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Monday, 23 April 2018

Wet 8.5

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I look down at her. My girlfriend. The woman i claimed to love. The heady power of having total control over her rushed through me in a jiffy. I cant deny that I love being dominant over her. I cant believe she is truly hypnotized. Different ideas began to rush in. But first, she needs to lick up all my cum.

I began to tell her different perverted shit i will do to her. I will make sure to fuck up her tight asshole. fuck, the thought of sinking into that tight sheath is doing crazy things to my libido. I will ram my cock into her and fuck all her holes into oblivion.

I truly believe now that she's hypnotized because the ngozi I know will never give a blowjob, lick my cum or say nothing when i suggested fucking her ass.

I'm going to do alot to this girl and she doesn't know it yet!

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