.

The joy quickly faded when I opened the message. My heart shattered into pieces. "I miss you, my baby.. I wish we were here together.. I've prepared our own honeymoon for you here. As soon as you get back, let's go off for a week and fuck like rabbits. I hope you didn't give my cock to her?"

I quickly scrolled through the messages from earlier and realised he's been dating her since! Even during our engagement. So, when he was pretending all gentlemanly and busy keeping me for marriage, the bastard was feeding another woman that glorious cock?!

I've been reduced to spying on him when he showers! His cock is thick and extremely long. I get shivers while staring at that monstrosity that's supposed to be mine legally! But no, some stanky ho somewhere is having all that?! Fuck it, I've been so stupid.

I've been playing gentle wife while my husband is making plans to fuck the life out of another woman.. I felt tears rush to my eyes. All that cock. All that dick. I wiped my eyes in anger. At least, I've realised he's not impotent! He's not just fucking me.

I felt anger fill me. Oh no, he doesn't! I realised how stupid not confronting him was! He's going to fuck me tonight and fill me with cum; the bastard!

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