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Monday, 8 May 2017


How did i get here?
Running up the stairs so fast that the deaf might hear...

How my footsteps sounds like a thousand chariots on a gallop.
I guess they also heard the loud thud!, as i hit the ground in a wallop.

I slipped and fell from the graces.
My vision of the stairs now blocked by my opaque tears.

Whom shall i blame, who can i tell?
Me, myself and I?

Those who took a tooth for me... because "an eye for an eye".
The sky should be a springboard, but now it seems i aimed too high.

Or i got lost amidst the signs and symbols... these questions make me let out a sigh.
Did i take the wrong stairs or put on the wrong footwear.

Did i take one too many jumps... did i fail to
take a moment and breathe the air.

Did someone rope me in a con?
Or am i just having thoughts that are fused?

Do i feel used? or betrayed?
Or i fell coz of the gossip... "he said and she said"

What then really is confusing bout this all.
Is it for the fact that i gave my all.

Or perhaps i wrongly directed my time and energy.
Or plainly coz i failed to connect, so much for the word "synergy".

Do i give thanks to the "who is", "who was" and "who will be", even when I'm not into it.
How do i get back up amidst the pressure pinning me the ground... so much heat.

With the temperature ramped up, how do i explain zero productivity with all these sweat.
To let! To let!
Someone please my life is for rent.
Waiting and waiting for that God sent.
This is the advent but before he comes i might as well vent.

I want it all, fame, glory, success and a mind at peace.
All i have now is in tatters, broken to pieces.
How would i tell this story to my nephews and nieces.

"Uncle please tell us a story"...would my lips part and say once upon a time.
Would i hide the truth beneath ambiguous words and concocted rhymes.

Rise... Rise... Rise, Soar.
Fall... Fall... Fall, Zero Allure.

Heads buried in hands as time comes to a halt.

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