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Monday, 9 April 2018

Lost it.

Sorry i wasn't there when it all came down.
It all crashed swiftly, and i was absent, i couldn't be the parachute to keep u afloat.

Row, Row, Row faster i screamed... but speed still neglected my boat.
Coat of many colours, colours of grief, colours of gloom... all of these you wore.

I'd been waiting in the wings, to be the one to take it off if you ever put it on... "never would your tears hit the ground without me saving them" i blatantly swore.
It's a Shame to know i failed you and failed me, like a teacher marking the script of two best friends who copied each other in a test.

I let my opportunity slip, and history they say is the title given to the rest.
i can imagine how you feel after the punches across your torso.
The pain of your friends all in your ears, whispering "i told you so".
You stood by him steadfastly, even with all the trauma.
Many left the queue, perhaps i caught a cold standing in the winter nights waiting on you.
At the nick of time, before the seconds hand kissed passionately with that of the hour.
I left just for a split second , to get a cloak or anything for warmth,shoes, socks, gloves... even if they were made of rubber.
I guess I'd put on bieber's shoes and ask rhetorically if it's too late to say sorry.
I have lost my purpose, he's extinguished the fire in your heart.
In your mouth he's put a taste of tart.

He's broken the wheels of your cart.
He's probably given me no chance to win you, but right now i ain't even thinking of that.
if its the last actions i take before i die, I'll cry with you.
Stab myself and bleed with you.
Put you on my back and get you through the desert of sorrow.
So, Allow me to bind my grief to yours and tie it on an arrow, pull and let it fly faraway from the bow.
If what ought to be our garden of happiness, turned out to a world of reality, hurt and suffering.
Just Know i'd forever be the adam to your eve.

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