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Tuesday, 9 May 2017



I tried fitting the dress over my hips and trust me, It was a tight fit.."Ola! This dress is not for me!" I whined. It barely passed over my curves! This is too tiny! "Wear it oo.. And be fast, let me make up for you! You're getting late already.." I looked at her and she waved a make up brush threateningly against my face.
I groaned in discomfort and hussled to the chair; chair of torture I called it. On this chair, I've been fussed on and garroted to places I'm not interested in going. I hissed in my mind.. But saying no to Ola is the equivalent of an Apocalypse. I'd still say yes, but with a lot of pain.

She started fussing over my face and I let my mind wander.. I met Ola at the University, when things were rosy and life was innocent.. Now, she's a cross between a run's girl and a kept woman. Bold, brash and beautiful; she epitomises sex. She oozes sex appeal in droves and I'm fully content on her getting all the attention whenever we're out together.

She's got this doe eyes that trap men good and well before they know anything is going on. She's tried her best to lure me into the life of rest, money and parties; but I resisted fully. Now, I don't know what this is!

"As I was saying dear, I don't want to lose this man. A lot of girls are going to surround him tonight, you must baby sit him well for me! Ooooh! I wish my sister hadn't called me.." She lamented. Apparently, I'm going over to a party to "babysit" her extremely rich boyfriend and keep him away from other women.

"Who thinks like this Ola?! How will I keep other women away from your man? How am I supposed to help?! What the fuck" I shouted. She pulled my hair tight and blood rushed to my scalp.."Ouch!" "Serves you well for shouting at me.."she cackled.."Fuck! You're such a bitch!" I groaned.. "You know it!" She laughed.

"Soooo, make sure you don't let nasty bitches near my man? You got it?" I nodded and her hold on my hair softened considerably. I wondered in my mind how she thinks that I'd be a suitable shot to keep her man. Her man. If she's so confident he's hers', then why does she need him to be protected?

I didn't say anything though. After all her fussing, she left the front of the huge mirror and I gasped at my image. This is the best one yet. Is this me? I looked at her face and she grinned back to back. I looked.. different.. Yet me. She didn't use much make up; she just emphasized my big eyes and soft lips. I look so beautiful. 

"To be honest, I expected you to make me up like a slut.."I said.. She laughed and said.."slut? No, you may steal him away with your looks.." I frowned at her insinuations and replied.."You practically forced me to attend this party. I never asked for it.." She patted my shoulders and said.." I trust you baby.." With a smile.

"You know I'm taken already Ola. I'm doing this as a favour to you." She burst into laughter. "Taken indeed. By a guy who refused to come down to lagos and give you the nice fucking you deserve.." "I wish I didn't tell you everything! You're such a meanie" I said, hurt.."Get over it babe! I told you.. I'll introduce you to men ready to make all your fucking wish come true.."

I steered the conversation away from my fiance..If not for the countless favours i owe her, I'd never be doing this. She might be a bitch; but she's the most Caring and selfless person for me. I love her to bits. I stood up and groaned.."This dress though.. Can't I get something more covered? Like not too cleavage baring?"

"You look fantastic my love. This is just perfect." I groaned again.. This dress made me look so slutty. It's a perfect foil for my face though. I ran my hands over it and sighed. I have no choice but to wear it. I moved to the door.."wait, ..." I turned to her.."Do you think you're taking that can you call a car to that kind of party?" She threw a bunch of keys and I caught it mid-air.."Keys to the convertible baby! Have some fun. Unwind that your big ass and look after my baby for me" She blew me an air kiss and I waved a bye.

I got to the address in no time and I entered the party. I didn't know how, but Ola had told me that I wouldn't be turned away when I get there.. Wow.. The glitz. The party is hosted at a very big hotel. Beautiful lights, everything dazzling. I ignored everything and turned around, searching for Ola's baby.

He found me first and waved me over; I walked to his seat and saw him surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women who eyed me maliciously when I came nearer and sat. Whatever, I thought. This is so not my scene. I greeted him and he replied jovially; even introduced me to some of the men sitting beside him. I noticed that he didn't say I'm his girlfriend's friend. Infact, he didn't ask of Ola.

I shook my head. This man doesn't need a baby sitter. He's living life well on his own. I got bored quickly and murmured an excuse. Drinks have been served, but I make it a point not to take drinks at random parties like this. I keep a bottle of water in my clutch.

I'd sighted a buffet table filled with delicacies though, and I made a beeline for it. I picked some glazed donuts and ate them up- they're my weakness. A dollop of chocolate dripped on my gown and I went to the rest room to clean up. I entered and heard the unmistakable sound of people fucking.

The slapping sounds and moans seeping out made me clench my thighs hard. What I wouldn't give to be that woman right now. Dan, my fiance; kept on posting me.. He refused to come home because of work and I can't afford to travel to meet him. He didn't send me the transport fare and therefore I've been in a rut.

I wish somebody will just whisk me away and give me some hard candy. I stood inside, unwilling to move. At least, If no one wants to fuck me; I won't miss an opportunity to listen to people fuck.

I began playing crazy images in my head. The last time I fucked. How hard Dan pounded me and the crazy way I came all over the bed. I began to get wet. But I refuse to masturbate. I'm keeping this pussy for Dan. I picked up my phone and dialled his number, but it was unreachable.

I rushed out of the restroom and into the party. The atmosphere had gotten nasty. The light's are dimmed, most people are half naked. I could see Shadows twining in the corners.. I stood like a lost soul..People fucking.. Twisting bodies. I blinked. Have I gotten to the wrong room?

A arm grabbed me from behind and pulled me into an alcove. I tried to scream, but I was shut up.

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