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Friday, 26 May 2017

My Song

I Wrote a song 'bout you.

'Bout how my heart beats to your voice's tune.

You blow me away daily like your lips where on a flute.

Up, up and away I flew.

Heads in the cloud... I'd spot you from a mile away amidst the crowd.

My song for you... in my head it's loud.

I want to part my lips and let sweet sounds escape.

Dazzle you like I've got a big 'S' on my chest with a red cape.

Be my Lois lane.

Be the one i wake with kisses, the one I profess my love to without misplacing words.

The chorus of my song... accompanied by guitar chords.

But then my voice betrays me and it hurts.

It ain't sonorous enough to put you in a serenade and this cuts.

Cuts so deep that i begin to bleed the words of my song.

I want you to want me... don't let it take too long.

My gemstone... my jewel... put you on like a pendant so you can be in continuous contact with my chest.

So close that you can listen to my heart beat.

The verses of my song are my pulsating heartbeats and it races at the bridge.

It races when you chuckle... Even faster with every giggle.

Its crescendo is when you lips meet mine.

This hasn't happened yet, so There's a song in my heart till it does.

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