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Monday, 1 May 2017

The Sugar Daddy 2


I stood in front of my hostel, feeling a tendril of guilt curl up in me. What am I doing? Agreeing to meet a man that could be as old as my dad? Although his voice didn't sound old, i know it's not a judge of physical appearance. I'd agreed to meet him inside the school compound for my own safety.

My phone rang and i picked it up.."I'm driving down in a white Porsche Cayenne.." Just how rich is this man?! A Porsche?!
My heart beat faster.. I saw a white car in a distance.. I hastily walked in that direction.. I didn't bother to wear make up or lend better clothes. It's better for him to get turned off by me.. And tell me to leave him alone. Then maybe my brain will set back to normal

The car parked in front of me.. The driver's door opened and I stood, frozen in shock. He looked to be 30 and very, very, handsome. I couldn't believe my eyes and i was tongue tied for a second. This must be the wrong car! His next words snapped me out of it.."Hello ada.. How're you?" "I'm" I stammered in reply..

I was so not expecting this. I should have worn better clothes! And make up too! I should have lent! He smiled graciously at me and gestured to the car. I shook my head in declination and I sat on the side walk. He joined me.. His Cologne permeated my senses and I gazed at him like a fool.

"Well, well.. I'd cut straight to he chase.. I need a mistress. So to speak.. I'd clear up your financial needs and you'd take up my sexual needs.. Are you up for that?" I nodded in agreement and didn't say anything.. How does one react in situations like this anyway?

We chatted some more and I got to know quite a bit about him.. We were beginning to get quite a few stares and I mumbled to him that I'm uncomfortable.. He smiled sweetly at me and told me to enter the car.. I did this time and he drove us out of the school to a restaurant.. He didn't seem to mind my dressing and enquired if I'm much more comfortable..

"As i was saying, you don't get to have any other lovers except from me.." At this point, I cut in.. "What about you?" The thought of any other woman having him was already prickling my heart.. "No worries about that ada. On your profile, you said you're 23 years.. Is that true?" I nodded.. Then we made plans to visit a doctor for tests and to place me on birth control.. Everything was happening so fast!

"If you don't mind, why are you doing this?" He asked me.. I told him all about my poverty and he sympathised with me. I told him that I'm only going to agree to everything if I introduce him to my friends as my boyfriend.. He laughed and agreed.. But then, he had a warning.. "I have never fallen in love, and I will never fall in love.. Don't fall in love with me. The moment I suspect you do, I'm cutting off this contract.. I don't want you up in my space. I want us to lead our individual lives.. You get it?"

I felt sad.. But I agreed.. Falling for him is a total wrong call..

We were certified clean by the doctor and that's how our affair began.. Sweet sweet ada.. She's just as innocent as her looks; I was angry she didn't tell me she was a virgin.. I'd plowed into her pussy like a mad man when incredible tightness gripped me like a fist. I came on the spot..

Then I thrust my still hard dick into her and proceeded to make love to her.. That's how we started..

He paid me money to clear all my debts and I had triple the amount left as savings.... He gave me his card to go shop for clothes and we agreed that living outside the campus is better, so he rented an apartment for me..

My friends kept ranting about how lucky I was and all that but they don't know how saddened I am.. They think we're dating.. I can't even go to his place except I'm invited.. He doesn't ever discuss anything personal with me and he's never cuddled me after sex.. I never even stay after sex,,

I began to yearn for more.. Today, he invited me over as usual; and I vowed to make the sex rough and do something different..

Sex is just sex for him with no feelings attached and no matter how hard he kissed me.. I'm just his mistress, nothing more..

I got to his place and it was like a monster possessed him..he jumped on top of me now and he pawed and squeezed my breasts very hard.. He tore of my shirt and I could feel him sucking hard on one of my boobs..

I have big tits, but he had a big mouth, and he seemed to get almost my whole tit in his mouth. My nipples were getting rigid and I could feel him pressing his groin hard into mine.. I began to rotate my hips under his in a circular motion.. Basically dry humping him..

All his weight pressing down into me and I loved it! I could feel him pushing my black skirt and panties off me. Tentatively, I moved my hands down the back of his pant trousers and under his boxers. I began rubbing his ass, squeezing the glutes..

I felt his ass spasm and then I was rimming his asshole with my finger! He stopped fingering me for a moment in absolute shock. I didn't stop.. I was getting my finger right inside his asshole. He made to jerk off me and I squeezed his ass harder... "Relax.. " I moaned into his ear.. That really turned him on, and that was when I began to work my fingers in and out of his asshole just as fast as I could... I felt his hard cock dig deep into my sides and his fingers plunged in and out of my pussy faster..

I could feel him lifting his ass into the air so i could get my finger in deeper... He grunted in pleasure...

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