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Friday, 12 May 2017

The Hottest thief 5


We touched down naija and I couldn't get enough of mobolaji. I think she's having the craziest effect on my Psyche! I just began to appreciate her all this fucking time! Her pretty smile, crazy sense of humor and the hottest body on earth. I mean, my wife is crazily hot!

The day to meet my lover drew nearer and I'm filled with distaste and impunity. I'm ready to forget about what we had and focus fully on my wife. I want to build something beautiful and incredible with her and for the first time in my life, I'm glad she could change me! I never knew it was possible.

I'm a mass of obsessed man, following her everywhere. I didn't have to work everyday and I find every excuse to be with her. It got to a point that I gently packed up our things and left the huge family estate- where I had my own private wing which is on the eastern most part of the compound.

I did so because i could not bear sharing her. Most of the the time, my mom and sister's call her for one party or event or shopping! I'm tired. I didn't tell Anyone before I went to buy a house at chevron drive, Victoria Garden City.

I packed up all our luggage's myself and told my mom we're off. They were all sad to see her leave, but I was the happiest man on earth. Now, I get to have her and start up my own family with her. But first, guilt is chewing me up. I need to end things and cut off ties from whoever is barring my way.

My eyes are opened now!


I felt incredible joy on realising we were going to our own place. I get to covet lekans attention for myself.. He's been so loving, and the sex insane, but I still didn't feel complete. I was scared to bring up the other woman and jinx our happiness.

But the truth is I cannot ignore it forever. Sooner than later, he'd have to go meet her, and I don't think my heart could bear the brunt. Infact, I felt very different this days and I even went to buy the quick pregnancy test, and it confirmed positive.

I felt immeasurable joy, but I didn't know how to tell him. For God's sake, he's cheating! I wrung my hands in worry. I'm confused and I didn't know what to do. He was in the bathroom when i picked up his phone again.

I realised he had set up a time and place to meet her. He saved her name and Ade and I was sorely disappointed. Was all his love and attention fake? What should I do? I do I confront him? I don't want the illusion of our happiness to shatter.. I cried sadly.. That's exactly what it is- An Illusion.

He came out and I quickly wiped my tears up. He noticed my red eyes and melancholy.. He asked what was wrong while petting me. He wrapped me in his arms and I felt the love wrap around me and gave me a sense of comfort. It was then i decided that his attention and love(even if fake), must represent something.

I straightened my spine. I'm going to follow him and find out exactly who she is. And I'm going to perform madness for her! He's mine already, and infact, we have a baby on the way! I'm not going to let some woman shatter my cocoon of love.

The next day, he lied about going out for an emergency appointment, but I knew exactly where he's off to. I gave him a head start until I couldn't bear it anymore. I rushed from our luxurious and lavish duplex into my low slung beast- a 2016 kia sorento his mother/sisters gave me as a wedding gift.

The car purred and I drove straight to the neighbourhood. It was just early evening and the air was balmy with a hint of cold. I shivered in premonition. I hope we don't regret this. I saw his car parked in the driveway, and I parked some few metres away,

I wrapped my scarf around me and patted my razor. I'm ready to destroy anybody's face if need be. I'd worn my most comfortable jean shorts with a halter neck top. My hands are free and I'm ready to do anything.

I looked at the house number - 69 to confirm. I saw the shadows of people at the windows and I kept my cool. Then i moved nearer and saw arms wrapped around lekans neck. Lekan covered the woman and I couldn't see her features clearly. Infact, I couldn't see anything clearly!

I felt rage fill me, and I didn't bother knocking. I have plenty experience in breaking down doors. I ran back to my car and picked up a hammer which I swung on the lock with all the anger embedded in me. It broke and I kicked the door open. I'd brought the hammer for this purpose.

The door swung open and I stepped in and they broke apart in shock or more accurately, Lekan pushed the Man! Away. A man! I was rooted in shock. Everything was wiped from my brain.

"What? Ade is a Man?! You cheated on me with a Man?" Lekan was trying to say something, but the guilt I saw in his eyes confirmed everything! I felt nausea fill me and cold sweat broke out on my skin. I rushed out of the place in a haze.. I married a Fag?!

I rushed back to my car and zoomed off. What?! What?! What in the name of God? The news kept on ringing in my head. Lekan is a fag? Wow. All the puzzles ad holes began fitting in head.

His need to keep celibacy. He never touched me while dating; only perfunctory pecks, his hesitancy to fuck me. And when he finally did, how he couldn't get enough of my "softness". I wanted to die!

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