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Friday, 12 May 2017

The Hottest Thief (final Part)


I drove down to Ade's house, ready to break all goddamn ties with him. I can't believe I forfeited the pleasures of a woman's body for him. I started getting it up with men as a form of exploration when I was in the US. Just like every other youthful exuberant behavior, I expected to drop the habit.

But then, It swallowed me up and I was seriously encouraged by my friends, and infact they hooked me up with Hot men. I became something of a Gay dominant. A lot of guys in college would come over to me and I'd whip/fuck them raw.

This continued and I got totally immersed in this lifestyle. I had a lot of boyfriends and nobody judged.. Afterall, I have the right to choose my partner. I loved and revelled in it. Women appalled me and I cringed whenever i watched an heterosexual porn or caught one of my friends banging a lady.

I'd never even fucked a pussy in my life! I was a strict Homo- No whiff of Bi. I continued living life and enjoying my freedom until my mom started disturbing me. It was then I realised I'm an African man and I've spent a whole lot of years "not" chasing women.

I came back home to visit and take a new course when I met Mobolaji. She was the first woman to ever catch my attention. It's now I realized it's her innate beauty. It shines and radiates, making her my Star.

She was an epitome of grace, well mannered and beautiful. She had a firm behavior and made me happy. It was then I decided to marry to her. She'd make a very good wife, I thought.

She's highly intelligent and holds a good conversation. It was hard at first to unwind myself around her, but she made it so easy. I met Ade shortly after and we hit it off. When I couldn't put off marriage any longer, I proposed to Bolaji, while promising Ade just to fuck her once and at least impregnate her.

Yes, she was my cover. I'd use her as the wife and have maybe two kids with her, while pursuing my true goals,- Men. How wrong I was. My resolve crumbled when I squeezed her and realized how soft she is.

I've been used to hardness and hard male angles all my life. Her softness shocked me. I marveled at it. It made me realise what I was missing in this life. A soft woman. Her vulnerability and femininity made me feel powerful and truly dominant.

Things became real- not a role play anymore! I always want to be around her and protecting her. Now, all my life before her seemed wasted. She's literally the first woman in my Life; both heart and sex too.

I've given up Men for her; I can't even believe i was digging that shit! I'm so pained.

I broke off things with Ade and drove back home like a maniac. I rushed into the house and met her sitting in a corner, still looking shocked.

I tried to touch her but she kept on pulling away.. I finally broke down and cried, that got her attention. I explained my upbringing and the kind of freedom I had living abroad. I told her about how she reformed me.

I made her realise how much I love her and I'm into her. I love this woman and I'd do anything to win her back.


He kept on crying and explaining to me. To be honest, it wasn't that bad- but i wanted him to stew. He begged for my forgiveness and I asked him how sure I am he's telling the truth and won't backslide.

He promised that he went there to end things with Ade before I caught them. He also explained that Ade wrapped hands around his neck shockingly and he was trying to push him off before I entered the house.

"Well, I'm kind of relieved it's a Man, not a woman. You can't imagine how jealous I've been thinking it was a woman!" I laughed. He looked at me in shock and shook his head. I kissed him deeply and made him promise to cook till I put to bed.

He was shocked and then ecstatically happy. We celebrated in happiness that night with a very very nasty hot tub fucking. Where he pounded into me like no tomorrow and I climaxed for long minutes.. Into oblivion..

His lovemaking made sense now. The hard way he fucks, the slaps, the bites, everything. And guess what? I love him just the way he his. Deep down, I'm very happy I'm his first too. I have no memories from the past to compete against.

Sometimes when we're bored, he gists me about fucking men assholes and though never told him- I think it's hot!

We had a beautiful baby girl- Omotara Abeni Salvador. The product of our love.

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