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Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Hottest Thief 1 (love stories)


I bounced excitedly on my chair.. I've been feeling this excitement suffuse me all week! I'm a fresh graduate of the University of Benin and I studied Law. I met Lekan at a seminar and we fell in love at sight. He's my perfect foil.

Beautiful eyes, a carefully maintained fit body and a sardonic smile twisting his lips. I graduated this year and we've been dating since I was in 300level. He's been the best support ever! He was a Master's student when we met and now he's well on his way to become chartered- he's a genius and also studied accounting.

He studied law and criminology at a university in UK.. I've forgotten the name. He spent a lot of his formative years there; and as such, his views and opinion are very westernmost. Like, to the core. He speaks concisely and I respect him a great deal. He came to Benin for a short course and since then didn't want to leave. He fell in love with Nigeria.

He helped me all the time to study and my flagging GP took to the skies- I managed to finish with a 2nd class Upper; all kudos to Lekan. I've been excited all week because I suspect something cooking in his mind.

We're each other's best friend and extremely close; I tell him everything, and vice versa. We didn't live together, but spent all our waking hours together. He's a perfect gentleman and never ever pressurised me for sex. I'm very happy because I'm not yet ready to start having sex; especially when there's a lot at risk; my family, my future and my life.

I came from an Upper-Middle class family and my father is a very elite farmer who owns thousands of plots of farmland all over Nigeria. He's a secondary school graduate who didn't have the opportunity to further his education- but knows the core values of being an educated folk.

He believed in getting educated in what you love and fully supported my decision to study Law, as opposed to my mum who wanted me to study medicine so that she'd be called- Iya Doctor. They had a lot of fight over it, with my dad encouraging me to choose what I love.

When I got admission to study law, my mum felt very bad and was inconsolable. Her dreams to be called Iya Doctor was forever shattered- I'm her only child; but the 9th for my dad. Yes, we're a polygamous family, though we all didn't live together.

My mum is the last wife and the last love of his life, so we lived a happy monogamous life. The other wives and children couldn't care less. My father always suspected that my mom desperately wants me to study medicine because of my step sibling- Joke. Her mom is the 2nd wife and people call her Iya Doctor. I guess it's that rivalry.

Anyway, the drama of the doctor issue ended when we convinced her that being called Iya Lawyer is better; and has more prestige. She became happy and gave me all her support. Now, as a graduate, she's changed her name to Iya Lawyer.

Lekans Cologne disrupted my wandering thoughts and I looked up.."Hello Darling.." He whispered into my ears.. I'd been keeping my nervousness at bay with the funny drama my mom performs. For the first time ever, I was shy to look into his eyes.. I wiped my sweaty hands on my thighs.

He sat down beside me and gently took my hands in his. "Mobolaji Ayoka Ilesanmi, I've been waiting for this day ever since i was born. The first day I saw you, I was awed. You're the most beautiful and perfect woman made for my imperfect soul"... He took a deep breath.

My heart beat a 100 mile per minute. If there's anything I'm sure of, it's to be his wife. But then, his family is scary. He came from the Old Salvador Money of Isale Eko. They are stinking rich and they live the life's of the Crème la crème of the society.

His family is old and powerful and infact, like the British royalty, he has a title behind his name! I mean, in Nigeria?! His full name is Adeyemi Olalekan Salvador the III. The third! Although I've never been to his family house; which has been featured in a lot of interior décor magazines, I'm scared of them.

They command so much power and money! How'd my humble family seem to them? And the thought of his mum sent shivers down my spine. She's even strict with him!

..."so, would you be my Wife?.." Time stood still for me. The love of my life just asked me to marry him! I felt numb. Then happiness slammed into me with the force of a bus and knocked out the thought of any fear.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I screamed in ecstasy. I felt so fulfilled. Deep down, I've always questioned what he saw in me. Me. He's so handsome, sexy, gentlemanly and perfect! Finally, he's going to stop getting featured in lagos most eligible bachelor's.

He chose me! I'm going to be his wife..

How naive of me..

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