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Saturday, 20 May 2017


Beautiful, black with a skin that glows.
My very first love, melting my heart.. the summer to my snow.
She smiled and everything went slow.
She got me like borno... damn my mind is blown.

These Butterflies in my tummy gat me so high, look at the height I've flown.
There in the struggle and the pain, you planted the seed... now look how big it's grown.
She reflects me like a mirror... Taking in all that I've shown.

She makes my heart race like a cheetah, I hope i make hers do the same too.
You know love's like Noahz ark, it's meant for two of a kind... me and you.
How many females do i think of on a daily... just a few.
My mum, my sister and then there's you.

Blow my heart fvkx the fuse.
If it doesn't beat for you, what's the use.
When we quarrel... we're best of friends... so it's easy to call a truce.
She's gat the sauce that blends with my

She's the source of my sparks... so if am to fall in love twice, who else would i choose.
I know i get high sometimes... drinks and booze.
But she doesn't care... She tells me... "Baby, you the one i wouldn't wanna lose".
Her Skin is to die for... i repeat to die for.
I fell once, twice, three times... you could add four.

Her lips taste like a strawberry cheese cake... i salivate... it drips down to my jaw.
She don't care 'bout my flaws.
And when it's time to get down, she does so on all fours.
Let the lights dim as i slam the doors.

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