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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Supermodel 2


I blended in perfectly with the Nigerian life. My father worked at Mobil.. So we lived on the Lagos Island, Ikoyi to be precise. I was relieved at first.. My life was simple; wake up, do some work outs and then go out for my shift, come back home exhausted and crash. Unlike the stressful and exciting life I led in the UK. The cycle worked well until I began to feel a gaping hole in my life.

Since I volunteered for an NGO focused on helping orphans- as a volunteer medic, I found meaning to my life, but it was shortlived. I had no friends except coworkers who are basically acquaintances. I didn't get to host/attend parties like I did in the UK, go out, mingle and have real fun.

I almost turned back to alcohol.. But i tried my best to resist the siren's call.. This was not what I expected at all. The dull life is Beginning to crush me and I have a zero social life. To make it worse, all my friends overseas have basically left me.. Enjoy Africa, they'd say..

Boredom started gnawing at me. I'm alone and hardly any man approached me because I don't ever walk, I drive everywhere.. I began to map out places to go during my free time, but still, I had men issues. No body wants to befriend me.. Lack of Sex has begun to fry my brains.

I got to know what the problem was according to a gossip I wasn't supposed to hear at work.. Apparently, I'm a stuck up snob, who acts all high and mighty, and speaks through her nose. I didn't let that bother me though.. Real Men will come soon, I promised myself.

I couldn't attend clubs as usual because of my dad and infact, my outing was limited and I even had a curfew. My relapse in the UK was as a cause of too much freedom, he said. So, I better get myself in check, he said strictly. "I don't tolerate nonsense, unlike your mother!"

I was bothered and didn't know what to do. Is my beauty, confidence or money scaring men off? But how? I don't even live a flashy lifestyle.. I was scrolling my Instagram page ad just clicked on a random DM. I've got millions of followers and I hardly open my DMs- they're usually full of trash.

This evening, I didn't even know what made me click on it.. That was how i met Femi. He caught my attention with a very catchy phrase and got me curious.. We exchanged numbers and that was how we got very close..

Femi stays nearby, Ajah.. We started chatting on bbm, and you would not believe that I purposely did not check out his looks. I was that desperate to keep him. I didn't want to see his picture and get disappointed.

Soon enough, he started calling me on phone and his voice sounded like that of an old man, I hated that because I was expecting a cool, thick, sexy voice that will me get me wet down there.. You will not believe that I've been in Nigeria for 7 months now, and a living breathing man hasn't handled me yet. My BOB (battery operated boyfriend) fucks me well.. But still, there's nothing like a warm dick and a hard body.

His voice was a huge turn off and infact, i preferred chatting with him all day than calling him. He's got an amazing sense of humor, and he's quite intellectual, but still I was hesitant to see him.

His voice painted the image of a man with warts and potbelly- unfortunately, I liked him already.. And my excuses were not working anymore. I had to finally give in to his nagging. He was my only friend and knew everything about me- So he knew all the right buttons to press.

We'd gotten so close.. And I didn't want to lose my bestie.. I'm someone who place a lot of value on looks. I couldn't tell him why I was hesitant though.. I was scared! We've been having a lot of nasty talks and he's painted a glorious image in my head.

I've built a fantasy around him.. And I don't want it to shatter! Anyway, I couldn't evade him anymore and we set up a date to meet. We chose a restaurant near my place- I actually did, so I'd run home quickly to cry if he's half as bad as is awful voice.

The D-day finally came and I almost changed my mind.. But then, he sent me a nude of his glorious looking cock and what I saw made me wet instantly, I started falling for femi all over again. What a cock! My imagination ran wild.

I'd been begging to see his dick for weeks, but he protested but I kept on sending him mine. There's no part of my body he doesn't know. He's got full dibs on this sexy body- and he knows it.

The picture of the dick was enough to spur me up! I rushed through my morning rituals which i usually did languidly.. My usually indifferent father noticed my excitement as I prepared coffee and he asked me what's happening.. I just mumbled some excuse; I can't tell him the picture of a beautiful cock is making my day already.

I went to the saloon to wash my hair and do a total make over. I felt clean, primed and ready by 8pm. I drove to the restaurant and parked.. I got down from the car and my heart pounded one million mile a minute.

I wore a silver coloured wraparound dress with a simple pearl necklace and earrings. My hair was perfectly coiffed and I knew I looked gorgeous. The stares I was getting uplifted my flagging ego.

I entered and the cool air calmed me a bit. My phone pinged with a text from Femi, telling me he's commandeered a corner booth. I went to the corner booth and it was like a slow motion. A full head of hair was backing me, and he was wearing a red shirt. His back looked so big and strong.

I tapped his shoulder and he looked back.."Ella!" he gushed and wrapped me in a big hug. I was dumbstruck. 1. He's gorgeous 2. He's gorgeous 3. He's gorgeous. I couldn't say anything. I've been expecting to meet someone so bad that his looks was like a slap on the face.

"You're femi? Right?" I asked with caution. This can't be the Femi I pictured; I thought.. "Yes, I am.. Come sit down.. Wow, you look stunning.. So beautiful.." At that point, my mind blaced out. I didn't hear anything again.. I was only hearing the wails of my pussy.. Crying to be fucked by this beautiful specimen sitting in front of me..

I sat in front of him- gobsmacked! I'm sure he'd think I'm a bimbo.. I couldn't string two words together, I was that surprised. I sent a quick text to my father about an emergency i had to attend to.

Oh no, I'm fucking the bloody hell out of this dick tonight!

Bye bye celibacy!

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