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Thursday, 11 May 2017

More 3 (Hot Stories)

Part 3

She was so submissive in the act that I do not need anyone to orientate me that the whole of the package is mine. "this place is great" she commended - "I love it but would have preferred Abuja" she buttressed.

I replied with a smile and the auspice of carrying her bag. I introduced her to the room, and she burst for joy seeing the giant master bed designed to serve bond to users.
It was all white because I know she loves white, my wife is also a white lover by the way. Somto made herself comfortable, took a tour around the room and paid details to everything she is seeing.

She took pictures too, very sexy ones that me turned on!! This time; I was her photographer and I enjoyed it, the pictures came out nice, her experience as a model and maybe my professionalism with the camera was the reason. I have again to the shrine; more pictures for masturbation!

We had spent about three hours and the night is gradually getting old, I can hear the trees sighing and which was the only thing disturbing the serenity.

We were at the balcony, laying side by side in the most cosy way, we were beholding the wealth of the moon as it illuminates round, the breeze was soft but very impactful, lying next to me is somto with only a soft night gown, my hand confirmed to me she has beneath nothing.

It moved happily around her curves and I can feel the engineering work of God. She rested her head strategically on my chest as she enjoyed the cuddle, her lap was crossed over mine and I could feel her heartbeat.

She moved her feet on mine giving me some thrills I cannot explain! This is a night I have been waiting for, I somehow forgot all about my wife and family and even whatever comes out of this, the moment is too precious to compromise.

I helped on top of me and we began to kiss, this is adultery I am committing but it felt so good, the passion in the kiss made me feel like I married the wrong wife!
All my folks said to me about marrying someone from another tribe began to visit my ears. I was almost regretting marrying my wife.

The tongue rub made it apparent that somto hadn't been  touched by a man in a long time. She began to pant and I slowed things down, I was the clutch in the engine, and I helped her pull her nightie off.

Before me were two bouncy fleshy bulbs, I held them and she caught my hands on them as she moaned softly, I suckled on them like a baby and she even gave more joyful noises.
She held my head pleading it glue to the twins. I laid her down and backed the moon.. I worked my tongue from her succulent breast to her abdomen, she gasped and was shaking like a virgin, I prayed hard that she is not.

I worked down to her pelvic area as my hand did some job on the boobs, "wow!" she exclaimed! I rolled my tongue around her vulva and in full I head my name- "Chukwuebuka" she said.

I dug deep into the vagina, and I felt the juice joyfully welcoming my tongue, it was like a flood down there, my mouth was all wet like a child given orange.

I did the fellatio with so much grace that I got Somto to cum about twice. It was time that she reciprocate the gesture, I thought. She needs to swallow me and show me what does sexy lips can do.

I stood unclad with my manhood as hard as stone adjacent the moon, and she went on her knees and started the quest; it was sloppy and very unimpressive. To say I was disappointed was an understatement.

It was so wack, that my mind wandered and got stuck on my wife and her fantastic innate talent in this area of life- I mean, shola swallows my cock without even gagging!

Somto was putting in so much effort but was not creating any vibe! I respected my wife and felt a little bad going for a product with less quality.

I had to stop Somto before she causes further damage on my ecstasy and kill my already softening boner.

She laid back down and I inserted at once my manhood into her because I was getting bored. she made a sharp noise, and I thrust softly as I now back our only witness - the moon.

She joined the trees in the disturbance of the serenity and it was beginning to piss me off. What the fucking fuck, I cursed in my mind.

I thrust soft to control the noise but it didn't regulate the  noise still. Is she mad? She's stil so noisy even with my soft thrusts? And it's not like the noise is even sexy, or spurring me on. Infact, my cock is getting limp from it.

Somto was nothing like my wife, and I was proven right as I was sliding into her, the comparison began in my imagination!

I could see my wife beat her in all fucking aspect except from the sexy pictures. Who does a picture help? This pussy is nonsense! I began to imagine my wife's pussy to keep hard!

It felt more wrong fucking this woman as she was even drying up. It was as though I was labouring for a wicked master. The friction rubbed my cock of any pleasure. It was like shoving my cock into a.. I don't even know!

I felt my dick peel from lack of juice. I ran out of patience and tried to pull out when she held me in and pleaded for me not to stop.

She seem to be enjoying everything and I on the other hand was dying, there was abundant air and I seem to be sweating. I am sure the moon will be mocking me!

I pulled out at one instant and declared my tiredness. What nonsense. Cum? I even forgot something like Cumming existed.

I went to the bathroom, had my bath and was prepared for a thorough sleep. She was quiet maybe because she could read my discomfort.

I laid in the bed, switched my phone on and got a message from my wife "I miss you hubby" it stated. Guilt ate me up and sleep betrayed me, it was a horrible night.

I regretted this step badly! I shouldn't have tried it. My respect for shola grew in ten folds- even as a wife, with a tasking job and a family to care for, her fucking game is 101%.

I envisioned for more and I got less, I regretted all my nasty thoughts about her being the wrong wife and I blamed myself for being so weak as to fall for snide talks about cheating on my wife.

I was waiting for morning desperately, my body language did a good job as it kept Somto away from me. I don't want her sexless body near me.

Morning came and I jumped out of bed, preponed the flight Id planned for mid-day and prepared to leave. I stared at her sleeping form for the last time and I thought "what a waste of a body.

I left Somto a note stating "I am married, we can not see anymore." And I left the guest house to the airport, took my flight to the Abuja and was praying the rosary for forgiveness all through the journey.

I waited for my wife at the airport because it is her arrival day and at dusk, she came in. I hugged her deeply with tears almost dropping from my eyes bags.

We journeyed home and had a wonderful family night. She talked to me about her trip and how events turned, I listened with both joy and guilt and she kissed me deep and pleaded that she is too tired for sexual matters.

I obliged with no protest at all which surprised my wife. She laid on my chest in the same way Somto did and I wished the moon was here to see it. I appreciate her more

I stroked her hair just as she loves it. She slept in way that explains her comfort and I was able to see how much chaos I will cause if this life loving woman sees my mess.

I was petrified at the thought of loosing her, I thanked God in about a thousand way.
I blocked every link I had with Somto and decided to make it right with my conscience, maybe someday; on either of our dying bed, I will confess to my friend Louis about my escapade with his sister and also blame him for it.

For now and ever, I just want to love my wife.


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