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Tuesday, 9 May 2017


This is a story about you and about me.
Indeed it is a story about everyone.
The battles we fought, lost and won.

Including that which we might count as immovable now, like wrestling with the rock.
Look behind you... tell me what you notice.
Did you see them?
Dark with a gangly gait and horns to suit.
Arrows of destruction in hand all ready to shoot.
Well those aren't the ones you should be worried 'bout.
Look again behind, no need to fret or shout.
This time narrow your focus, like you gonna circumvent a locus.
You see them now?
Stretching out a hand as if to help.
When all they want is you in a dive... Michael phelps.
They beam with warm friendly smiles as if they'd run a mile for you.
But they're the first to pop bottles when you hit your doom.
They've got a camouflage that would jaw drop the chameleon.
They've been around through every aspect of time... then, now... am talking eons.
These demons... senior ranking officers of Lucifer's army.
So drilled in the art of deception, super stealth in delivery of their actions.
We've all felt this once or twice.
And if you haven't... heed this warning.
The bible says they come to kill, devour and destroy, these demons go the extra mile to play with you like a toy first before going for the jugular.
You can bear me witness... that they've got quiet feet of a burglar.
In their hands one could seem like a dullard.
These demons are real and they're everywhere.
Your pastor? Your Friend? Mom? Dad? Siblings?
They take any form or shape, double sided like Severus Snape.
So while we keep our guards up, raining down fire upon the lousy demons.
Lets not neglect those ones that are invisible till the damage is done.
Those who are ready to bid their time to get us in the dark, imagine how long it takes for the moon to blacken the sun in an eclipse.
Imagine the snake stalking its prey patiently with an inaudible hiss.
They want what's yours, mine, hers and his.
They bait you and I with that which we crave the most... love, wealth, peace.
In that singular moment when we've got it... life comes to a freeze... ETERNITY.
And then their evil machinations fall on blind spots.
Until when it's too late before we connect the dots.
Whence they already taken over our spots and slots.
Serving it to the highest bidder... "for my cloak they casted lots".
Lastly these demons could be in you.
When you bottle up your anger and your pain.
When frustrations eat so deep till it fvcks up your brain.
Your soul becomes lost... its epitaph stating "here lies the soul of a brother who was self slain"
Say something coz everyday on mute is a step further from the door.
Adhesive tapes to the mouth whilst sprawling on the floor.
Self destruction visits next, it feels you should not be alone within the walls you've put up.
Your lights are dimmed out, but Twas you that put them off.
These demons provide no happy endings... only here to bring severe pain and hurt... ensuring that you feel it in your nerve endings.
These demons are after you and I.
Yet these demons could be you and I.
They are like Horus with the all seeing eye.
Steady pulling us from the high.
Do we continue to let them?

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