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Friday, 26 May 2017

My Good Friend

Part 2

We met again after an Anatomy class, I had given up on ever talking to her, I was peeved at her attitude the first time we met.

With pure resentment; I stared at her, only for Desmond to again introduce her to me. after few minutes of feigned gesture, I expressed my discomfort about her attitude, she apologized in the most true way and we squashed the beef.

It in fact gave us more reason to relate, we had lunch a gesture from her to cement her sincere apology. Things like that do not even happen in my dreams, so I was happy beyond bounds.

We talked deeper over lunch, and she explained her ordeal to me, how her family wants her to marry one of the very rich northern moguls, her career in modeling, reason for studying medicine and of course why she disgraced my effort the other night.

I admired her innate capacity to maintain a descent conversation, and she even paid for the meal, I summoned nerves to declare I will like to see her again and more often.
Seeing her in the light of day made my head tilt to the seas, she was just jaw-dropping, like other guys around was practically drooling.

She gave me her number and made it known I could see her whenever I wish to if it does not mess with her schedule.

I felt very guilty that I construed Mariam to be a bad person, she was soft but it is not a part of her everyone must see else she will be taken for granted.
Weshelked thence very extensively, I doted on her like she was my girlfriend - so much that there was a rumor that I had shagged her.

I did not deny the rumor neither did I address it, I simply reveled in the fame that came with it. I went and did a lot with her, I almost forgot Desmond as a matter of fact!

I became in the eyes of people her toyboy but in reality; we were close, I usually helped her out with studies and it augur after some few months that she invited me to her room for study on Anatomy which she have declared is her nightmare in medicine. It was going to be my first time and I got pretty nervous.

I reached her room in one of those executive hostels, it was impressive in its austere simplicity, it depicted  the personality of Mariam and it featured some northern vibe in it.
She had a hand knitted mat laid on the tiled floor with a huge pillow well placed on it, I could discern it was where the reading was going to take place.

She got me an energy drink as a teaser for the Hausa Tuwo shinkafa that she cooked afterward, I was getting the thrills and it was well packaged, adrenaline ran me through and something convinced me something other than reading was going to happen.

The delicacy was top notch, I was swept off my feet, it is just sugar in ice cream to know she could cook, I began to even picture marriage with her.

After her routine, she had her bath and came to me in pajamas, my eyes automatically went to the door locks to confirm if they were locked, she had a very lovely night cologne on and had her glasses on; I saw it for the first time though she mentioned it sometime, she looked beautiful in them.

I was able to see to a reasonable extent her bouncy breast and often glimpsed at her nipple, her glasses was the only thing proving to me that she actually was all about reading.
Her other body parts were turning the flags upside down and I was struggling hard to concentrate. She caught me peeking occasionally but for reasons I don't know, she didn't complain.  

We had five hours of anatomy reading, we played too and  had fun together, she cracked jokes about my freshman year also. It was 1am in the morning and she declared she was bored, she proposed we play some cards, it was curative enough for the boredom.

I suggested we  bet over each game won, and she agreed. the wager was that the looser will act according to the wish of the winner.
Anf that was  the platform the devil gave us to have our clothes pulled off. She won the first round and requested I pull my top, it was hot anyway, so I pulled it off.

In a matter of minutes; we were to some extent unclad, she had just pants on and I had just boxers too, it was as though there was a festivity happening down in my drawers as my palpitation went several decibels and could heard miles away by noisy crowd.

I felt hot blood running frantically towards my dick, our breathing lost its pace, it is not defined but I couldn't care less, I enjoyed every pleasure in the stare of her handful and juicy breasts as they stared straight at me, fresh, topped with hard nipples.

I moved closer to her, "what are you doing?" she asked very vulnerably, she had lust written all over her as she saw my penis campaigning for the imminent event.
I was scared but I was sure I won't discontinue the quest; I was too willful to back out, I was on my knees with her back crushed against the pillow.

I leaned in to kiss her, and she weakly fought to resist but her tantrum was impotent; her wet and very soft response was a proof, damn she was soft!

I cupped her bulbs and the most concerto moan followed, the only orientation I had that propelled me through the whole process was the media, I was a virgin but could not tell!
I did as I saw movies and it was helpful, it made me appear l like I was in charge.

 I sucked on her breast and she couldn't get enough, she reached for her remote and switched on her sound system, she gave it a volume that was too loud for midnight.

I understood why when she began to moan, it was like a music audition. I did some amateur fingering on the pussy, she got bored and politely requested I fuck her, she was outrageously wet, it was like she had a tap down there.

IItefuted and made moves to give her a blow job as I see in the pornographic movies. My lips hit her clitoris and her moan was almost as loud as the music, the juice gushed out like they were released from jail.

I stuck to the basics and simply rolled my tongue around her clitoris as I know how, she was choking on ecstasy and loudly pleaded for me to fuck her.

I drew out my already hungry dick and searched for her hole. After a while of awkward wandering, she fixed me in and I began to jog all over her, she calmed me down and made me understand only the waist does the dancing..

I thrust into her with my relatively big penis and she made sounds almost like crying.. I stroked into her seven times and spilled sperm all over her. I couldn't help it!
It felt so good that I also made a very loud noise, the frown on Mariam's face spook me to terror, there was silence from both from us and the sound system because power was interrupted.

"stand up please" she said. I do not know what was wrong but I was sure nothing was right. There was a very awkward silence after she washed up, we neither talked, touched nor studied, she had a very frank look on her face as she flicked through her phone, I was in the most awkward position there is.

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