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Monday, 16 April 2018

Deliliahs hookup with a stranger

Dear diary.

I've been busy with my life, no time for dilly dallying. Anyway, I want to record something memorable that happened recently.

I got invited to a party by my friends and yes, it was absolutely a great affair. It was an engagement party of course amd food with drinks was flowing, limitless.

The night before, I had brought myself to orgasm thrice with a soft plantain and still all I could think about was my ex.

I couldn't get the memories of him of my head. He's premeated everything. Not to digress, my friends left our table to dance with the engaging couple.

"Hi.." A smoky voice said. My inners curled. I turn to look at him. Full beards, slim mustache, shaved head. Fucking gorgeous. My pussy had a looong smile oh yeah.

"You aren't dancing?" he asked sweetly. And on and on. Soon we were discussing freely like old friends while we talked about mutual acquaintances..and how it's dunny we never met until now.

Yes. I admit. My eyes flicked to his crotch countless times and he caught me looking a few times, but i shamelessly batted my eyes. I got no shame bruv.

Next thing I knew, we were kissing and petting heavily inside a changing room and soon enough, I was swallowing that cock. Not long after, his very hard dick deflated.

No. I thought it was a joke. I did everything I knew about fellatio on it but nope. His cock didn't rise. I was almost mad with anger, but I kept my calm.

He started giving me random excuses about work and stress etc and I was just not buying it. Whyyyyy. I'm so bloody wet. Do you mean to tell me im not getting the D tonight, I thought.

Well yes people. I didn't get the D and I went home a frustrated woman. Hookup failed.

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