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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Straffing in the COLD 3


My back hit the wall and there was nothing I could do. He advanced on me like a tiger. Stealthily, he approached and vibrations jerked my body and I felt a viable mixture of Lust and fear overtake me. He looked like a confirmed predator.

He suavely pulled off his trouser and I could see the outline of a huge thick cock. Fear swamped me at the expression on his face. He looked not of this earth and very very fierce. His chest imperceptibly touched mine and I moaned at the contact.

Something almost tender filled his expression at that sound and his face softened a bit. He suddenly struck like a cobra and I whimpered. Instead of the pain I should have felt, warm tender hands gripped my neck and squeezed until I whizzed.

"You look so perfect, pet. Why? Why did you do this?" he said, almost absentminded. It was my wheezing and gasping for air that brought him back. His eyes gained clarity and he slowly lessened his grip on my neck.

I took in deep gulps of air. All my attention was focused on him. I instantly
 saw, or felt any other thing else. His hands trailed down my neck and slowly pulled off my shirt. I did nothing to protest. I was too scared; he could kill me in a jiffy, I thought. I'm not Willing to do anything to spook him.

My chest was bared to the cold air and shivers filled me. My nipples became extremely hard as a rock. They pebbled and his eyes filled with appreciation. His fingers stroked my right breasts so softly and a moan was trapped in my throat. What a slut i am.

He picked up his dagger and I felt fear fill me once again. He slowly brought the knife close to my throat and then trailed the very tip of it from my neck down down down, between my breasts. I felt a stinging pain and I looked down.

Blood welled on the path the dagger took. Red, shiny crescent shaped blood oozed from it. He suddenly twisted his hand and I closed my eyes and gasped. The end has come, I thought. I felt cold wash my thighs and I opened my eyes in a flip. My skirt laid in tatters on the floor.

He gently bent towards me and trailed his tongue down the red path his dagger took. Insane lust filled me as his warm mouth licked up my blood. He licked down to my navel and knelt. He gently raised my left leg and placed it over his shoulder. Then he began licking me up.

I screamed at the feeling and it rang all around us. Something unfamiliar gripped me and It was like I was filled with an expanding balloon that's ready to burst. He continued his assault and I gripped his neck hard; while my screaming continued.

Something broke apart in me when he gently bit my thighs and I gave the loudest scream of all. I didn't know what happened. The intense feeling showered in me and It wa like I'm totally torn apart and flying..

He stood up and smiled.."That's the pleasure. Are you ready for the pain?" I fell from my intense high that very moment at the ominous sound of pain. Gentle throbbing beat a sticky tattoo between my legs and I felt like we are not finished yet.

"You are a virgin" It was a statement. A nodded my head in affirmation. I imagined he was happy with that. Oh, how wrong I was.

His face showed the slightest glimpse of displeasure.."I hate virgins. My cock is not going to fuck you." My face fell. Then he pulled off his shorts and I could see his cock in it's full full glory. I want that filling me up, but I'm not ready to argue with him.

He picked up his dagger again and I almost fainted.."Lie down flat." I scurried to obey without question. He knelt between my legs and pulled my thighs apart. My pussy was bared to his full view and I felt uncharacteristic shame fill me.

He met my eyes and asked speculatively.."Should I cut your hymen with this dagger? Do you think you'd bleed too much?" I closed my legs in shock and all my initial fear tripled. What a fool I am to have relaxed. As i tried to escape, his words stopped me in my tracks.

"There's no way out of here. You make me chase you, I catch you and kill you on the spot." I gently laid down back like a good girl. I looked into his eyes and he inclined a brow up, I gently opened up my thighs back. He smiled.

The sensation of being caught between his hard gaze and the cold hard floor filled me. I repressed a shiver. He gently brought the sharp silver glinting knife near my pussy and I felt sick to my stomach. He then burst into laughter and I met his eyes in shock.

"What sort of sicko do you think I am?" He chuckled. I felt relief fill me.. He bent his head and started devouring me up and I got wet back instantly. He then gently said.."I still don't like virgins, but my dagger does.

Before I could assimilate what he meant, he plunged the handle of the dagger through me and I felt intense pressure and slight pain.. I screamed and he laughed.. He bet down between my legs and licked up the blood that seeped out with my juices.. While thrust the dagger into me. Slowly, it became less painful to no pain at all and soon, the dagger was plunging into me like a cock.

He pulled it out with a pop and then fed his dick into my hole. He's much more thicker and longer than the dagger and he filled me up completely. I moaned out in complete abandon. He waved the dagger in my face and I could see the sticky mess of blood and juice on it.

I began to wiggle. I want him to thrust.."You need me to fuck you right?" I groaned in reply and he smiled wickedly.. Then he pulled his dick out slowly and rubbed it over and over on my pussy.. I wanted to go mad with desire.."lick up the dagger. If not, I won't fuck you.."

I felt sick to my stomach and he thrust up into me a tinny-tiny bit and I screamed.. He brought the handle near my mouth and I had no choice but to open up.. I licked it up and he plunged into my deepest depths.. The insane mix of tangy cunt juice and Iron-ic taste of blood assailed my taste buds.

...I think I'm not going to kill you.."he said on a groan..

That's a relief, I thought!

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