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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Temptation


I rushed to my car and drove speedily down the highway! Fuck it, if im stopped by the police, i swear I'd just run them over. Tonight is my wedding anniversary and I'd promised my wife that I'd be home early to take her out; but as usual, work overwhelmed me and I had a seriously one track mind.

I looked up from my laptop and picked up my phone- where I met 10 missed calls from my wife! I'd tried calling her but she didn't pick up and I guess she's angry at me. That was when I picked up my car keys and left work. I considered stopping over to get a bottle of champagne, but I'm sure it'd get me late than anticipated.

I drove into our duplex and parked at the garage.. Then I rushed into the house.. The door was locked. I pressed the bell and no body answered me. I was puzzled.. I used my keys and entered the house. Absolute silence greeted me. What's happening? I didn't hear the usual sound of our baby babbling, my younger brother's music or my wife's laughter.

I wasn't bothered, I guess she had taken the baby to our teenage baby sitter's house.. I felt relief fill me. This night is for us alone! I started towards the bedroom and I saw rose petals strewn on the floor.. I smiled in anticipation.. I followed the trail up the stairs.. Up, up, up.. It stopped in front of our bedroom..

By this time, I'd pulled off all the restrictive clothes I'm wearing and I'm buck ass naked.. Sensual images of Chidinma dressed in sexy apparel filled me.. My imagination whirled.. Red bra and thong? Or black? Will she be wearing garters? Fuck, I grabbed at my crotch and squeezed my cock through the material of my shorts..

My wife is a medical doctor, but can be sexy and daring as hell! My mind raced a mile a minute and lust overtook my senses for her. I pulled open the door and the decor hit me. It was much much more better than I anticipated! Flowers everywhere, their perfumed fragrance making my cock hard. But the view that made my eyes blur is my wife.

Naked, and spread wide on the bed,  I grabbed my cock, so ready to fuck her. I slip out of my boxer briefs and walk out in to the dark bedroom. “Hey,” I say softly. “You awake?” She doesn’t even move. Her body is sprawled out on top of the sheets, leg up higher than the other. Her face buried. Her long, wild hair flowing over the side of the pillow like a waterfall.  There is light filtering in from outside, but not enough to really see anything.

My heart clenched with love.. She must have fallen asleep while waiting for me.. A wicked thought overcame me.. Why don't I act the way she does to me all the time? Countless mornings I awoke to my cock buried deep in her throat.. Or my cock clutching her pussy, while she rode me to oblivion.

I place a hand on her outer thigh as one knee comes down on the mattress, making it sink. Making her body shift, ever so slightly.  Her ass is curved towards me like an invitation and I resisted the urge to spank it.. But I couldn't resist running my fingers all over her smooth, soft skin.. She just shivered a bit, but didn't wake up..

I swing my leg over, place the other knee on the other side of her hip, and straddle her. My hands all over her ass. Rubbing. Eager to slip my fingers between her legs and see what’s waiting for me. I bent over her body to place my lips on her ears.. "Baby, did you Miss me?" I moaned into her ears.. By now, my fingers have slipped into her cunt and they squeezed me tight.. I could feel her wetness spurt all over my fingers..

She began to groan and shiver.. I pulled out my fingers with a pop.. And slipped my cock into her wet heat.. She moaned and I could feel the exact moment she woke up. She gasped and I thrust into her like a crazy man..

One knee comes up, dragging across the sheet to give me more access, and I let one hand leave her breasts and press its way under her belly, until I find her clit and begin to strum. “You like that?” I whisper.. She nodded and moaned louder.. I squeezed a breast and squeezed the globes as hard as I could..

Her ass bucks up a little, urging me to give her more. One hard thrust and I’m fully inside her to the root again. Her pussy clamping on to me, muscles tightening around my shaft. “Oh, yeah,” I say, pushing my upper body up off her back and sitting up so I can fuck her better. I grab both her ass cheeks and then gave a globe one hard spank! The ass jiggled and I couldn't help but smile..

Her upper body lift up off the mattress. My other hand is digging into the flesh just below her hip.  I scoot back and reach under her thighs, drawing them up so she’s on her back.. "You need me to pound your cunt?" She moaned in affirmation and I fucked her harder.

She gasped hard and I slapped her cunt. Right where we were joined. Right at the point where my cock melded firmly with her twat. She screamed and went wild like never before. I knew she was close to coming. I reach underneath her body and strum her clit to the rhythm we’re making. Writhing, and moaning, and gasping for air!

My cock pound into her and a crazy thought entered my mind. I slipped one finger and it popped past.. I began fucking her with my cock and a finger.. Her cunt went tighter around me and I knew the moment she came apart.

I watch my dick as it slips in and out, just barely able to make it out in the dim, filtered light from outside. My finger also thrust in her and i could feel my nails scrape my cock and that triggered my cum. I grab her hair,  and yank her head so she has to look at me. Her eyes are closed, but I don’t care. I press my hand over her mouth and I felt her squirt.

I looked down between us and saw her cunt fizzle out cum that sprayed my balls. That made me cum harder. I'd never seen her squirt before in the 3 years we've been married. I shuddered and also wonder at her silence. She's never the silent fucker- infact she introduced the dirty talk in our relationship..

"Baby, are you that tired? You barely talked! That was the best sex of my life!" I collapsed on the bed and tried to catch my breath.. It was then it hit me.

It doesn't smell like chidinma.. I opened my eyes and swept the hair away from her face. I clashed eyes with my wife's younger sister! She looked disoriented but guilty..

I heard the door swing open and the handbag fell from my wife's hand. I rushed up, buck naked.."I didn't know how this happened! I swear! " she looked at me with raw intense pain.

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