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Monday, 9 April 2018


Old flames sometimes burn so bright.
It still seems like yesterday, that your lips met mine.

My eyes firmly closed, as I savoured your every taste like grapes freshly cut from the vine.

I pressed my lips against yours, carefully trying to turn those grapes into wine.

Your tongue was reaching out for mine, sending tingling sensations through my nerve endings and straight to my spine.

I remember how I gazed into your eyes, and from the depths did my temperature rise.

My blood flowing turbulently through my veins, mimicking ocean tides.

We never cared if we were in the open, because in the moment we were blind.

Not that I don’t know it’s a bad idea to reminisce about when you were mine.

But a man can’t help but wonder if he traded for a couple of pennies in place of a gold mine.

So u can imagine how I felt when I saw you again.

Your curves gently announcing itself from within the joggers you wore.

At first I thought I was hallucinating…my head hit by the hammer of thor.

I jolted back into reality once I noticed your natural hair wound up in a ponytail.

I realized I had failed, failure on a large scale.

I failed because I had let go far too easily, this realization got my face pale.

I failed because I never defended you, instead I sprinted away faster than Gareth Bale.

I failed you because I made na├»ve decisions, and now I live…but only to tell a sad tale.

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