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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The Fucked up situation 2

I watched my father defile lily.. And she was busy enjoying it! I got angry at her and everybody!! I felt murderous rage fill me as i saw her moan.. I could do nothing to stop the situation!! I have no other family member to help me and I'm totally dependent on my father.. I felt my heart break and shatter into tiny pieces and i vowed to get my revenge on them.
I left the room and ran out of the house in anger..

Wow! That's the most intense feeling ever.. I've never imagined that sex would feel this way.. Mr Brown pulled out of me and fell on the bed beside me.. In a satisfied voice, he said " your pussy is the tightest one yet..." I looked at him in delirious happiness.."really? I asked.." Of course.. Now, you are going to be my little fuck toy.. I'd provide everything you want without your parents knowledge and We'd continue this.. Since you are like a bitch in heat"

I felt my cunt clench at his words and anticipation build in me! The crush of my life! Willing to do anything for me.. This is insane.. But then, i remembered Tri.." What about Tristan?"
"He's not a problem.. You're a student at UNILAG and you're going to be here.. He's going to portharcourt.. I see no problem baby.." He said.. His hands started wandering all over my breasts and i moaned.. I totally forgot about Tristan and the fact that I've basically become his father's fuck toy.. I shivered in arousal..

Lily became the epitome of nightmare for me.. She totally changed.. She'd come to our house to fuck my father at any time.. She acted like i didn't exist anymore.. She had access to my father's fleet of cars, his cards and everything in between.. I'm counting down the days till i leave for school.. I became totally oblivious to my father.. He didn't give a bloody fuck about me and even the arguments we used to have, ceased. The only thing he does is to transfer #10,000 to my account every week for my upkeep. We became virtual strangers and didn't even converse any more.

She's pure torture.. I can't believe she's the girl I fell in love with.. She totally destroyed my self esteem. I didn't matter to anyone anymore.. She'd go on outings with my dad and everything was rosy between them.. I came back from a friends place some few days to my resumption and as i trudged up the stairs, i heard something that made me fall into depression.."It's like he doesn't exist anymore..." Lily moaned.. I paused and i could hear faint slapping sounds.."You still in love with that little boy?!" My dad grunted..
"Noo.. You are the only one for me.. I can't believe i fell for that puny fool".. Lily said.. I got filled with intense hate and felt my heart turn to stone.. What a fool I've been.."mmmppphh..aarrrgh,, fuck me harder..." I heard lily scream.. It's like she's been possessed.. I ran to my room and shut the door.

I resumed school and everything fell into perfect place.. Joshua(Mr Brown) became my official man friend. We began dating secretly without my parents knowledge.. He'd come to my hostel and take me out.. I lacked nothing and had virtually any thing i wished for. He spoilt me recklessly and fucked me willfully.. I'm almost done with college and I'd never had sex with any other man.. My best friend Tianah always pestered me to dump Joshua and start a new life with a young man who I'd later marry.. I declined and i started imagining myself as Mrs Brown.. I love joshua and he's not too old.. He and his late wife had Tristan when they were 20years.. He's 45 years and im 22 years old.. The difference is not too much na..

Joshua drove me to a five star restaurant on the Victoria Island and proposed to me.. He gave me the biggest diamond ring I'd ever seen in my life.. Then we went to a beautiful hotel and he proceeded to make sweet love to me..
I rushed with excitement to Tianahs house to tell her the news.. She didn't seem to happy and insisted that joshua is too old for me.. I waved off her concern and began to wonder how I'd break the news to my parents..

In all the years that's passed.. My mind wandered over to Tristan and I wonder how he's doing.. I didn't feel a speck of guilt for what I did.. Afterall, life is not fair.. He should be 25 years old now.. Well, that's his business..

Joshua rented an apartment for me when I resumed 400level and that's usually our rendezvous point.. It's been long i even visited his place because of my parent's living next door.. When i was in 100-300level, we usually go to hotels to fuck.. But now, its much more convenient and easy.. I can't even remember the last time i saw the inside of their house.. It's been so long..
I looked at my huge diamond ring and it sparkled in the light.. I'm going to be his step mom.. That idea is very appealing to me.. Some few days later, an idea began to cook in my head..

I'd love to give Joshua a surprise visit since I'm his fiancee.. I felt my heart jump in excitement.. I'm sure he's going to be very happy.. I still have the spare key Joshua gave me from some few years ago and I began to concoct something.. I shopped for black sexy lingerie online and got it delivered to my apartment.. I bought candles and rose petals too.

On friday night, when I'm very sure he's going to be home from work, I wore a sexy tight short pink gown and black heels.. I took cab to the house and got down.. I saw the light's on in my parents house and quickly entered Joshua's house.. I opened the door and heard soft music playing.. My heart beat fast and i looked around in wonder.. The interior has been totally revamped.. Beautiful soft designs.. I think he did this because of our upcoming marriage..

As i climbed up the stairs, the soft music became louder and i heard sounds that were suspicious.. I moved to his room door and saw that it was ajar; then I peeped in and what I saw stopped my heart.

Joshua was buried balls deep in another woman.. He was fucking her doggie and i couldn't make out her face from where I'm standing.. "Baby, i love you.. Your pussy is soo sweet and deep" where the words he's murmuring to her.. He's never spoken that way to me before.. His words towards me are usually dirty and crude.. "Baby.." She moaned.. Her voice sounded familiar somehow.. They didn't even notice my presence.. He ran his hands up her back tenderly and i felt my heart break..

"Joshua!!!" I screamed.. He looked back at me, his eyes set in fierce concentration as he came.. The woman moaned loud and deep in pleasure..

He pulled out of her with a wet pop sound and stood up confidently.. They didn't even look shocked to see me.. The woman stood up and I saw her face.. She's a very prominent tv presenter.. An online celebrity infact.. I was shocked to my marrow.. She epitomises Sex, glamour and beauty without a speck of bad publicity.. She totally ignored me and said to joshua " When you are done taking out the trash"..she glanced at me pointedly.." Come join me in the bath baby.." She blew him a kiss and flounced into the adjoining bathroom..
I looked on in shock!

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