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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The fucked up situation 3

I went through college like a bastard.. Not one thought to sparing a woman's feelings.. I fuck em and leave em.. My soul is frozen solid. Theres nothing any girl can do to make me fall in love with her. I went into body building and gymnastics..

I have a beautifully defined body and i grew very tall. I never once came home in my four years in college.. I barely communicate with my father.. All these years, all he does is to send money to me. I'm perfectly fine with this..

I rented an apartment in portharcout and started working.. I live a very comfortable life and im good. Yesterday night, my father called me and told me he's getting married to a celebrity and he'd like me to attend the wedding party and infact, come live with them and pretend to be happy since they are going to be under the public scrutiny for some few months after their marriage.

I almost rejected him, but i remembered that its a perfect opportunity to carry out my revenge plan on him and lily. I about asked her from him and he told me he dumped her. I vowed to go back to lagos and act like an angel to gain their trust.. even if I feel like killing them..

The plane landed at MMA and i grabbed my luggage.. My dad already sent a rental for me and I entered the car.. He dropped me in front of the house and I felt memories crash into me. I got filled with hate and renewed determination to destroy lily and Joshua's life.. They will be hit with the Tri Cyclone. They don't know..

I rang the bell and a vaguely familiar face opened the door for me... She's so beautiful and sexy.. She has this mad ass curves and big breasts.. Her face clicked and i placed her as a very popular tv personality.. I wondered how my father snagged such a hot piece.. She gushed all over me and hugged me..rubbing all her sexy body on me.. An idea slithered into my mind and i held her tightly to me for a second more than necessary.. I felt the attraction arch between us..

"Tristan!!, you are here already"... My father said with false love tinging his voice.. I looked at him and bared my teeth in a smile.. I pulled away from his wife to be and gave him a hug.. He stared at me in shock and with awe tinging his voice, he said "wow, how did you grow so muscular and tall Tristan?" I smiled. He looked puny in comparison to me..
He gazed at me with pride filling his expression.."my boy is now a man.." I smiled and dragged my bag into the room. I'd be your biggest nightmare, i thought.

Over the next few days, i studied the both of them and realized that my father is very much in love with Sharon(his fiancee).. He truly loved her.. Good. This will make my sword strike deep into his heart. I bidded my time and waited patiently till they wed. We are in this together. In the meantime, I hooked up with lily. I'd destroy her first.
I was shocked from tristans call. My head is still reeling in shock.. Whats that? I wondered.. He called me up to see me! Why? What's his motive?.. I'm still with the pain and heartbreak Joshua caused me. I can't believe i was totally deceived that way.. He proposed to me in a fluke! He was actually going to marry that Sharon woman.

I felt sadness grip my heart at the years I'd wasted on him and all the good men I'd turned away because of him. I wish i heeded tianahs warning. She told me he's two-timming me, but i never believed her. I thought she was jealous of me. I'm depressed about their wedding coming up in a few days and im so sad.. He totally played me.. I was his whore while he's busy wining and dining sharon.. He never made love to me..he only fucked me like a dog, and i thought its the best. I cried in pain and wondered what tristan wants with me. Does he want to rub it in my face? I briefly considered calling him back to tell him i won't be available, but, i changed my mind..

Believe it or not, i actually realized I've missed him..
We met up in the evening at a popular bar and I was shocked to my marrow.. He's grown soo tall! Like about 6feet2in.. He's filled out totally. Leanly built but not too bulky.. Glittering beautiful eyes framed with long lashes.. His nose a slash on his face and his lips full with a cruel smirk. Jesus. He looks like a GQ model.. He's every woman's wet dream.. He wore a Polo that showed off the defined musculature of his chest.. And a black jeans hugging his thick strong looking thighs with a blue converse. He looks good enough to eat. If i thought his father was sexy before, tristan puts him to shame.. I can't believe this is him! He doesn't even look like the tri from my childhood memories..

He engulfed me in a big hug and i felt myself melt into me.. Nobody has ever hugged me this way before.. He pulled and away and led me to a table.. We sat down and i continued to look at him in stupor.. He is making me salivate.. Fuck! We talked about everything and anything.. We avoided the topic of my dumping him for his dad.. He told me all about his escapades in school and made me laugh a lot.. It felt like a real date.. Nobody has ever done this to me.. I began to regret my actions to him. He looked so handsome and relaxed.. I couldn't bear it anymore and started talking about it.. I asked him forgive me.. He laughed and told me he's forgotten about it all.. He asked me why I broke up with his father and i explained everything to him.. He looked at me in pity and told me he'd always be there for me..

I looked down at his hands wrapped around the bottle of drink and noticed his long fingers.. Manly with beautiful nails.. My pussy clenched at the thought of him sinking em in me..

Fucking bitch! I had to hold myself back from breaking the bottle in my hand on her head.. So, my father dumped her for a more beautiful, older, and matured woman right?! And she expects me to be understanding?! It serves her right.. She a taste of her own medicine..

She'd see.. Idiotic woman, i thought.. Im going to destroy her defences tonight.. Her pain from my father's behaviour made her vulnerable. Im going to be her knight in shining armour.. Betraying whore! If she knew how much I detest her, she'd have fled from here.


He drove me to my house and we entered.. We sat on the couch and we started talking.. He rubbed circles on my hands as he talked and i began to fall.. We looked into each others eyes and he kissed me.. I kissed him back passionately and he bit my ear lobes.. I ran my hands through his thick hair and moaned deep.. He spread kisses down to my collarbone and grabbed my breasts with ease.. His father always fucked me crudely! Tristan is making me fall for him deeply.. He gently unclothed me and kissed from my feet to my navel.

He swirled his tongue around my pussy and licked me hard.. I shuddered in intense arousal and begged him to fuck me.. "Pleassse,, tristan.. Pleeeaaasseee... I moaned deep.. He made sweet love to me that night..

Over the next few weeks, he treated me with love and gave me all his attention.. We were always talking and texting... He would fuck me..and also make love to me.. I began to heal slowly from Joshua's betrayal and Tristan was the perfect Man.. I introduced him to tianah as my boyfriend and he said Fiancé.. I was delirious with joy..


I stepped into the house after a romantic date with lily.. Stupid woman is falling in love with me already.. My plan is going smoothly.. Over here, the wedding went perfectly too and I began the sweet job of seducing my father's wife.. She's a hot number that likes to flaunt all her body in skimpy clothes all around the house.. I guess she has a crush on me.. Over the next few weeks, I'd do little things like touch her butt and breasts mistakenly.. Barge into their bedroom; pretending to look for my father and so on..

My father acted like him and lily never happened.. He's basically handed over all his companies to me and acts like a proud father up and down.. I'd been the perfect angel and he didn't even suspect anything..

I just shake my head and bide my time for him.. His absolute love for sharon cannot be argued with anyway.. I wanted to get my own apartment, but he refused, saying that the house has been to empty for long..

The perfect opportunity presented itself when he had to travel to the US for an important meeting. Sharon couldn't go with him because of her job..

That night, i didn't waste any time.. I went into the kitchen and saw sharon trying to take something from the freezer.. I came up behind her and closed the freezers door.. I gently pressed her against it and she moaned.. Bitch being waiting for this.. I squeezed her ass through the gown she wore and gently spanked it.. She arched into touch and said" what are you doing..." I bent my head and bit the back of her neck, then licked the spot.. I ran my hands up the gown and pushed her flimsy thong aside.. I dipped a finger into her pussy and she clenched around me.." You whore.. Ride my fingers.." She began to move on my finger.. I sank the 2nd and 3rd digit into her and she almost ran mad.. I pulled the gown over her head and used my other other hand to pull off my jeans... I alligned my dick head against her cunt and entered her in one long stroke.. She began to pant and i held her breast for the ride.. I fucked her against the freezer..

Over the next few days, i conditioned her to my cock, and she was a willing student.. She'd do anything for me to fuck her.. I fucked her in every nook and cranny of the house.. We sleep on my father's bed every night and I'd fuck her on it every morning.. She became my sex slave.. I made sure to destroy the memory of any cock she'd had before; including my dad's. He was gone for a week and before he came back, I'd destroyed his wife's pussy.. While recording every aspect of it.. I made her do degrading things.. Fucked her with sex toys, fruits, bottles and what not.. I videotaped it all.. I even invited an old friend over for a threesome... She loved us double teaming her asshole and pussy..

 I derive intense joy from destroying something my father loves so much.. This will devastate him.

I have several sex tapes of his wife being treated like a whore; in the most degrading way ever, and she begging for more..They'd come in handy in due time.

Lily took up my day, while sharon took up my night.

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