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Friday, 12 May 2017

The Hottest Thief 4


I served lunch and I was getting very uncomfortable.. Mobolaji was extremely nice and gave me extreme attention. She was all touchy feely and I wondered what has possessed her. Well, I can't wait to get back home tomorrow.. I'm tired of this celibacy.

Yes, I smacked my forehead mentally.. Shit, I've not fucked her! What if she's all nice because she's planned something disastrous for me in Nigeria? Women of nowadays can't be trusted. They get all nice when they've planned something wicked.

I began to worry, what if she told my mother? God, I have to fuck her! But what about my promise? The one I made to the love of my life, my true partner? I promised not to touch Bolaji!

But then, I can't leave anything to chance; I'm suspecting her niceness. Someone that didn't complain throughout the one month we spent here and then is all sweet the night before we get back home. I'm sure she's got an evil plan hacked.

I'm sorry baby, I've got to cheat on you.. I thought. I hope i get forgiven.


In the evening while watching tv, lekan suddenly turned to me and grabbed my face.. Then he gave me hottest and wettest kiss of my life. I melted like a Popsicle spread under the sun. He devoured my mouth and buried his tongue deep in my throat. I swear to God Almighty, I came!

Convulsions overtook my body and I shook like a leaf. He broke the kiss and looked at me in Amazement. I was moaning like he was fucking me already.. When we started kissing, he was staring at me almost indifferently, but now, after he realised his kiss made me cum, lust swept all over his face like wildfire.

His control broke past all barriers and hefted me up, and dropped me on his laps. Then he tore off my clothes. My breasts were bared to his gaze and he almost ran mad with lust. He slapped it and they bounced like balloons filled with water.

He couldn't get enough of it and continued squeezing, slapping and licking the life out of them. By this time, my whole shorts was wet and infact, I've stained his shorts too. He slipped a hand beneath the waist band of the shorts and buried 3 fingers inside me.

I screamed in ecstasy and he curled his finger in an insane angle I didn't understand! He hit one part of my vagina that made me go mad. I wanted to die! I went hoarse. Jesus! Is this what Ive been missing?

He suddenly dropped me and pulled out his cock. Fuck. It was big, long and wide. This is my first time seeing his cock hard. He sat down heavily and then pulled me to a kneeling position between his legs.

"Fuck, I can't get enough of your breasts, fuck you, fuck it." he groaned. He pulled me forward and grabbed my breasts.. Then he squeezed them together and shoved his cock between them.

His dick slipped between them and i could see agony etched on his face. Lustful agony. He thrust harder and came all over my chest. He spurted gallons of cum and he slapped my mouth open.

Some of it entered my mouth and he asked me to swallow. I did so obediently. His cock was still hard and I flicked my tongue down to lick at he head. He shoved my head down on it, choking me. He fucked the life out of my throat and then he pulled out.

By now, my arousal had hit the topmost charts and I was ready to beg to be filled. I didn't even say anything yet. He just picked me up and slammed me on his cock. I screamed out in a mix of pain and arousal. Fuck. I felt like the dick was going to come out of my throat.

"You wanted my cock right?" he slapped my breasts again and began biting the nipples, while licking up his cum splattered on it. I think I died. The assault of pleasure was too much. The pain was quickly forgotten as he bounced me hard on his cock and slammed into me deep. "Have it! Let it fill you! Fuck it, ride hard on it!" he whispered fierily into my ears.

Then he shoved his tongue into my mouth again and I could taste his cum. I bit his lips and his eyes crossed. He couldn't stop squeezing me all over.."Fuck it, you're so bloody soft! Fuck" he moaned.

He gave a particularly hard thrust and I was pinned like a toy. I shattered into a million fragments. His thrusts became harder, wilder, uncoordinated and then he bit my neck and I think the skin broke!

He came inside me and I blacked out.


Am I mad? I gently pulled her off my cock and carried her to our bedroom. I brought a wash cloth and wiped her body of all the cum, sweat and stink. Fuck it. I couldn't stop staring at her breasts.

If I knew this was how it felt, I'd have done this a long time ago! I gently touched her breasts again and they bounced. I pressed her skin and she's so so soft! Fuck! I'm going to sleep cuddled around her. I can't let go of this softness.

It's insane and it's killing me.


I woke up to the feel of someone wrapped tightly around me. Lekan was squeezing my breasts, while roving his hands all over body. I wanted to die from happiness.. We've never ever slept like this before. But the memory of the other woman kept me in check. He gently licked a spot on my neck and I felt a sting, he must have broken the skin.

"Baby, good morning.. Can we fuck before we leave for our flight? " He didn't even wait for my reply.. He slipped his dick into me.. And flicked my clit. I got wet in a matter of seconds. We were lying down and i was facing away from him; my back on his chest.. My ass grinding into his crotch., his cock fucked into me and he continued squeezing my breasts..

He muttered dirty shit into my ears and I got wetter.. Dirty, nasty things he'd love to do to me, how he loves spanking my cunt.. Which he did. The fucking was epic and his cock fucked me deeply in this position. His dick was pressed tightly into me and i couldn't move.

We fucked like this for some minutes, slapping groaning, him squeezing me all over.."fuck, i can't get over your body.." He suddenly pulled me up in a reverse cowgirl and spanked my ass while he encouraged me to ride him.."fuck, your wetness, so natural.. Fuck! he groaned.. I couldn't bear it anymore.. We came together.

We took a shower together and he educated me in the thorough lessons of a shower fuck. He could not get enough of me and kept lamenting on my softness..While dressing, I stared at the love bite and hickeys spread all over my body. My neck, breasts and thighs were covered with it. I smiled. We dressed up and went to the airport. Oh, I forgot to mention- It's a private airport. We took their private jet back to Nigeria.

Even with me fucked raw and everything- we fucked in the plane; I guess we're making up for lost time. I could not get over the fact that he has another woman. Now that I've tasted his cock and realised how epic of a stud he is in the sack, I'm not letting him go!

I remembered that he and the woman are to meet soon and I plotted on what to do. I'm not letting that cock go. Now, he's the complete package. Looks, Sex, and money. I'm going to fight for my husband and win his Love/Loyalty.

The day for their meeting came and I tailed him.

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