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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Provocative 2


Hands clamped over my mouth and I felt myself being pulled deep, into the recess of an alcove. "I wish to fuck you.." the sexiest voice I've ever heard in my life whispered into my ears..

I calmed a bit when I saw that I can still see the party, infact, we were still in it.. I tried to make out his features, but I couldn't.. Only that he's very tall.. He grabbed by waist and gently squeezed.."I've got my eyes on you since you came in.." His tongue stung my ears and I couldn't answer. I didn't even bother to reject him. I want this.

He wrapped his arms around me and touched me intimately.. All thoughts flew from my head.. He came behind me and I leaned my head on his chest.. He slowly started squeezing my breasts.. I could feel the last of my resistance vanish.

I remembered the moans of the woman from the restroom and the hard fucking slapping sounds I'd heard. Fuck. Even the memory of strangers having sex is making me have no inhibitions..

My eyes were tightly closed and I rode on the wave of the feelings coursing through my veins.. Warm breath bit my nipples and I felt them getting licked up through the cloth... He was in front of me now, I suppose. One hand still squeezed a boob, while the other traced pattern's on my thighs, while pulling my gown up.

I suddenly felt heat on my back.. And then hands gently squeezing my ass.. The hands moved up my body and joined the one on my breast, while another hand slipped between my legs. It was then I flicked my eyes open. Two pair hands! They must have felt my body stiffen because before I could make a move; one of them slipped 2 thick fingers into me. And the other stood up to kiss me. I was totally engulfed.

I could feel the heat and the dick of a man pressing into my ass.. While fingers thrust easily like knife through butter into my very very wet pussy.. The man kissing me devoured my mouth completely and I wrapped my hands around his neck..

 A hand slips over my ass, right between my legs. Different hands from the one finger fucking my pussy. I stumble, but many hands are there to stop me from falling. Four hands, in fact. One slips between my legs again, one is squeezing my left breast.. And then the fingers in my cunt was removed. I groaned in disappointment and then one was returned. Then another one, from the other hand.

I felt a perverse thrill fill me. I'm letting 2 strangers finger my twat at the same tie. The buried their fingers past the knuckles.. and withdrew rhythmically.. One finger out, one finger in.. I moaned so loudly..

By now, cacophony of noise had taken over. Everything happening is just moans and groans.. One of the men grabbed my hands and wrapped it around a thick hard cock.. I didn't even notice, next thing, I was spread wide on a comfy lounger.

"Fuck it, your pussy smells so good.. Can we have a taste?" I moaned in reply.. Fuck? Both of them at once?

Two mouths are kissing my stomach. Two hands on my breasts. Two fingers slipping inside me at the same time. I wanted to go crazy with desire.. My palms wrap around two hard cocks...My head is filled with nothing but the hypnotic sound from the couples fucking all around me and the sound of my own heavy breathing.  One of them moves up, his mouth kissing between my breasts, my neck, my mouth. I’m hungry for him..

Then they each took a pussy lips.. Two different tongues clashing and thrusting into me. I screamed.. I could feel them wrestling to suck out my juices.. Each of them had a breast in their hands and squeezed insanely.. They tongue fucked me and ate up my cunt. At some point, the sensation was too much and I thought my head would blow off..

From nowhere, thoughts of Dan filled me and I felt a gust of shame and guilt slam into me hard. I tried to wiggle off, but someone bit on my clit and I came apart; six ways to monday.

The orgasm shook in 10 mad ways and sent spasms all through my body.. Little shocks went through me as they continued to lick me and I had mini waves to ride on.. Seconds later a cock is there. I squeal at the pressure and the pain; despite how wet I am.. but whoever is in charge right now slows down, lets me gets used to his thick girth, and his cock.. Fuck. It's thick and fills me up completely,.

I felt him pull out and another cock slip in. Like that they fucked me. I screamed hoarsely with desire. I almost died of agony laced pleasure.They fuck me. I fuck them. strong arms never stopped hugging my waist. Punishing mouth never stopped kissing mine. I come so fast, they both start to chuckle while I writhed between them. I felt a dick explode in my cunt, while the other spurted come all over my thighs.

Their grips loosened and I pulled down my gown. I rushed off blindly and searched for my purse frantically.. I couldn't find it. My cum was dribbling down my thighs and I need to clean up.

I headed back to the restroom and I heard the sound still clapping. What the fuck? Are they pornstars? I entered a stall a rolled a tissue. I cleaned up and flushed the mess off. Their screams intensified and It was apparent they were on the verge of orgasm. I came out of the stall and spied my purse on the counter.

I rushed to grab it and leave before they came out. Unfortunately, I was too slow.. The woman came out first and I felt shock hit my spine.. "Ola?!" I looked on in absolute confusion. "But why? I thought.." My voice trailed off when I saw the face of the man. Daniel?! His eyes widened in shock when he saw me.

"Ola and Daniel?! What the fuck on earth?" Daniel looked extremely guilty, while Ola sported a slinky smile. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

 I have been set up..

Totally. By my best friend.

And I couldn't say anything, I'd just had the nastiest sex of my life.

With two men.

I cheated too.

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