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Tuesday, 17 April 2018



His mouth honed on her clit, while his fingers drilled into her again steadily and her breathing turned into shallow panting.

She gasped and begged for more, and when it wasn't enough, she spread her legs wider.

His fingers plunged deeper, finding that spot. He bent his finger into a come hither motion and hit that spot over and over that had her writhing and moaning and almost pushing him to the edge.


Yes. Her moans was enough to break his legendary Iron clad control.

Fuck me, the woman did things to him- he does not know her name and frankly, doesn't give a fuck - Just by responding so vehemently to his touch, his kisses, his words.

And because she was a beauty of epic proportions. And so fucking wet for him. He felt the tension build within her.

He kissed his way up her body while still stroking her inner walls. He had to watch her cum for him.

They'd rolled to the edge of the bed and she’d shoved aside the pillows and gripped the top of the mattress.

Her eyes were closed- he suspects she's shy- her lips parted, her chest heaving. Each raspy inhale and quavering exhale was sexy as hell.

His head dipped and he tongued her nipple while the heel of his hand massaged her clit and his fingers fucked into her. “Yes,” she whispered.

He picked up the pace, plunging and pumping aggressively as her whimpers spurred him on.

Her body vibrated and he began to feel her pussy contracting along his fingers. She blew apart and he looked down.

Her pretty cunt squeezed tight on his finger -almost cutting off blood circulation - while pearls of cunt juice dripped down his palms. Fuck.

It took several seconds before her body relaxed, though tremors and aftershocks visibly moved through her.

His control splintered. He fisted his shaft and withdrew his fingers. He gently rubbed his cock head on her still contracting pussy before fucking it in deep.

Her groan shook him to the core and his cock was seated fully in her. She began to wiggle for thrusts and he withdrew halfway, then plunged in deep.

He was thick and hard and buried deep inside her. Her hips started to roll Wait,” he said in a gruff voice. “Not yet, baby. Just wait.” His jaw clenched.

His abs and chest pressed to hers, her breasts nestling under his pecs. All of his muscles were bunched, his body as stiff as a board.

She could feel his heart hammering and she bit back a grin that she could turn him on so powerfully.

 “Jesus, fuck.. ” he muttered. “I knew it was going to be a snug fit, but . . . Christ . . .” He gradually began to pump into her.

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