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Friday, 26 May 2017


Part 3


"Courte, thank you for your time. Gentlemen, I think we are done here." I said tiredly, but I didn't let it show. That is a sign of weakness that will never be visible in this room of sharks. At any sign of weakness, this men will pounce!

Everyone stood up and mingled, while moving towards the door. Courte confidently strode to me and we shook hands.. He said in his gravelly voice.."I'm glad we finalized this deal, I'm looking forward to working with you fully" he said, smiling..

"Same here." We chatted about a few things and we left. I own a major fragrance company and I merged with another company- Courte's. The merger was mutually beneficial, and brought in investors which we just finished meeting with.

Billions was signed into our account, and I'm ecstatic. Not because of the money- I had a lot before, but because I can finally make plans for my marriage to mariah.
Titiloye signed the divorce papers without much ado, but she packed out of the house. I insisted that she maintain her wing, but to no avail, anyway, I think it's best for all those concerned.

I met mariah through Courte.. She's his company lawyer and in fact, the person who handed all the merger negotiations.. And she's also his elder sister. He loved her very much and he's super protective of her-but I made it known early that I'm taking charge of her.
She's my heart and soul. I just found her 20years late. She's an bombshell, intelligent and most importantly, a submissive.

She's a dominant woman at work, forceful and quick witted.. But when she comes home to me, In bed most especially, I take charge. She melts completely and allows me take her to great heights.

Courte is also a dominant and is also into the lifestyle. He understands that I'd give his sister the insane pleasure related to this and also respect her, and treat her like the queen she is. I love her.


I couldn't spend one more minute in that house! I relocated to an apartment I owned and began to build the pieces of my life together.

I got the invitation to their wedding and I was distraught all over again. I vowed at first to acts if I didn't get the invite, but it'd make me look like a loser if I didn't attend.

I need to go there and prove to them that I'm ok! Nothing is wrong and I'm ready to move on with my life also. I vowed to move on with a non-perverted man who would make love to me and cherish me. But in the mean time, I need to get to the company and discuss some changes with Lanre.

I'm not going to hide behind a lawyer. Most definitely not. Its a battle of wills and I'm not backing down. I drove like a maniac into the office environment and parked at my spot- at least, that bitch mariah isn't parked there yet.

I got out in a rush and slammed the door at remembering the woman who broke up my marriage and stole my husband from me. I was filled with so much bitterness.
I turned and bumped into a body.."ooomph!" I groaned. My bag spilled all it contents and I scrambled to pick them all up.."sorry, ma'am, my mistake".

Two big hands covered mine and stopped my frantic moves to pack my contents. He gently stilled my hands and I raised my head up.. And fell into a shocking honey brown eyes. They stared at me vividly..

I felt something incredible stir in me and I tried to jerk my hand away, but he gripped it tighter. I fell into a semi trance. I began to palpitate. My mouth went dry as a curtain. I could hear my every heartbeat.

He gently placed my hands down and scooped everything back into my bag. I was still in a daze. He helped me up and I tried mumbling a bye. It was the I realised how deserted the garage was.

He seemed to realise it too, and the air crackled between us.."I should be going now," I whispered. His face broke into a smile and he suddenly jerked me towards him.
It was then I saw his face clearly.. Almost pretty features, yet extremely masculine.

Slightly tilted eyes, broad yet long nose that flared at the nostrils with a nice curve, barely there moustache and a wide masculine yet plump lips..

He looked like a 30 year old man and I was surprised at my attraction. I'm not usually interested in men seemingly younger than I am.

"Don't go anywhere, It's not everyday I get to meet a beautiful woman, especially at a garage.." he trailed off. I love his voice. Deep and sonorous. It began a rhythm deep in my vagina that made me remember sex.

His hands curved around my waist and pulled me closer. My lack of resistance was all the permission he needed. He gently bent his head forward and took my lips in a gentle kiss.
I simply melted. My brain liquefied and couldn't run coherent thoughts.. His hands gently roved my back and he deepened the kiss.

I'd never done something like this before. Kissing a stranger! It sent a surge of thrill through me. We broke the kiss and panted for air. He gently placed me against a wall and gently maneuvered himself between my thighs. I wanted to protest, but I imagine Lanre fucking mariah right now, and I didn't even bother.

He captured my lips once again and we made out like school kids. My cunt gathered juice and spilled it out to my vulva.

I fought the instinct to lean closer to him, to inhale the spicy scent of aroused, determined male.  He gently pinched my beaded nipples.. “I'd love to suck this,” he suggested, his voice silky smooth, heated.  

I trembled at the low, seductive quality of his voice. It travelled through my body, tightening my cunt, making my breasts swell.

My entire body felt flushed, hot. Then the breath became trapped in my throat. His hand moved, the backs of his fingers caressing a trail of fire to the upper mounds of my heaving breasts.  

He looked into my eyes, his own slumberous now, “Mine,” he whispered. Shock hurtled through me at his words and more shocking is the fact that I couldn't deny it.

I was helpless to do anything but accept it and let it sink into me, I'm royally fucked.
He kissed me and promised to keep in touch, leaving me in a daze. It occurred to me a tad too late that I don't even know his name, address and even number!

And lest I forget, I got wetter at his "Mine".

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