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Friday, 19 May 2017

The Supermodel 4


We got to the reception and I was momentarily blinded by the beauty. I felt so happy and tears streamed down my face. Femi kissed the tears off and he wrapped his arms around me. Countless people came to wish us well and it was a beautiful affair.

A large number of guests had been invited to the reception, but at least, twice that amount had shown up. People milled inside the hall and out to an enormous white tent, which was webbed with millions of tiny white gossamer lights and blanketed with white and pink Magnolia's.

The party is a bomb! I danced and grooved to a lot of music and I danced like my life out! We danced and danced and I had the fun of my life. I kept on throwing back flute after flute of champagne, dancing with family and friends and having a good time.

TV personalities and News casters dotted the hall to report on this high society wedding reception..Waiters served biting-cold vodka cocktail, and ladled chocolate onto tiny butter cream cakes and doughnuts.

The hot buffet tables featured different Local dishes ranging from Egusi soup with ponmo and smoked fish swimming in them, chafing dishes filled with slices of beef, grilled beef- Suya, Steaming jollof Rice, and at least 20 other entrees.

I began to feel tired and dizzy.. I lumbered my way into a seat and crashed on it.. Whoa, I think I'm Semi-tipsy. Everything seemed to sway and I saw stuffs in a haze. I leaned my head against a chair to get myself. I felt a bit better and raised my head up to watch Femi dancing.. He was having fun.

I felt headache began to creep on and I looked around for waiters, but could not find. The cure for a headache is to drink more wine.. I searched for waiters but they were few.. And too far to signal to. I stood up and meandered among the guests, enjoying the attention and well wishes.

I walked to the back of the hall in search of the wine racks. For fucks sake, I'm the bride! I should get as much drink as I want. Finally! I gestured to a waiter and he came over. I asked him were the wines were kept, and he told me he'd get it for me.

I told him not to worry- I'd get it myself. I can't risk him not bringing that wine. I got the directions and I was happy. As I moved further from the hall, the noise reduced, cool breeze hit me and I began feeling better.

I wandered into the corridor and I saw the huge width of Femi's back.. Whoa.. He probably wanted to escape the crowd too? I hastened my steps to catch up with him. Funny enough, he's headed also to the wine racks I was directed to. He disappeared round a corner and I smiled. A moment with my husband.

We'd make out, or even fuck! While guests were in the other room.

My head flashed an image of the gorgeous man I saw at the church and I faltered a bit.. Who is he? I wondered. I entered the room confidently and light seeped through the windows.. The delicious smell of wine hit me and I took in a deeper breath.

"Femi, what are you doing here? The crowd is too much right? You know, it's exactly as if we planned.." My voice trailed off. It wasn't femi in front of me, but the mysterious stranger. He lips quirked in a strange smile.

"You couldn't resist right? You had to come?" He said. His voice sounded very deep and wrapped around me. I felt fear fill me.. I gently began to back out of the room.. "Wait, where are you going?"

"I'm sorry, I thought you were my husband.." I'd gotten to the door and ready to make a break for it.. He suddenly struck like thunder and locked the door behind me. I tried not to panic, but cold sweat gathered between my breasts.

"I like you. Very much. And I want to have you." My heart thudded and I grew a lint of courage.."who are you?! And what are you doing at my wedding?!" My mind began to panic.."Open the door! I'm the bride! People will begin to search for me.." He simply grinned grimly.

I felt a wave of fear fill me at his smile.. I grew desperate at the silence and took a deep breathe to scream.. He suddenly wrapped tight around me.. The warmth of his palm met my bare skin. I felt the Strength of his hand, and the gentleness, as it closed over my nape and tilted my head back. His mouth barely grazed mine, more a promise of a kiss than an actual one. I made a little sound at the brush of his tongue.

I didn't understand where this lust blazed from. It's like I'm under a spell. His essence curled around me and threatened to drown me in its intoxicating power. He wiped the thought of every other Man from my mind..

He lifted me with astonishing ease until my legs were wrapped around his thighs- wedding gown train and all. He took my mouth again, longer, deeper, while I tried to catch his tongue, tried to draw him as far inside as possible. I wanted him!

Deep down in my subconscious, something told me I'm not doing this with my husband, but like someone possessed, I couldn't decipher or fight it. I'm intensely lost! I felt my ass on something firm and opened my eyes wide.

He has placed me on a wide table and he swept my train aside in a silky mess, Baring my stockinged legs. He pressed me lie back on the table, an offering of aching flesh, and let him do anything he wanted. Something had been cut loose in me. I was saturated with excitement, drunk with it!

I couldn't resist anything..His breath came in ragged puffs, "I'm your Soulmate. You're mine from time past. I was a tad too late."

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