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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Action in the BUS 2

Part 2

"My sister is not feeling too well," I heard her say to some passengers who enquired.. I wanted to scream "No!" but, I couldn't say anything. I went in and off and lost sense of reality..

The next thing I knew, I came to and was Lying down on my back, the hard floor beneath me. I opened my eyes and saw bisola framed by some bushes.. How did we get here? I wondered.. I tried to ask, but my tongue was heavy.

She slowly stripped off her clothes and I could see her breasts.. Round, and succulent looking.. When she was fully naked, she rummaged in her bag and brought out a huge dildo. I felt fear fill me and I tried to scream.. "Don't bother dear, nobody will hear you.. I just want us to have the maddest sex of our lives.. And surrounded by nature is the best way, Isn't it?" She blew me a kiss..

It looked down and realized I was naked.. The cold air rushed through my pussy and I clenched it in fear.. And part arousal.. I felt my cunt squeeze at the knowledge of the incredible orgasm i had on the bus.

She knelt in front of me and the setting sun made her look like a goddess. And I'm sure i look like an offering to the gods, spread out wide as I am.

She licked from my toes, instep and round my ankles.. Jeez.. I couldn't define the feeling that poured through me at that. Then she licked up, up, up, until she got to my knees..
I quivered in severe lust.. She's playing me like a guitar and there's nothing I could do but to receive her ministrations.. She bit my inner thighs and I gasped.. Then she fanned my pussy with her warm breath,, If i could talk, I'd have screamed.. "Fuck me now!"

She buried her head and went on to chew me out. She then sucked. I mean suck! It was like her life depended on my cunt juices. She wrung out 3 orgasms from my weak body.
I gasped like a fish and tried to catch my breath, but I couldn't..

Suddenly, I felt my pussy stretching to accommodate the girth of a huge rubber dick. She crooned low to me while I kept on moaning....
That was just what I was doing. I closed my cunt muscles around that part of the cock that was in me and I squeezed them around it just as hard as she could. That made more of my sex juices flow.    

She plunged more inches into my willing pussy and I began to feel incredibly full. Crammed full of cock. She pushed it in to the hilt and i felt it pushing against my womb. It was maddening.

She didn't pull it out like I needed and I ground my hips; I want her to fuck me with it! Instead, she began biting my flesh closed around the cock where my pussy juice was flowing out. She licked every up! What a nasty bitch I thought.. I moaned for her to pull it out and fuck me!

She pulled it out and began to grind in and out, a slap slap sound filled the air. I met her thrust for thrust and I was getting dizzy, but I couldn't stop! I exploded into a million pieces and I think I blacked out for a moment..

She pulled me up and dressed and dressed up for me... Then we trudged back to the bus and sat beside each other. Memories flashed.. The drink we bought.. She must have put something in it while i wasn't looking..

She kept on giving me secretive little smiles and I could feel my ability to talk slowly come back to me.. The first thing I said..

"You drugged me.." She shrugged and said.."You loved it" I couldn't deny that fact. Deep down, I knew what my revenge was going to be. She's going to regret ever raping me. Because that was what she did. It was never consensual.

The end.

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